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Covid-19 Death Counts

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When I heard that in the course of three to four days, the state of Florida had over 30,000 new cases of people with the virus, my first reaction was in horror and then one of of suspicion.

We are all becoming numb to numbers about the positive cases and deaths from Covid-19. It is to the point of, "what else is new"? Are the official numbers really accurate many have asked and its not from those within the conspiracy groups. The thing is about counting the negatives and positives is that there are false readings in the tests both ways. That is proven. And if a person is positive or negative, it is just for that moment in time. A negative person can subsequently be positive and a positive can become negative after 14 days, which explains why the CDC does not require one to be retested after quarantine.

As to the deaths, any death is bad. But the the rates being stated are all deaths related to Covid-19 exposure. You have indirect cause of death meaning the person was already compromised before getting the virus and the virus simply worsened the situation to where the person died. But it is not the direct cause of death. So, in this sense, should this death be counted as a Covid death? If the person who died was not already compromised and caught the virus and then died, that is a direct cause of death. Obviously, the latter should be counted as a Covid death as had it not been for the virus, the person would be alive. Not so with a person already in a delicate state.

It just seems that there should be two categories for the death rates: One for those indirectly relating to Covid and those directly. Even if this were done, the numbers are this point would still be a horror. Americans scream at the cost of 9\11- a mere 3000, or the Vietnam war- just 55,000, and when compared to the war on this virus, are miniscule just within the USA, let alone across the globe.

Some say the Covid numbers are actually worse than being reported due to tracking errors, others say the opposite because anything thing that kills a person is being directly linked to Covid which balloons the whole total inaccurately.


perrya (author) on January 05, 2021:

Very true about DeSantis, although, I will say when comparing California to Florida, a state that has shutdown more often, it does not make much difference whether a state is open like Florida or not, the virus continues to get bad. As for the pre-existing condition, it is how one wants to look at it and that IS the the problem with counting the virus death rates.

DW Davis from Eastern NC on January 04, 2021:

If someone could have survived a car accident, but due to a pre-existing condition was killed in the wreck, should their cause of death be the pre-existing condition or the car wreck?

As to Florida's COVID number; we know the official state numbers aren't worth a plug nickel. DeSantis has done everything he can to hide the true toll of COVID on Florida.

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