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Cummings: Gearing up to Spill the Beans.

Dominic Cummings.


Dominic Cummings, when he left 10 Downing Street via the front door, for the last time, is preparing to face a government committee. This government committee will be investigating, the government's handling, of the pandemic.

Dominic Cummings released the buffoon-like functioning, of Boris's government before the local elections, in a series of revelations. Allegedly, Boris said, "Let the bodies pile up in the streets" rather than, have another lockdown. Cummings related that Boris had said, other damaging things, but these alleged statements didn't seem to relate well, to the public. It seemed the public, didn't care, what Boris may or may not have said. Boris and the Conservatives, won overwhelmingly, in these elections trouncing Labour in many areas of England. The most famous victory was when the Tories took Hartlepool, from Labour. Labour, however, did better in the Mayoral elections, (taking place at the same time as the local elections plus Scottish and Welsh parliamentary elections, where Labour held onto Wales). These elections were a real kick in the teeth, for Sir Keir. Sir Keir knows, he can turn it around before 2024, (the general election), but to quote the man himself, "Labour has a mountain to climb".

Boris has had two bounces, one during the 2019 general election when Boris promised to get the UK out of the EU, good and proper. This has come about, however, there are still teething troubles. This second bounce is the success of the vaccine roll-out, and, the number of people vaccinated. Plus, things like the furlough scheme and support, for the self-employed and small businesses. Thus, Boris because of the above, romped home, in the local elections.

Cummings allegations might not have damaged Boris yet, but they could well do, over time. When the smoke and mirrors of the government's handling of the vaccine roll-out, etc, have disappeared, maybe then, the people will see what this government is truly about, and a lot of it, ain't good. Let us not forget, the hundreds of people who have suffered or died, as a result of the cruel benefit, known as Universal Credit. Sanctions were relaxed during the periods of lockdown and now, they are, coming back with a vengeance. Let us not forget, all those who have suffered and have been deprived of basic services, because of the government's 11 years, of austerity. Now Boris is talking about enacting his "levelling up" of the country, whether this will come about, time will tell.

Dominic Cummings has given us a taster, of what might come out, as he sits before the committee, investigating the governments handling of the pandemic. For example, Cummings has alleged, that in the run-up to the pandemic of September 2019, the government was quite prepared to let the virus run riot, through the population. In other words, to let it run, until the population had become immune and achieved herd immunity. However, when in March of 2020, it was pointed out thousands could die before herd immunity was achieved, this policy was reversed. Subsequently, the country had its first lockdown, one of many, as COVID came to our shores.

Boris and his clowns must be worrying and even discussing, what revelations, Mr Cummings will come out with. When Mr Cummings was Boris' right-hand man, Cummings was a close personal friend of Boris. Cummings is credited with helping Boris, come up with the Brexit plan and eventual deal, with the EU. When the lockdown was declared and everyone, (where necessary), was expected to stay home, Mr Cummings headed north, to Durham. Apparently, to visit his parents and he was seen walking around in Barnard Castle as if there, was no lockdown. This is when the separation of Boris and Dominic came about. Mr Cummings, appeared in the garden of No 10, to explain himself as to why he went north and apologise. It was shortly after this, Mr Cummings left Boris' employ.

In leaving through the front door, Dominic Cummings was saying he was not prepared, to go quietly. Boris once had Cummings as a friend and confidant, now Boris has made a dangerous and vengeful enemy. With all that he knows about the inner workings of Boris' government, it looks like he wants to pull down the temple on Boris. Much like Samson, in the Bible, when he pushed the pillars of a building and it, buried both himself and the Philistines alive. Except, this time it will be Cummings pushing those pillars and substitute, the Philistines, for the Tories.

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Cummings in another statement said, had the right people been in power, then lockdown after lockdown could have been avoided. Cummings has refuted what Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said that the government had no plans to introduce, herd immunity. In reply, Mr Cummings has declared Mr Hancock's denial, as quote: "bullshit".

The committee investigating the governments handling, of the pandemic, will be made up, of Tory, Labour, and other MPs from other parties. Cummings will face a grilling from all sides, and no doubt, his replies some damaging, to the government will be heavily scrutinised by the media.

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