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Dear Black People...

Caston George is a 10-year veteran political professional and former politician, accomplished writer, researcher, author, and archivist.


Dear black people, I don't mean to sound harsh but you need to hear this...

First, I was told that this was something called whites-plaining, and if that's true, then prepare yourself to be white-splained too like you've never been white-splained to before, baby.

Let’s Start With This: We Love And Support You, But...

…Your identity Politics Is Turning You Into Monsters, And Ruining The World.

Identity politics is one of the most destructive elements in a body politic. It is as harmful to the debate as is candidate purchasing and vote buying and corporate sponsorship.

It cripples intelligent discussion, it discourages thoughtful consideration, and it prevents the cultivation of statesmen by preventing statesmanship.

Instead, it seeks to build and make permanent voting as a particular bloc based on race, gender, or sexual orietation, which become more important factors to identity-obsessed groups than the ideas a candidate has, the plans they may propose, the beliefs they may hold or the thoughts they may have.

And those who support others, or who dissent or dont wish to participate are smeared and blamed, sometimes publicly, as being traitors to that identity, or for being biased against all people of that identity, unless they support that one specific candidate.

This past election, candidate Pete Buttigieg spoke at an NAACP event and tried to use his life experience as a gay man and facing issues pertaining to bigotry and legal restrictions and a fight for equality and for change to find common ground.

Many scoffed that he even showed up, wondering what in the world he would know about the black experience in America.

Probably about as much as I do. But he showed up.

He tried to find some sympathy and common ground betwixt you predicated on the fact that both gay people and black people know struggle.

It devolved into a competition about which group struggled more: Why? No one sane actually knows, nor do I think cares, either, because it is not the point.

He tried to build a bridge; He was trying to understand.

He was cursed for even going, and if he didn’t go, it would be a complaint that he skipped it.

Impartial as I am, I was disappointed that he wasn’t given a fair chance by the room who didn’t want to give him that fair chance. It seemed as though, from the perspective at home watching it, that many who spoke before and after to the news about his speech, spoke as though they were offended by his campaign and his candidacy — not for being gay, and not for being white, but for not being black and speaking to a black organisation, and for trying to understand as a white man, the black experience.

That’s a near impossible task. I wanted to ask some of the interviewees what he could have done that day to have satisfied them.

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Mr Buttigieg unfortunately was already having a poor reception before he even arrived at the event — minds were made up about him before he shook his first hand or said his first word.

Funny, I think that’s called “prejudice.”

Let me give you an example from another election, to illustrate what I’m talking about.

This is a sentence that a woman once said to me:

“Voting for Bernie Sanders over hillary Clinton means you’re a sexist, just admit how sexist you are.”

Shockingly the reverse wasnt as true for Mr Sanders in 2016, because the very real person who said the above sentence to me personally seemed unmoved when I replied, rhetorically, that that surely meant that voting for anyone but Bernie Sanders means you’re anti-Semitic; nope, only applied to Hillary and sexism, she said; and of course I didn’t actually believe that, I was saying that to prove a point to her, a point that she didnt seem moved by*, and the same measure did not apply to a candidate Jill Stein of another party, because although Jill Stein definitely was born with a vagina, voting for Jill Stein meant that one was also sexist.

I still can’t figure that one out.

Surprising, especially given that the Jewish people are the only ones amongst identity groups out there that can veritably say that they were thrown into concentration camps en mass and whole villages of them put into gas chambers, and then buried in mass graves together.

But no, the fact that her mother’s mother chose to burn her bra in the 1970s was a far harder struggle than if Bernie Sanders’ grandfather had to escape a Nazi gas chamber in the 1930s or be killed.

But you see what I mean about how slippery that slope becomes with identity politics?

Identity politics always, invariably, devolves into a pissing contest centered around which group has historically struggled more than the other group.

And it’s always argued by people who personally have not had to deal with that struggle themselves, they only happen to be part of an ethnic, sexual, or gender group that has historically struggled, but they themselves are the reapers of the benefits of those struggles that were fought by those who went before them.

Identity politickers likely don’t know what it’s like to fight for anything.

That’s why they needed safe spaces, the wusses.

They only know what it’s like to complain and peer pressure others.

Thats not a historical movement. That’s a political bowel movement.

The difference between this and a real bowel movement though is that in a real bowel movement, you get rid of the shit that’s holding you down, you don’t hoard it and make everyone swear allegiance to it.

Please stop complaining and whining. And stop being intentionally impossible to work with. Not every candidate is going to look just like you, or be your gender, or your orientation, or religion. Man up and give them a chance.

And sometimes the candidates that share your religion, your gender, or orientation are terrible candidates. Wise up and consider other choices.

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