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Dear Kamala Harris


You did it, Woman! You’ve risen to the top to become the first female vice president of the United States during what is the worst of times and the best of times in our country. You represent me! So I want to tell you what I think has happened to you and what I expect as you take office and presume to govern us.

It is the age of Aquarius, when the female energies of connection and care for others are replacing those of the age of Pisces, characterized by bellicosity and hierarchy. This age has brought us you, our Mamala, the feminine force. It is the most powerful and stabilizing force that exists.

Our country is the home you are to manage, full of your children who happen to be the famous, the wealthy, the ordinary, the stay-at-home moms, the working stiffs, the achingly poor, the smart and the stupid, and all the other millions who are the United States of America. And how do you govern such a diverse mass of humans? You don’t. Instead, you run our household as if we are truly all your beloved children.

Your own children spoke to the nation about you—your love for them, your strength, the principles of love and caring you taught them, their enduring faith in your wisdom and guidance. This is what America needs from you, a strong and loving maternal presence that steers Joe, and the country, in that same direction. You have the ability to bring out the best in him and in us.

About Joe. I feel I can call our president-elect by his first name because I am his elder and he has humbled himself by taking on the most terrible job in the world, to take care of me and all of my sisters and brothers. The thing is that he is, deep down, a little bit afraid of you, as most men are of feminine power.

A man’s first and most potent bonding is with his mother. She imprints the very essence of her feminine energy onto him and he then spends his life trying to please her. Remember that when working with Joe. Your influence is in his marrow, in his psyche, and basic to his choosing you to work with him.

But here is the more elevated reason you must do this. Overriding social and political structures is the bigger picture of the universe. We humans are part of the integral and deterministic system called Nature and it is governed by laws, called interdependence, balance, harmony, altruism, interconnection, unity.

The crux of the crisis in the world of the twenty-first century is the result of not living in harmony with these principles. We are separated from each other, disconnected, at odds, polarized, at a standoff, and we need to bring ourselves back into congruence with Nature. Acting in opposition to Nature’s laws has shattered our relationships with each other on every level, from individual to international.

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There is one answer—CONNECTION. Very simple, exceedingly hard, the most worthy goal that can be set by you and Joe. The idea has to live inside you—that by connecting together we can do anything. I know that this in itself is not a new idea to either of you, but what I’m urging you to do is to raise the importance of it above everything else. Make it the ultimate goal for our nation. Keep an eye on Joe and constantly remind him that this is the ultimate future for America.

The world of politics is the antithesis of the world we the people want. Joe will be drawn into conflict after conflict and expected to fight. Help him to see that the real battle is inside of all of us, and if we settle it there first, our intentions and actions will come out of that place that is the combination of the truths held by each faction. This is heavy-duty, private, inner, spiritual work. It is the coming back into alignment with Nature’s basic law of love one another.

If this sounds like pie in the sky, remember that every great idea begins this way, as a mental concept that we give life to in order to benefit the common good. Think about it, Mamala. We are counting on you to show America and the world the power of the woman as the force behind men. If we don’t guide them, they will kill us all.



Mary Miesem (author) from Albuquerque, NM on November 27, 2020:

Yes, Peggy, I agree. I have high hopes for her.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on November 26, 2020:

She is the first to hold that role in our country, and I am hopeful that this is only the beginning of women taking more executive positions in all aspects of our society.

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