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Cyberbullying To The Extreme: Men Bullying Girls Online For Sexual Gratification

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The Online Danger You Didn't Know About

The first time I heard of a group called the Cappers was when a member of their group, Kody Maxson, had been uncovered by the hacker group Anonymous and allegedly was Amanda Todd's tormentor. Amanda Todd had committed suicide early in October 2012. A month prior, she had posted an online youtube video detailing the horrifying ordeal she had been living since she was only in the seventh grade. Amanda had showed her breasts to a stranger on webcam and they had taken a screen shot of her. A year later she was blackmailed; he demanded she give him a "full show" or he would distribute the photo to everyone. She didn't comply and the photo was shown to everyone and ended up getting the police involved.

Amanda was being stalked and harassed to the point that even when the girl moved the online predator would find her and know where she was. He was the driving force behind the waves of ostracizing done by peers at her school and then she was physically attacked. A guy she had hooked up with had a girlfriend. This teenage girl decided to track her down at school and beat the holy hell out of her while the boy watched silently. She was found by her father in a ditch and wanted to die so she went home and drank bleach. Her parents were able to find her in time to request emergency help and she survived. Despite all the family's efforts she finally killed herself and left behind a reminder to all parents of just how dangerous the internet could be.

Of course, when the story broke we knew about the combined tactics that bullies had used and that it was primarily cyberbullying but included school bullying that was instigated by the stalker's contact and showing of the photo. She ate lunch by herself, was beat up, she was bullied online, she couldn't get away from it. One picture that she can never take back that was a mistake that is actually common among girls. So, when the hacker group Anonymous got wind of the story, it broke their hearts and seemed important they help get the guy who did this to a young girl and gave the information to the police, but it was the wrong guy who claimed to know the man who lives in the States. It also uncovered some disturbing revelations such as the link from Kody Maxon to Amanda and to a group called "Cappers"

I had no idea what Cappers was. I didn't even come close to an answer close to what it actually is. When I found out what it was I wanted to be sick and I hope that the man is caught soon so the issue of a group like this existing can be the next big media whirlwind. Parents should be fighting the existence of such a group and having campaigns to push Congress to enact laws that keep these guys off the internet and truthfully if they violate the men involved personal rights that are given to them by the constitution of the United States, they can consider it forfeited for all the rights that the victims had taken away by what this group does.

I want to warn you that the content is disturbing and may be a little graphic in nature. It is so important this gets out to everyone that has teenagers that are online without constant supervision because your daughter may be the next target.

Possible Kody Maxon Facebook Profile

McGuire took a screenshot of the profile before it was deactivated

McGuire took a screenshot of the profile before it was deactivated

Hacker Group Uncovers Disturbing Information

The hacker group, Anonymous, gave up Kody Maxon's name to the police even though they normally avoid any work with law enforcement as some of their techniques they use in their "work" are not all legal. They did feel this warranted the contact and even though Kody turned out not to be the actual cyberstalker, it did uncover the group that he was associated with and was linked to Amanda Todd. None of this has been hitting the media in such a whirlwind as did the suicide that was covered as just another devastating result of a bunch of "mean" kids.

Kody spends his time on the internet, which will show very limited moral character, mostly revolving around "sexual extortion".

An online writer was contacted by an information technology expert who agreed to giving out background information (which as of my current research and understanding isn't readily available) however, the person's identity was not to be revealed. This is an item of interest due to the anonymous request, they must be in a position to feel the heat or some backlash if they are identified. This would raise red flags to me if someone asked for me not to tell where I got the information from.

According to the unidentified source, he took a look at an email that Anonymous had put out online attached to Kody. It was Kody Maxom's email account (one that was actually posted but I don't feel that re-posting personal information is going to enhance or help my hub in anyway and that isn't my information to release) that was from hotmail. The email came back as unregistered.

In good investigative fashion, this author asked that he prove this claim, which he did by sending them an email from the account. The source said that the inbox was full of emails that were death threats and some media requesting an interview. There was speculation as to whether the email wasn't one that ever existed, and even that maybe it had been closed before the hacker group leaked it, so that it would not draw attention (too late buddy).

What's interesting is they speculated that maybe this guy never did exist. Someone made up to use as a decoy for the cops. The speculations even included that maybe he was in no way attached to the girl at all. There was some interest peaked and the decision to go through the information that Anonymous had provided they would actually go into and look at themselves. When they contacted a branch of the hacker group they provided the motivation they had behind their involvement. Anonymous knew who Kody Maxon was prior to Amanda's death so when it hit the headlines they popped up, that is according to the author of the article. The statement given, provided as a quote below, makes sense as to why they quickly reported the information and made it public.

“I’m pretty certain that Kody was involved with Amanda's death. He’s a known pedophile with charges against him. He has blackmailed other girls over webcam in the same manner and he has admitted to being friends with her online. I know it’s not hard evidence, but he looks guilty to me.”

Patrick McGuire is the author of the article that is giving the information and he continues to break down the information he receives and investigates as thoroughly as possible.

McGuire decided to google Kody Maxon and leave out Amanda Todd and any affiliation with Anonymous to see if there was anything that would surface that might shed some light on any connection to Amanda.

Through Kody's 'like' of a page detailing the Vancouver riots he was able to access a Facebook page that was now renamed "John Doe". Even when you rename a profile he explains, you can't truly cover your identity and when you use the information to search the search result will still show your identity before you changed the name. To even further substantiate that it was the guy he was looking for he had the url which included
facebook com kody604.

The page has since been deleted.

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Provided to the right of this hub I have included the screenshot that Patrick had taken before it was deleted.

Investigative Journalist McGuire Digging Up Information on Maxon

After poking around the man's facebook profile there was a confirmation that he at least at one time, resided in British Columbia. Further google efforts produced another website with a poor attempt at starting a business that confirmed the email address that he was given by the IT tech and the city listed bordered the city that was listed on the facebook profile. That website has also been deactivated since the information was obtained. I checked the link to his page and it was confirmed that it was deactivated. It had been "" and the screen name that Anonymous had given was the same Kody1206 - Patrick received yet another confirmation of the information that they had released. The Kody1206 screen name is the one that is tied to the "Jailbait" message boards and also the disturbing website that the video came from, "The Daily Capper".

I briefly mentioned the Capper group in the hub covering Amanda Todd's story and it was the first time I had ever heard mention of the group. I provided brief information about the group but it sparked some interest of getting the information in its own hub because of the significant danger to our children. So, I decided to cut that hub shorter than I intended and immediatley started writing this one.

This website is primarily men that lurch in video-chat rooms and have the sole intent of taking what is called a "screen shot" and also recording the person they chat with, and not disclose they are doing so. Sleazy behavior to say the least but not disturbing if its an adult. Just creep in my opinion. The torment that Amanda went through resembles the activity of men in this site but isn't even close to proof that this Kody Maxon is the culprit, just proves he is a sleaze.

Kody Maxom


Kody Maxon-Viper2323

They tracked down the person accused by Anonymous, Kody Maxon, and it was ruled that he was not the stalker of Amanda Todd. He did admit that Amanda was his "friend". It was reported that he said he helped track down her stalker and that the man lived in the United States. He claims that he passed on the information to RCMP (though there is no mention what the acronym stands for). Kody further faces charges of sexual assault and sexual interference with a minor in a case unrelated to that of Amanda Todd. This information makes me wonder how he knew Amanda and what was the actual relationship. A connection between him and her actual stalker seems highly likely and I wonder if he actually was involved indirectly with the entire situation.

What is really ironic is that instead of admitting to his online addiction to horrible things he wants to claim that he was on the Clapper site trying to find online sexual predators and that he found someone named Viper that led to a supposed tip to NYPD and RCMP but its funny that he can't remember when that was.

The Viper2323 screen name was linked to a man in Sheboygan Wisconsin and his name is Danny Quach and is 41 years old and married.


Video Chat Lurker r0r44


Capper Group Activity

One of the really sickening aspects of the group is the fact that they give out awards to men on this site, the golden webcam. Some of the things that are awarded are: WHOEVER CAUSES THE MOST HARM TO THEIR VICTIM and THE ONE THAT IS MOST SUCCESSFUL AT BLACKMAILING THEIR VICTIM. I wonder if Amanda's stalker recived a golden webcam because the most harm would be suicide wouldn't it? He must be proud.

On the award show Kody1206 is mentioned and the video depicts a girl named Peyton. The quote that is provided below that I got off the article written by McGuire is earily similar to Amanda Todd.

“Peyton: no one else has gotten this much attention by doing so little, her drama with Kody1206 has become the talk of BlogTV, the cam site of the year.” It goes on to say that Kody1206 is “famous for his blackmail of Peyton, streaming her videos on BlogTV and TinyChat, and threatening her in public.

The video that McGuire describes mentions that the award is highly sought after from "rapists of the internet". I would definitely describe what happened to that poor girl something resembling rape internet style. Rape strips you of your dignity when your used against your will for sexual purposes and I think that qualifies in the cyberbullying situation and I wish there was a law that recognized "internet rape" and was punishable by prison time.

I watched the next Capper video that he provided and it is still up on youtube and made me want to be sick. It's link will be with the other one because there is no way I want to put that here. It is there in case you want to check the information I provided here and get a glimpse into the dark reality parents now have on their hands.

Another video that McGuire saw in his poking around was one that awarded Kody1206 the blackmailer of the year award. Since he saw the video he is stating that it is no longer available and has been removed. Jessica Smith reported the same information that was provided by McGuire and further states the link to the video was deleted when it was found posted on the memorial facebook page of Amanda Todd.

When McGuire had finished with the first article, he later wrote another one after finding out some more information about the Cappes. It turns out they don't "just" take snap-shot photos of the girls in different stages of undress, but also monitor "internal rivalires" among blackmailers. This actually raised the question to him if maybe he wasn't the only one involved in the blackmailing of Amanda and substantiates my earlier assumption that there seemed there could be a link to him being involved but not the actual stalker.

In the media there was some information given stating that Kody1206 and Viper actually ran in the same pedophilic online circle and that he saw himself as somewhat of an apprentice to Viper. Through further investigation McGuire uncovered a possible Kody Maxon link to a gaming site that had a profile that said his name was Kody and another that when in the Google cache version shows up as Viper with an email address of Kody1206 with gmail. The implications are that he is maintaining two separate online identities that were treated as two separate people by the Daily Clapper. However, there is also the possibility he just used his mentor's name as a sign of his adoration for the man.

In yet another video from the Daily Clapper McGuire goes on to describe in detail an interaction that is on the clip between Kody and Peyton. He doesn't mention what was at the end of the video that I caught. It was the news anchor talking about "Amanda" and describing this girl on a web chat that was continuous footage of her flashing her chest and said it is speculated that the video was set on a loop. It seems that I recall running across something that was similar to this in the Todd research but can't recall where I saw it so can't confirm it's related to Todd.

In another twist down sicko lane, McGuire introduces a third party to the mix that goes by three screen names but for simplicity sake lets call this guy by one, Izq. Peyton is brought up again and labeled a "cam whore" and is in a weird online "relationship" with Izq and is underage. He is also accused of by a blog called "Anon Pass" to have "recorded a 12-year-old girl who killed herself" and is not a reference to Amanda Todd. Further Peyton information he gave couldn't be tracked down or confirmed.

This third man has a past problem with this guy Viper.

Kody is linked heavily to blackmailing Peyton. Viper is who he blamed for Amanda's suicide and Kody's idol. The Izq guy had a public relationship with Peyton. McGuire comes up with the possibility that Izq threw Kody under the bus for the Amanda situation because of the blackmail of Peyton. To get the heat off of him he in turn did the same to Viper. It's just his theory but still a plausible explanation

Fact is in describing all of this, is to show you the twisted pedophiliac individuals that have been uncovered recently and that parents all over the nation need to be aware of because the girls on blogtv they keep mentioning are young girl...some really young. They have been moving from one to another website and in my guess that is to keep from getting caught. So no new videos from them have been posted.

In an article on Daily Dot, they found the connection to Amanda that I did and refer to her also as the "mystery girl". Only one other video mentioned her and it stated that Amanda left BlogTV after being "IP banned"

r0r44 video chat lurker, picture on right of hub, has rumors flying about him on a blog There is a statement on the blog describing him as cutting himself to spell out in blood, Peyton's name because he also has stated that he is love with her. Due to the graphic and pornographic nature of the photo; it was not posted.

The Allegged Peyton


Peyton: The Girl Mentioned Throughout Investigation

After paging through many of Google's web results related the this topic, I ran into a website called Hypervocal that was the first one to mention an actual girl named Peyton who was one of Kody Maxon's blackmail victims. The link to her video wasn't there on the site so I had to do another search but was able to find it. She spoke about the relationship that she had with Kody Maxon where she revealed he recorded her, stalked her, and left her alone when "I gave him what he wanted.

She had a lot of information about Maxon that included his full name of Dakota William ShainMaxon, his address in Canada and his phone number (although that information had been muted in the video). She even was even in knowledge of his cousins and family information. Interestingly enough the Capper video that I watched and heard many things in reference to Peyton, was true.

Apparently there was "documented fragments of Amanda Todd's online footprint" too.

When hypervocal covered the information surrounding Peyton, even if Maxon was involved with Amanda in some way, there is a lot of speculation as to if he was the only one. This arises from the videos from the Daily Capper that tell about older men that get these young girls to take off their clothes and even masterbate for them. They promise they won't record what the girls are doing but they do anyway and if they refuse to do what the want the next time they ask them they will then use the footage as a blackmail/extortion tool unless they get what they want from the girls. In Peyton's case she did what he wanted, then he left her alone.

It details as well the connect between Viper and Peyton in a Daily Capper Video that McGuire had linked to his website article. The chat between the two was in regards to the real age of Viper and that is believed to be 41. She is stunned according to the hypervocal's account of the incident and asks in shock "Seriously? And you want to see a 14-year-old girl m*&^bate?"

“My dad’s a cop,” she continues, “so I wouldn’t be telling me that, ’cause that’s, like, pedophile. I’ll really go get my dad right now to backtrace your computer. he’s already caught like three pedophiles on Blogtv before and he got them in jail.”

Updating their sexual predator's on the Daily Capper, the let the viewers know that Viper hasn't liked the way she has been treating him since that conversation

Warrant Issued For Kody Maxon's Arrest

Kody Maxon is allegedly Amanda Todd's cyberstalker, skipped out on two Surrey Provincial Court hearings in British Columbia on November 30, 2012. He was due to appear in court the 29th for charges of theft under five thousand dollars, sexual assault, plus sexual interference (which is touching with a sexual purpose) of a female under the age of sixteen years old.

Charges are unrelated to Amanda Todd's death.

The Canadian Police had already ruled Maxon a person of "no interest" in Todd's case.

As I already detailed above, Maxon was part of a ring of pedophiles that were notorious for all the acts that Todd was victim to.

Hactivist Anonymous Group

Anonymous released the information of Kody Maxson to the public and media as Todd's online tormentor

Anonymous released the information of Kody Maxson to the public and media as Todd's online tormentor

Youtube Enigmahood Interview with "Maxson" Part 1

Maxson Interview Part 2

Update in January 2013: Has Maxson Emerged Online?

According to the only update I have thus been able to find regarding the alleged online tormentor of cyberbullying victim Amanda Todd, on, In January of 2013 the story of the Canadian teenager hadn't been in headlines as much and there didn't seem to be a defining moment of clarity or closure in this peculiar online sexual extortion bullying case that led to Todd's death that previous November. Previously, the "hackivst group" Anonymous had publicly declared that Kody Maxson was the teenager's online tormentor and sexual extortionist. Despite their unveiling of a suspect that seemed to be promising, the Canadian law enforcement agencies reported that he wasn't a person of interest in Todd's case.

Kody was known online by the screen name "Kody1206" and practice what is called "capping".

With the nationwide news of Amanda's tragic death and the circumstances regarding the relentless tormenting, "capping" became the attention of the public. This practice is a slang term for an online practice of taking sexual picture capturing of scandalously nude girls or those nude and of teenagers none-the-less during a teenager's webcam strip tease in active live webcam chats.

Only interest at this point were some online activists that had still been investigating the involvement or whereabouts of Kody Maxson, or "Kody1206" that was named by Anonymous. "Enigmahood", a Youtube user, allegedly did a Skype interview with a female claiming to be an ex-girlfriend of Maxson. She had responded to some video blogs that he had posted regarding the incidents. His opinion being that he should be prosecuted for Todd's suicide.
The alleged ex-girlfriend "Gie" allegedly set up an interview with Maxson through this youtube user on Skype, an online video call where she also was online in the conversation.

Unfortunately, the author was unable to authenticate the video and there was no audio available where his voice would have been detectable and thus identifiable. The alias that was provided that was allegedly translated to "rape kody", was “r4p3-k0dy”

Not to surprising to myself that since Anonymous fingered Maxson, the alleged Maxson in turn is accusing Anonymous.

According to the author of said article naming a possible Maxson resurfacing, he had this to say regarding the authenticity of this being the correct individual that was linked and accused to Amanda Todd's suicide and sexual exploitation and extortion online

I believe them to be one and the same after examining a footprint of information floating around on the internet, left by r4p3-kody. Searching r4p3-kody on Google yields just four search results, all of which connect r4p3-kody and Gei. Clearly there is only one active internet user operating under such a name.

I found a comment that is no longer viewable on YouTube video under the username “bountyhunter176,” which reads: "Gei add my skype you know who it is, r4p3-k0dy." The video, called “Rant on Pointless Suicide,” is a confessional where Gei harshly criticizes people who publish Amanda Todd-esque anti-bullying videos. It was uploaded eight days after Amanda Todd’s suicide. In addition, I uncovered a much longer correspondence between Gei and Kody that is associated with the same Skype accounts (r4p3-k0dy and Gei) that were used in the interview with EnigmaHood.

Kody is questioned on several aspects of the Todd case and his involvement and he is reluctant to provide his side of the story and states he is "pissed off" at the media involvement and attention in which people are actually listening to it. As I actually agree with the argument Maxson further provided is that the public listened to the media and its swayed views and jumped on a bandwagon where in reality he is not a person of interest to the law enforcement that is responsible for the Todd investigation/

Maxson does admit to casually knowing Todd but stated they were online friends and he never had possession of Todd's topless photos and nor did he want such photographs of the Canadian online teenage friend of his.

In an interesting response to the author's question regarding why Anonymous would target him as a tormentor of the teen, he admitted it was due to him "pissing them off" in some of his activities and participation in "certain" hacking groups online. The Anonymous hactivist group in question was asked for a response to the accusation and when questioned they responded:

“I really doubt he can hack, and I would say that I didn’t know who he even was before that day in October [after Amanda’s suicide] when I researched him. So, his claim that we are attacking him because he made us mad is unfounded.”

Maxson is claiming at this time to be in Cuba but however that is probably untrue due to an unrelated charge of sexual assault and intercourse on a minor where an arrest warrant was issued and he was still missing. He would most definitely not have been able to travel out of British Colombia.

After the video, more digging was done into Kody's online behaviors and on Pastebin there was an online chat log with Gei where the author noted some red flags in the conversation and felt it was something to note.

At one point, there is a long conversation wherein Kody tries to convince Gei to give him her email password by saying it would indicate their relationship has “mutual respect and trust.” She responds, “Nah, fuck that. You’ve fucked me over before... You limit me to what I can and cannot do... You try to control me... I fucking hate that.” Eventually Gei gives in and sends Kody her password with the footnote, “Fucking happy?”

Beyond this obvious manipulation of trust comes an admission from Gei, a week after giving Kody her email password, that she is 14 years old (as of July 30th, 2012), which does not appear to surprise Kody whatsoever. This revelation came after complaining that she was banned from the chat site IMVU for being underage. She then asks Kody to help her get a new account. Court documents state that Kody was born in 1993, so even if Kody’s birthday is December 31, 1993, he would be at least 18 years old at the time he was coercing a 14-year-old girl to give him her email password. There are also numerous sexual exchanges where Kody asks Gei if she likes “rough kinky or passionate” sex and tells her that he is going to “dominate the fuck outta you.”

Throughout the entirety of the conversation he basically is manipulating and threatening an underage girl for access to her personal email, takes screen shots of her admittedly and has also stated he uses those images against her to get what he wants from her at a later time. More, the two screen names used in these online conversations are those that were in that online you-tube interview and all is the same behaviors as in the Todd incident. Not to forget his online tormenting of Peyton as well that was like Todd's incident. This in my opinion should warrant further interest on behalf of the police investigating the teenager's suicide.

Image Shot of actual Online Chat With Gei and Maxson


Screen Shot of Kody1206 Online Activity


Investigator on the Todd Case involving a recent arrest

Inspector Paulette Freii

Inspector Paulette Freii

Statement by RCMP Inspector and Tip Line Information

  • RCMP in BC - Statement by Inspector Paulette Freill
    Statement by Inspector Paulette Freill File # 2013-35697 2014-04-17 15:44 PDT
  • Canadian Cyber Tip Line
    Operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection,’s mandate is to protect children from online sexual exploitation by: Receiving and processing tips from the public about potentially illegal material, as well as activities regard

Criminal Charges Filed in Todd Case


2014 Update from the RCMP reported on April 17, 2014 by reporter Shelby Throm in Vancouver Canada, that there was an extradition process started for a 35-year-old man in the Netherlands that is in connection with the sexual exploitation of Amanda Todd. The RCMP investigator Paulette Freill has made a statement that the man has been identified as Aydin Coban, was arrested earlier this year in January in Amsterdam. Coban, once extradited to Canada will face the charges as follows: one account of extortion, one count of internet luring, one count of internet harassment, one count of possession of child porn with the intent to distribute, and one count of possession of child porn.

In the course of three years the investigation has ended up including local, provincial, national and international components.

Thousands of tips were followed, interviewed hundreds of individuals, enlisted the professional expertise of many investigators and specialists just within its own province only months following the young girls tragic suicide. After failure to find any closure or individual to charge with the extortion of Amanda Todd, it than turned globally. An example of the organizations they enlisted the help from include but aren't limited to, BC Integrated Technological Crime Unit, the BC Integrated Child Exploitation (BC ICE) Unit, and the National Child Exploitation Centre (NCECC) in Ottawa.

Aidan was arrested on charges from his home country that were initially not necessarily related to Todd but included indecent assault, in producing and distributing child porn, fraud, computer intrusion, drug possession of hard narcotics and is currently still in custody facing said charges. After the investigation was underway for the above named allegations, they ran into evidence of his involvement with Amanda Todd's extortion case and they added the five counts previously listed. Because it will violate the "integrity of the Dutch judicial process" they at first refused to name the accused. Paulette Freii further stated that even though the investigation isn't over yet, they at least reached a "major milestone" and that was filing criminal charges against the man.

Currently many organizations and agencies are working to identify all the minors that appeared in the evidence obtained during the investigation. Victims potentially may fall in other jurisdictions locally in the Dutch judicial system or even globally. There is a point made that they are taking these new kinds of crimes very seriously and working on this case and more to the extent they are able legally and humanly.


Media Leak


Maxson Targeted Via Anonymous and Public Response

An example of the public jumping on the bandwagon throughout the following reporting of Anonymous's publication of Kody Maxson's information

An example of the public jumping on the bandwagon throughout the following reporting of Anonymous's publication of Kody Maxson's information

Warning of Scams and Incorrect Information Leaked to Public

  • CBC News - Amanda Todd probe delayed by online rumours, scams
    RCMP say online rumours and scams are delaying their investigation into the case of B.C. teenager Amanda Todd, who turned to YouTube to express her sadness about being bullied before taking her life. Sgt. Peter Thiessen says one of those rumours is

Problems and The Developments Throughout the Case

In February shortly after Maxson was named by Anonymous and the information made it public via the media throughout Canada and the United States. The man in his thirties that was identified by name and address started receiving countless threats immediately and strictly on what we term vigilante justice. My initial thoughts as I typed Maxson's claims of innocence with the Todd case stating that the police named him as not a person of interest for a reason and I did believe him that he wasn't directly connected in her particular extortion case. Just because he is engaging in crimes of a similar nature, there has never been firm evidence presented that Maxson had direct involvement. His character is undesirable, he is wanted for related kinds of crimes but so are how many individuals that were not broad casted by online hacking activist groups. Anonymous didn't report all the wrong information however, it is stated by the investigator that she was in contact with the group discouraging the information to be leaked to the media because even though they had the right individual, they were actually going to publish the wrong address and the person at that address was actually only 19 years old and not in their 30's as their suspect actually was.

Social Media and online bullying and inappropriate and disturbing comments and images were flowing online through social media. Some stayed up with no one able to do anything about them being posted on an online forum but some did have some consequences. When on the teenage girls memorial page a man commented in a derogatory manner in regards to the girl and her suicide, members of the memorial Facebook page reported the man to his place of employment and he was subsequently fired. In New Zealand a 17-year-old posted allegedly disturbing photos on his personal Facebook page and they were taken down and the police shut down the kids facebook page. This was in an unrelated incident but the activism through the country's police enforcement system had already jumped up in the two years following and created strategies and laws regarding such behavior and were shutting down kids Facebooks legally and making the images removed if Facebook failed to do so.

The mother of the teenage girl established the Amanda Todd Trust at the British Royal Bank in Canada. Any money received in donations goes to fund several issues and activism that has resulted throughout the aftermath of this girls suicide and tragic online smearing and the demoralizing behavior of online human beings worldwide that parents had no idea even existed. It will and has funded anti-bullying awareness, for the education and awareness of mental health problems in young teenagers, Unfortunately there than came a bunch of fraudulent donation websites that sprung up alleging they were accepting Todd's donations for the same kind of things. Financially greedy individuals looking to prosper off a family's grief and tragic loss of a daughter.

Also there were motions for new legislation to be passed in British Parliament to update and create laws to criminalize and prosecute internet predators, sexual extortion of minors online, cyberbullying ect.

© 2012 Abby Malchow


Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on January 24, 2013:

I think you noted something very important in the quote from Amanda....because if it hadn't been for her video I wouldn't have became interested in finding out all I could about this issue, it wouldn't have led to the other stories I have written about here, and the most important for me...I wouldn't have been able to help my own child deal with the effects of the very same issue.

Pruhcision Zee on January 13, 2013:

With the way things have gone down it's hard to have faith in the legal system... When it comes down to it society will have to address this issue... and amend it... it's time for us to wake up, before it's too late for another child

Amanda said something very interesting.... "I want to tell my story to help parents, so they can be aware, so they can teach their kids what is right and wrong and how to be safe online"

Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on November 20, 2012:

She shouldn't have had access to the computer in a way that she could do that. Parental controls should have been used. Her activity monitored. She, however, was only in the 7th grade when she made that mistake and the guy took her pictures with her shirt off. It doesn't matter if she wanted him to or not she is a minor and its child pornography. A willing child having sex underage with someone sig older than them; its still rape right?

She wasn't developed mentally enough to make a choice involveing long term consequences for that involves the frontal lobe in your brain that doesn't start to develop to that capacity until a couple of years later and isn't done developing until a couple years after that. It is what the psychologist Piaget termed Formal Operation's Stage. That being said, everything that happened afterwards? That was a blackmail off of a picture taken years before.

In the end it doesn't matter what she did or didn't do because the grown adult man knew better and its illegal and morally wrong. Educating our girls is important and in this case we need to relentlessly search and find this man and he needs to have legal action brought against him because this case is smack in the public's eye and they need to be able to have ways to shut down or block access to these sites as well. The fact also is she was in British Columbia and the alleged criminal in the United States.

I agree with you and thank you for the comment I appreciate what everyone has to say.

sangeeta verma from Ludhiana India on November 20, 2012:

This is very sick that minor girls are the victim,this is not only the case of cyber bulling but in virtual world too, the girls face the problem.Who is the main culprit the one who is innocence or the one who is too clever to misguide the girls. we should educate our own kids not to be friendly with every one at least parent should know there friends and whom they are mingling with.


Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on November 12, 2012:

It truly made me sick to my stomach but I had to write about it. I have three boys and my second youngest is only 9 and my only daughter. I just have this sick fear of what could happen if I had not let myself look into this topic because of how disturbing it was. I hope it helps other parents to see dangers that they didn't realize existed. I monitor my teenage son's account and have stopped text bullying right when it started so luckily nothing has gone viral...we are just dealing with it at the school but Wisconsin, where we live anyway, have been amazing and they work hand in hand with local police. I am lucky...some aren't.

K.A.E Grove from Australia on November 07, 2012:

an amazing eye opening read, This really is a form of rape and there should be something done so that the law has a way to penalize these predators , in the meantime all we can do is educate our children and monitor all computer time

thank you for sharing this disturbing information on

Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on November 04, 2012:

Yeah I agree with daughter wouldn't have any access to stuff like that...but they also don't all know about it either...believe it or putting this out there hopefully they will wake up.

The Frog Prince from Arlington, TX on November 04, 2012:

abby - Parental involvement and use of parental controls which are on all computers and available to users via most ISP's would help the situation for sure. Sometimes our permiisive society has gotten too permissive.


Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on November 03, 2012:

It is very disturbing when its the fact these victims are minors. I understand that there is two sides involved...and parent involvement is an issue, I just don't think young girls, ages that are even before their frontal lobe is fully developed so they don't know the extent of the consiquences of such actions are, and parents not being aware that this exists, is a huge issue. A grown man should know better and whether or not the other side engages or knows when to quit, they are still very young girls. Girls with no life experience and probably limited to no sexual experience that creats such an issue.

Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on November 03, 2012:

You are correct, the only problem I really have is the girls are underage...some as young as 12. Parent involvement is surely something that is also an issue. I think that the fact they are so young is a problem though.

FairDay from Buffalo, New York on November 01, 2012:

Good work Abby... I'm glad your out there shedding light on this sort of thing.

The Frog Prince from Arlington, TX on November 01, 2012:

Now I have to assume that a computer user knows where the off button is, among other buttons. There are two sides to this discussion and neither one of them seem worth having.

The Frog