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Criminals in Kenya Using Black Power To Rob their Targets without their Knowledge

Nyamweya is a journalist currently attached to a leading Kenyan media

A thief breaking into a house

A thief breaking into a house

Criminals are continually devising new ways of upping their game and the latest one has proved to be scarily even among the security officers.

To many residents of Umoja and other estates in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, the idea of people being robbed at night without them hearing anything was a rumor until several of them started experiencing the same.

Joseph Nganga a shop owner in Umoja, one of the many city estates for instance, is the latest victim. The 41 year from Kiambu claims that two weeks ago, he simply woke up and found the door of his bedsitter which also serves as his shop wide open with vital items including shop items and electronics missing.

Mr. Nganga who says he found his padlock besides him claims he has no idea how the thieves broke into his house without him hearing anything.

“I usually ensure my door is well locked from inside before I go to sleep but I assure you I don’t know what happened on that day. On that fateful day, I just woke up at 5am and found my padlock besides me and when I check the house, there was no TV, gas, iron box, fruit blenders and other important household items. When I checked the shop area which is separated by a curtain, I found it almost empty except children’s clothes which I sell in the shop” Mr. Nganga lamented to the Standard.

Asked on how the criminals could have executed this crime, Nganga argues that as per the reports he heard from neighbors and friends to which he shared his predicament, the criminals could have used a special chemical which causes deep slumber on their targets before executing their plans.

Lucy Mwikali, a nurse at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital and who is also a resident of Umoja two also shares the same experience. The 28 year old nurse who lives in a four story apartment claims to have woken up in the morning and interestingly found her laptop, Samsung phone, 32 inch Sony TV, and 12 kg gas cylinder missing.

“I swear I don’t know what transpired. I just woke up and found those items missing. How the thieves broke into my house and even to my bedroom which is usually under lock key at night is still mystery “says Mrs. Mwikali who is still traumatized by the occurrence.

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Mr. Joseph Twende, a resident of Umoja 3 could not withstand the disappearance of his 32 inch TV which was barely a month old. Like the two cases above, he was alerted by his four year daughter who had woken up early and when she wanted to switch on the TV, it was nowhere. This prompted her to ask the father who was still sleeping at the time.

“I got confused when my daughter asked me where our TV is yet we had watched it the previous night. I thought I was dreaming when I found the TV cabinet empty. Interestingly, my laptop and two smartphones were spared. What touched me however, is that I had bought the TV at ksh 60000 part of which was accrued through a loan”

In addition to this, the “visitors” had even cooked and feasted on the rice which he had left on the kitchen.

The experience left Mr. Twende depressed to the point of even being unable to report to his place of work for a week.

“After all these, I didn’t have energy to move around, leave alone reporting to work”

Twende further claims to have opted to visit a witchdoctor in order to have the item back to no avail.

“I even went to see a witchdoctor who despite promising me that the thieves will return my TV in three days, this never happened”

A similar crime is in the memory of many Kenyans whereby in November last year (2020), residents of a three story block in Utawala woke up and realized that their houses had been broken into yet no one had heard anything.

The residents claimed all the doors and locks of their houses were found to be open in the morning yet most had been locked as usual. How the robbers managed to do this was a mystery to many as some thought they could have been drugged.

Among the items stolen from this incident include electronics, clothes, money and other valuables.

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