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Daunte Wright

Most police firearms weighs two pounds a taser is yellow and weighs approximately eight ounces. It's protocol for a taser to be holstered.


A allegedly mistake lead to the death of Daunte Wright

Daunte Wright a 20-year-old African American was fatally shot and killed by Kimberly Potter, a veteran police officer of 26 years. Wright was pulled over during a traffic violation and facing an outstanding warrant. He was asked to get out of his car, he struggled with the cops walking back to his car. From the bodycam footage, Potter was heard yelling, I'll tase you. She was heard saying I shot him. Wright was shot once in the chest, he drove a couple of blocks crashing into a cement barrier, and died on the scene. Kimberly Potter said she made a mistake she pulled out her gun instead of her tase. The Police Chief said Potter meant to use her taser but accidentally fired her gun. Most Police officers across the country guns weigh less than two pounds and tasers weigh half as much as a gun, approximately eight ounces. The protocol for a taser is the same as a gun, it has to be holstered. After being on the police force for 26 years, she should have known the difference between a gun and a taser.

Wednesday Kimberly Potter was charged with second-degree manslaughter and could face 10 years in prison if convicted. Two days later Potter and the Police chief resigned.

Was Daunte Wright Death Accidental

Did Potter deliberately shot Daunte Wright? Potter was training a rookie police officer, was she showing her students how touch she was.

None of us knows if Potter accidentally Killed Daunte, because of the conflicting stories told, if it was an accident Daunte died because of her not paying attention to what she was doing.

Protesters of all races took to the streets of Minneapolis demanding justice for the shooting of twenty-year-old Daunte Wright and other victims killed by White Police Officers. Protesters across America are protesting the shooting of wright and chanting Daunte Wright's name. Some demonstrations are peaceful why others take to violent acts, like throwing objects.

Was Daunte Wright Death Accidental?

None of us knows if the Daunte Wright death was accidental because of the conflicting stories being told. It's hard to believe a Police Officer on the force for 26 years, could

Potter should have known the weight of her taser with her eyes closed a gun is heavier than a taser. Daunte died because of a trigger-happy Police officer who should have known a gun from a taser. How can anyone justify the killing of this 20-year-old Black man? Daunte Wright should have done what they asked him to do, warrant or no warrant, he might be alive today. Two-thirds of Blacks in poor communities don't trust the police mothers are afraid for their children whenever they leave home.

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Young Black men in America have to realize that blacks are most likely to be killed by White Police than whites. There has always been a double stander between the two races. Some White Police Officers sees young Black men as being lazy, thugs, troublemaker, lawbreaker out to cause violence. Police officers are trained to defuse a situation not to add to the problem. How could Kimberly Potter make such a drastic mistake, leading to the death of Daunte Wright?


MG Singh from UAE on April 17, 2021:

This is sad but having handled weapons for decades I just can't imagine a professional can commit a mistake. I have to conclude it was deliberate act. Would she have done the same to a white? To exorcise the ghost of racialism thus lady cop needs to be tried for murder.

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on April 17, 2021:

There are two-sides to a story, I would like to believe the woman made a mistake. After reading the weigh of a police officer gun and the weigh of a taser, it's hard to believe.

Being a veteran of 26 years she should have known the different with her eyes closed. The mistake she allegedly made took the life of Daunte Wright.

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