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Crisis in US and Global Situation


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Biden vs Trump

Biden vs Trump

US Political Situation

Despite the passage of a motion of impeachment in the US House of Representatives to impeach President Donald Trump, it is unlikely that he will be fired before his term expires, given the current numerical strength of the Democratic Party. The upper house (Senate) does not have a majority, while in the newly formed upper house, which meets on January 19, the Democratic Party will have a majority and it will be possible to consider the impeachment motion. In fact, the US Constitution has a number of safety valves in place to protect its system, so that in a moment of excitement, decisions that affect the infrastructure are taken into consideration instead of being implemented immediately. The Democratic Party already has a majority in the House of Representatives (Congress), whose building on Capitol Hill was attacked and vandalized by Trump supporters on January 6, killing five people. Since the incident, the US president has faced global humiliation, but it does not appear that the current state of the world situation, or the immediate aftermath of the transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden five days later, changes the landscape immediately. May face. Planning for the future in the United States continues through think tanks in the form of plans for a period of one hundred years, one and a half hundred years or more, and in the event of a change of government, a major shift in strategy away from temporary decisions is very serious. It is impossible to imagine except the situation. The approval of the impeachment motion in the House of Representatives is in fact an act of impeachment, the next stage of which will be a trial in the Senate and the House will decide by a majority.

Global Situation

According to tradition, members of the House of Representatives vote according to their party line, but in yesterday's poll, 10 Republicans voted in favor of impeachment of President Trump, compared to 205 in the House with 223 votes to Vice President Mike. A resolution was also passed asking Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove his boss, but Vice President Mike Pence has refused to comply. It is noteworthy that Mike Pence did not follow Trump's instructions to reverse the results of the previous presidential election, which is why he is being praised in the Democratic circles. He has assured the American people that the transfer of power will take place on time and that he will be present at Biden's inauguration on January 20. President Trump has stated he will not attend the ceremony. The events unfolding in the superpower United States have caused a stir in many parts of the world, but it is believed that there will be no immediate change in the world scene after President Joe Biden takes office. Observers feel that the requirements of diplomacy in international affairs under Joe Biden will be taken into account, while environmental agreements, measures to prevent the spread of Corona and other epidemics will be taken into account. Attention will be paid to the measures. Hopes are also being raised for a new US administration on human rights. It is to be expected that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.