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Could Maricopa County End Joe Biden's Reign Of Terror?

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

*Note - This Article Here Of Mine Was Initially Published On September 27, 2021.

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When the late President Ronald Reagan was running for reelection back in 1984, there was this one Greek gentleman named Jimmy who owned and operated a diner across the street from my father's office building. My father and his co-workers ate there often for breakfast and for lunch inasmuch as it was convenient and the food there was good.

One morning my father came into Jimmy's diner to have breakfast, and Jimmy was having a conversation with a group of African-American customers shortly after the late President Reagan had won the presidential election. These gentlemen were complaining to Jimmy that the late former Vice President Walter Mondale should have won that presidential election instead of the late President Reagan. Jimmy told them that the late President Reagan had saved the late former Vice President Mondale's life by winning the presidential race.

Jimmy explained to these gentlemen that because many people had believed that the late former Vice President Mondale's running mate, Geraldine Ferraro, was married into the Mafia, her husband would have had the late former Vice President Mondale assassinated shortly after he got into the Oval Office so that she could succeed him as president. My father got a kick out of watching that conversation unfold and seeing these gentlemen take Jimmy seriously.

Back in the 1980s and even the 1990s, it was easy for people to have a good laugh over political matters involving a presidential election. However, nowadays people get easily offended if you do not side with their viewpoint regarding an elected official or a particular political issue. Even the earlier part of the 21st century was not so bad as compared with the present in that respect.

Since the beginning of this year, the Arizona State Senate has been placed in a position in which they have had to move mountains to get an election-integrity audit going in Maricopa County. The results of the 2020 American presidential election in this same county carry a great amount of weight in whether or not the state of Arizona could be flipped from Joe Biden to President Donald J. Trump, because this same county has the largest population out of any county in that state. My article titled "Can An American Presidential Election Be Overturned After Inauguration Day?" provides details about this same chain of events. I didn't know whether or not I was going to write another article about this topic, but here I am and herein I give you the bigger picture of what has been going on in Maricopa County with respect to the controversy over which presidential candidate won Arizona in 2020.

The Results Of The Maricopa County Election-Integrity Audit Have Been Released

On September 24, 2021, the president of the Arizona Senate, Karen Fann, held a presentation to disclose the results of the above-described election-integrity audit. Although it was never really revealed in that presentation whether Mr. Biden or President Trump had won that county in the 2020 American presidential election, it did reveal that the people of Arizona and the entire United States of America had every reason to suspect that the election results from November of 2020 were inaccurate in Maricopa County because of numerous anomalies and illegalities that took place in that same county during that same election. Below is a video of that same presentation.

The Election-Integrity Audit Presentation In Maricopa County, Arizona On September 24, 2021

After watching over three hours of the video above, it did not surprise me in the least that poll workers and other election officials had severely deviated from the guidelines and the Arizona statutory codes that were supposed to govern how they were obligated to handle the votes that came in for Maricopa County during the 2020 American presidential election. Among other things, there were votes that should not have been tabulated, because they came in through the mail after the election day deadline. The auditors found evidence of votes that were illegally duplicated. The illegalities in the 2020 American presidential election in Maricopa County did not end there.

One very disturbing revelation was voiced in the above-described September 24, 2021 presentation. It has been well publicized that Dominion Voting Systems Corporation provided both voting-related hardware and software to polling places throughout the United States of America in our nation's most recent presidential election. Most unfortunately, Arizona is among those states. Anyhow, one of the experts at the above-described September 24, 2021 presentation provided evidence that the voting machines in Maricopa County had Internet access, which is something that Dominion Voting Systems Corporation has mendaciously denied insofar as they have filed lawsuits over it. He expressed concerns about how easy it was for anyone to hack into the voting machines there in Maricopa County and tamper with the votes in other ways as well. Those voting machines were not supposed to have Internet access for those same reasons.

Luckily, Sidney Powell still has Dominion Voting Systems Corporation on her radar screen. Below is a video that describes how she has exposed them for their election-related crimes against the United States of America and what she is doing to fight back against them in response to the frivolous civil litigation they have brought against her.

Sidney Powell Stands Up Against Dominion Voting Systems Corporation

Throughout the above-aforementioned September 24, 2021 presentation in Maricopa County, Ms. Fann distanced herself from the term "voter fraud" as much as she could. However, she didn't rule out the possibility of it either. The fact alone that she has taken the results of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit and has forwarded them to the Arizona Attorney General for further action demonstrates that she likely doesn't feel that Mr. Biden won Arizona in the 2020 American presidential race fair and square. Below is a press conference she held immediately after the above-described September 24, 2021 presentation.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann Subsequently Held A Press Conference Regarding Election-Integrity Audit Results After The September 24, 2021 Presentation

One of the points that Ms. Fann and others stressed during the above-described September 24, 2021 presentation was that the main purpose of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit was to find out if there were any anomalies or illegalities in the 2020 American presidential election there in that same county. She and others claimed that it was the Arizona Attorney General's decision on whether to decertify their state as having chosen Mr. Biden as our nation's president. The Heritage Foundation appears to agree with them as shown in the video below.

Hans von Spakovsky Believes That The Maricopa Election-Integrity Audit Was Necessary Regardless Of Who Really Won The Presidency

Back in 2016 after President Trump was elected as our nation's 45th president, Jill Stein of the Green Party requested a recount of votes in three different states to find out for sure whether President Trump had indeed won that presidential election. I had voted for President Trump in that same election, but I had no problem with Ms. Stein's actions in this respect inasmuch as I knew in my heart that President Trump had won that presidential election fair and square.

As I had predicted, the election recount that Ms. Stein had requested confirmed that President Trump had won the 2016 American presidential election. Moreover, it also turned out that President Trump had won more votes in the three contested states than the initial election results showed. I would not have wanted Ms. Stein to do any differently, because nobody would be able to say that President Trump was not our legitimate president from that point on; and, as a Trump supporter, I could not have asked for anything more than that. Afterwards, many Hillary Clinton supporters were found eating their own words.

In view of the above-described events in 2016, it is beyond my comprehension why Biden supporters feel so offended that an election-integrity audit took place in Maricopa County, Arizona and that such an audit could take place in other parts of our nation. It is though they believe that Mr. Biden is the Messiah whose presence in the Oval Office should never be questioned by anyone who does not wish to be labeled as an enemy of the state.

If Mr. Biden really won the 2020 American presidential election fair and square as Biden supporters claim, wouldn't they want for such audits to take place throughout the United States of America so that nobody could accuse Mr. Biden of being an illegitimate president afterwards? It is as though these Biden supporters are afraid of the truth hitting them directly in the face if it turns out that President Trump had really won a second term in the Oval Office back in 2020. Therefore, Biden supporters really have no right to accuse Trump supporters of being deranged.

The Mainstream Media Mendaciously Insists That The Recent Events In Maricopa County Confirmed Joe Biden's Presidential Victory

Both national and local mainstream news outlets have been spreading false rumors throughout the world that the Maricopa County election-integrity audit produced results that confirmed that Mr. Biden won the 2020 American presidential election last November. Below is a clip from a local Arizona news outlet that has engaged in this same journalistic misconduct.

AZ Family Misreports That The Results Of The Maricopa County Election-Integrity Audit Confirmed A Biden Presidency

What makes me laugh about this same local news report in the video above is that on YouTube, it received many more down-votes than up-votes. Obviously, the majority of people who have watched this same news clip gave it very little or no credibility. The numerical data that came out in the Maricopa County election-integrity audit proves that what these so-called journalists said about it could not be any further from the truth.

There was brief mention in the September 24, 2021 presentation of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit results that President Trump may have gotten a slight amount of windfall as a result of one mishap that occurred in the 2020 American presidential election there in Maricopa County. However, nowhere in that same presentation did anyone specifically say that Mr. Biden definitely won that county in the 2020 American presidential election without question. Seven videos below show that the results of that same election-integrity audit have, in fact, raised concerns over whether Mr. Biden really won that county in the 2020 American presidential election.

The Findings In The Maricopa County Audit Show That President Donald J. Trump May Have Won Arizona

There are non-mainstream journalists out there who are already claiming that President Trump won Arizona in the 2020 American presidential election in accordance with the results of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit. They show great confidence as opposed to optimism in doing so. The Star Fusion channel on YouTube announced such a victory in the form of a video. Unfortunately, that video is no longer posted on YouTube.

I honestly don't believe that President Trump is going to let this one go. If he and others are still able to overturn the 2020 American presidential election, it will be history in the making. Representatives from eighteen different states attended the above-aforementioned September 24, 2021 presentation of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit results. These are likely from states that do not trust that Mr. Biden won them in the 2020 American presidential election.

Like so many other Trump supporters, I have to question where the so-called 81 million votes for Mr. Biden in the 2020 American presidential election came from. In all of my life, I have never known of any president of either major political party who was as hated and reviled as Mr. Biden is; and I don't even choose to acknowledge that he is our nation's legitimate president. All you have to do is watch the YouTube video below to know how much Americans resent him and wish that he had never run for president.

Americans Are Voicing Their Anti-Biden Sentiment To Joe Biden Himself

In his YouTube video below, Dr. Steve Turley provides insight on where all of this same anti-Biden hostility is originating from, and he describes which groups of people are verbally attacking Mr. Biden when he goes out in public. It becomes clear that no other president has ever received this kind of vocal backlash out in public to this magnitude. Not even the Bush bashers acted this outraged back between 2000 and 2008.

Dr. Steve Turley Gives His Take On What Could Be Causing Everyday Americans To Curse Joe Biden In Public

Whenever President Trump goes anywhere out in public, you never hear droves of Americans booing him or belittling him verbally. The majority of Americans who get the chance to see him in person usually give him a warm welcome. However, in figurative words, Mr. Biden is far from being a teen idol and he will never become a part of American pop culture despite that he has an ego that is bigger than the entire Andromeda Galaxy. Even Catholics are acting furious with Mr. Biden despite that he is a Catholic himself. Then again, can anyone rightfully blame those individuals for verbalizing their hostilities against him? He has been in the White House for less than a year and already he has done decades worth of damage to our nation.

Mr. Biden killed thousands of jobs after he cancelled the permits to the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. His stupidity in withdrawing American military forces from Afghanistan caused the needless death of way too many of our citizens, and a countless number of American citizens remain stranded in that nation after the Taliban takeover of it because of his negligence. Now he wants to be buddies with the Taliban and send money their way after he left them a whole host of weapons and a whole mint of cash.

Mr. Biden has opened the floodgates of our borders to let an inordinate number of illegal immigrants into the United States of America. I'm sure that the MS-13 idolizes him for doing so now that they can overrun our nation with violent crime. He will never be getting another Hispanic vote again, because it is Hispanic communities that these MS-13 gang members usually terrorize here in our nation. However, why should he care? He is a part of a crime family himself.

Inflation is overwhelming the middle class at the gas pumps, the grocery stores, and every other place that Americans depend on for their necessities. Then again, what does Mr. Biden care? He gets to live a lavish lifestyle in the plush surroundings of the White House on the taxpayers' dime. President Trump never took even one dollar for the four years that he served as our leader in the Oval Office.

If Mr. Biden did actually receive 81 million votes in the 2020 American presidential election, then a great percentage of those same 81 million people are probably looking at themselves in the mirror and asking themselves the million-dollar question. That is, they're saying, "What was I thinking when I voted for that idiot?" Below is a video about how many Biden supporters are having regrets about their choice for the Oval Office in the 2020 American presidential election.

Biden Supporters Are Now Even Wishing That Joe Biden Never Ran For President

Many Americans are now insisting that Mr. Biden resigns from office and that Congress impeaches him from office if he refuses to do so. However, my response to that notion is that considering that Mr. Biden would have unsuitable successors in the form of Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi in either one of those events, the American people would be much better off if President Trump were to be reinstated for a second term in the Oval Office.

Even if the American people were somehow to find a way to avoid a Harris administration or a Pelosi administration altogether in the event of Mr. Biden's immediate exit from the Oval Office, there is no guarantee that the next person in the line of presidential succession, Senator Patrick Leahy, would be as good of a leader as President Trump would be.

I find it admirable that Senator Leahy has served on the Senate Judiciary Committee and has done noteworthy deeds in battling government corruption. I wish not to badmouth him in any manner, because I have a great amount of respect for this man. However, because he is a Democrat, there is no guarantee that he would reissue the permits for the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would put our nation's economy back on track. I would hope that he would be as fiscally responsible as President Trump was during his term in the Oval Office, if he were to become our nation's president. On the other hand, he may be from the era when there were many decent Democrats in office on Capitol Hill, but, as president, he would not be the same as having President Trump in the White House.

At the end of the day, President Trump was the one who made our nation energy-independent. President Trump was the one who secured our borders. President Trump was the one who took our economy in the right direction. President Trump was the one who looked out for the best interest of Americans, both military and civilian, over in Afghanistan. President Trump was the one who took national security seriously. President Trump was the one who gained the respect of many foreign leaders, some who would not even have anything to do with President Barack Obama back when he was still in office. President Trump was the one who fired two corrupt FBI directors in his ongoing efforts to drain the swamp.

If we, as Americans, want to save our nation from a devastating socioeconomic collapse, we need to get President Trump back into the Oval Office for a second term before the end of this year. Mr. Biden's health is deteriorating. We don't even have to watch his speeches for very long on television to know that he is nearly brain-dead and that his physical health is not going to hold out for much longer. Think of the way Francisco Franco was during his last days as a Spanish ruler. If Mr. Biden dies of some fatal ailment in the near future, we could get stuck with an airhead in the Oval Office in the form of Kamala Harris or even Nancy Pelosi. The American people deserve so much better than those two dingbats.

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The Maricopa County election-integrity audit in Arizona was a step in the right direction. The fate of Arizona now lies in the hands of their attorney general in terms of whether President Trump or Mr. Biden won that state in the 2020 American presidential election.

The interest that other states have shown in the above-described audit offers the American people a sign of hope that perhaps the 2020 American presidential election can still be overturned at this point in time and our nation can be freed of the debacle that Mr. Biden has bestowed upon us. If President Trump were to get reinstated for a second term in the Oval Office, he would be facing major challenges inasmuch as Democrats have taken over the Congress. There may be moderate Democrats who would work harmoniously with him, but he would have to drive the extra mile in working across party lines to accomplish what the American people would expect from him.

Nevertheless, President Trump undoubtedly was a better president than Mr. Biden could ever be. There are even Americans who voted for Mr. Biden in 2020 who believe that our nation's presidential election was stolen. We, as Americans, must not give up in our fight to stop the steal. The Maricopa County election-integrity audit results could be the spark to the avalanche of audits needed to overturn the entire 2020 American presidential election and send Mr. Biden on his own merry way.

A Poll For Americans Who Believe That The 2020 American Presidential Election Could Still Be Overturned

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