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Could Kamala Harris Pose A Danger To The Oval Office?

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on December 25, 2020.

The author of this picture image is the United States Department of State

The author of this picture image is the United States Department of State

Earth-shattering events have been taking place just about every day since November 3, 2020 regarding the outcome of the 2020 American presidential election. Many Americans have dreaded the prospect of four long, torturous years of a Biden presidential administration since last month. However, former Vice President Joe Biden may not be the one who we all need to worry about as far as the Oval Office is concerned.

Senator Kamala Harris was a virtual unknown before she first ran for president nearly a year ago. Because of her poor performance in the primaries and the caucuses, it didn't take very long for her to drop out of the presidential race. Then the wind blew some luck in her direction, and former Vice President Biden chose her as his running mate after he secured the Democratic nomination for the presidential race. Because he likely knew about the magnitude of voter fraud and illegal votes that were going to ensue in the 2020 American presidential election, he did not only put his own well-being into danger, but he may have also put President Donald J. Trump's well-being into danger depending on who gets sworn in as our nation's president on January 20, 2021.

1. Senator Kamala Harris Could Become A Lethal Danger To Former Vice President Joe Biden

Senator Harris may not be planning to assassinate former Vice President Biden by conventional means if and when he gets inaugurated as our nation's president, but former Vice President Biden's declining health and Senator Harris's vicious nature together are the perfect recipe for a plot of hers to off him by whatever legal means available to her. If and when former Vice President gets sworn into the Oval Office, he will have the full protection of the United States Secret Service against any assassination attempts, but nothing will safeguard him against what Senator Harris likely has in mind for him; and she will not go to prison for it either despite that it could lead to his untimely death. This woman is pure evil.

Senator Harris has never liked former Vice President Biden. All you have to do to verify this fact is watch video clips of the Democratic debates, and you will witness how much animosity she has always had for former Vice President Biden. Here is a video clip from a YouTube video below of her expressing her hostility toward him as she disagrees with him on an important political issue.

Senator Kamala Harris Gets Into A Shouting Match With Former Vice President Joe Biden

Senator Harris has never been fond of former Vice President Biden. If he were to croak tomorrow, she would not shed even one tear for him. However, she would likely prefer that he croaks after he gets sworn into the Oval Office so that she could succeed him as president.

If and when former Vice President Biden does get inaugurated into the Oval Office, Senator Harris's only thoughts at that point in time will be how soon she can get rid of him so that she can replace him as our nation's president. Former Vice President Biden suffered an aneurysm back in 1988, and his current mental and intellectual health are strongly indicative that he may not have very long to live if he should suffer another aneurysm in the near future.

Former Vice President Biden has not even been sworn into the Oval Office and he is more vulnerable than he has ever been in his entire life, because the scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden, has heated up more than it ever has done so and former Vice President Biden is tied into it. Former Vice President Biden could be facing an impeachment process upon moving into the White House on January 20, 2021. Senator Harris would turn on him like a betraying angel in that event, because it would put her that much closer to becoming our nation's next president.

Because Senator Harris would be working closer with former Vice President Biden than anyone else in the White House, she would likely be making notes of whatever dirt she could use against him in the event that an impeachment process were to ensue against him. She would definitely not be on his side in that event. It bewilders me on why former Vice President Biden is unable to see these adverse probabilities surrounding him as January 20, 2021 continues to approach. Then again, he is not in the best of cognitive health, which could explain why he remains blind to these same adverse probabilities surrounding him.

Now, some of you may be asking why I believe that Senator Harris's only goal as vice president is to succeed former Vice President Biden as president. Social media and news outlets throughout the Internet have made it no secret that Senator Harris has had her designs on the presidency ever since former Vice President Biden chose her as his running mate during the presidential race. You don't even have to look very far on YouTube to find a video about it. Even Australian journalists are talking about it as shown in a news clip in the YouTube video below.

The American People May Be Confronted With The Horrors Of A Harris Presidential Administration In The Near Future

Senator Harris knows that former Vice President Biden has all these above-described health problems related to his brain. Instead of using a deadly weapon on him to get him out of her way, she would only need to subject him to an endless amount of stress to increase the probability that he would die of an aneurysm or some other ailment related to his brain health. Once he was dead, she could begin the proceedings to move herself up into his position as our nation's president. Call it cruel, but this is the kind of person that Senator Harris is; and we do not want her ever to be our nation's president.

Senator Harris does not care about the American people. Senator Harris only cares about Senator Harris, and her presidency would be an abomination against all decency. Choosing her as a running mate was the biggest mistake that former Vice President Biden could have ever done after he won the Democratic nomination for the presidential race.

2. Senator Kamala Harris As Vice President Could Turn President Donald J. Trump's Second Term Into An Ongoing Nightmare

Word has come out that the Georgia state legislature may be on the verge of decertifying their state's election results that had given the presidential victory to former Vice President Biden in their state. If they do so, then they would turn around and certify President Trump as the winner of the presidential election in their state. Arizona and Wisconsin are both highly likely to follow suit. If and once all of these events materialize, former Vice President Biden would fall below the threshold of the 270 electoral votes needed for his victory as our nation's new president and the United States Electoral College would have no other choice but to remand the matter to the United States House of Representatives for a contingent election. Dr. Steve Turley describes this prospective chain of events in his YouTube video below.

President Donald J. Trump May Be Destined For A Second Term In The Oval Office

Once all of these above-described events are to take place, the chances that President Trump will get reelected for a second term in the Oval Office should skyrocket to a very high likelihood if he is lucky enough that there will be no RINO Republicans among the state electors who will be deciding the fate of our nation. There you have the good news. Now here comes the bad news.

If a contingent election ensues, the United States Senate will handle the selection of electors who are going to decide who will become our nation's vice president on January 20, 2021. However, because of the reasons that I described in my article titled "Are Americans Destined For A Trump-Harris Administration?," the chances of Vice President Pence getting a second term in office in his current capacity are not as promising as those of President Trump. In other words, there remains a slight possibility that our nation could get stuck with Senator Harris as our vice president for the next four years despite that President Trump will have made it back into the Oval Office for a second term.

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Now, if former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard were to become our nation's next vice president under those same circumstances, I would be rest assured that President Trump would have nothing to worry about in his second term in office. She comes across to me as someone who would work across party lines if need be. If anything, she and President Trump would work harmoniously together in the White House to get things done. Such an administration would even go in President Trump's favor inasmuch as it would enhance his image as a political leader who works graciously across party lines to put Americans first and partisan politics second.

Unfortunately, Senator Harris is the one who would be selected as our nation's vice president in a contingent election if Vice President Pence doesn't get a second term in office. Senator Harris is nothing like United States House Delegate Gabbard, and she is not one of President Trump's favorite people, to say the least.

Former Vice President Biden would have done himself a favor and President Trump a favor if he had chosen United States House Delegate Gabbard as his running mate instead of Senator Harris during the presidential race. The fact alone that he chose Senator Harris as his running mate instead doesn't give me reassurance that his mental and intellectual health will be getting better any time soon, if at all. He definitely was not in his right mind back when he decided to pick Senator Harris as his running mate in the presidential race.

If a contingent election results in President Trump getting a second term in the Oval Office and Senator Harris becoming our nation's new vice president, all chaos is going to break loose in the White House. As I described in my article titled "Are Americans Destined For A Trump-Harris Administration?," in figurative language, President Trump will constantly be having to look over his shoulder each and every minute to make sure that Senator Harris is not preparing to stick a knife in his back. He will not have the same loyalty from her that he currently has from Vice President Pence, to say the least. Melania Trump will be pulling all the knives out of President Trump's back at night that Senator Harris stuck in his back during the day. Senator Harris will definitely be a very unpleasant distraction to President Trump, and she will be sure to interfere with his ability to run the Oval Office in every way that she can think of.

It only gets worse. Once she becomes our nation's vice president, Senator Harris will be presiding over the United States Senate. She would constantly be getting into heated arguments with Senator Mitch McConnell after she begins pulling rank on him left and right. She will be giving President Trump and everyone in the United States Senate a migraine headache. If any of you have ever seen her question someone during a hearing on Capitol Hill in the obnoxious manner that she usually does, then you should know exactly what I mean. She was a tyrant when she worked as a prosecutor out in California in various capacities. She is like a devil in human form.

Senator Harris's smart aleck attitude toward Vice President Mike Pence during the vice-presidential debate showed us all what her true demeanor was. Vice President Pence kept himself well-composed during that entire debate and argued important issues in a civilized manner, whereas Senator Harris was all over the place with her flamboyant tone of voice and her dogmatic assertions. You can watch that same debate in the YouTube video below if you did not get the opportunity to see it.

Senator Kamala Harris Debates Issues With Vice President Mike Pence

President Trump would not be able to fire Senator Harris on the spot from her position as vice president. To get rid of her, he would first have to hire a team of private investigators to dig up dirt on her. Luckily, they wouldn't have to dig at all, because all the dirt on her would be lying directly in front of them; and there would be a mountain of it. However, it would take time to get her impeached from office.

If President Trump were to get Senator Harris successfully impeached from the vice presidency, his trouble might not end there. Radical feminists could come pouring out of the woodwork and wrongfully accuse President Trump of waging a war against women simply for having a female vice president removed from office, and Senator Harris would be shooting her mouth off all over television to mislead everyone to believe that she was somehow a victim. The mainstream news networks would sensationalize the entire situation. It would be a no-win situation for President Trump and for the American people.

Senator Harris's vice presidency could cause severe interruptions in President Trump's efforts to run the Oval Office efficiently and productively. She would be no asset to the American people, and impeaching her from the vice presidency would be a bumpy road for President Trump and for anyone else who wanted to remove her from office.

3. Senator Kamala Harris Could Become A Corrosive Influence On Young Girls Once She Is Vice President

As I described in my article titled "Are Americans Destined For A Trump-Harris Administration?," Senator Harris slept her way up the political ladder to where she is today. She has been married for close to 7 years, but, luckily, she has no children of her own. After the mainstream news networks cheered her on as our nation's vice-president-elect, which is a big joke, they showed photographs of girls as young as 10 and 11 years old on television to symbolize whom Senator Harris will be influencing in her so-called new role as a female national leader. Seeing these pictures on television set off alarms in my head.

In recent news, a scandal broke about a former politician named Nathan Daniel Larson getting arrested for committing acts of moral turpitude. The authorities who had arrested him expressed concern that he was about to mirror the atrocities that Phillip Garrido committed against Jaycee Lee Dugard so many years ago. It also brought to mind the story about the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Well, if Senator Harris ever becomes our nation's next vice president, she will pose a much greater danger to young girls in middle school and high school than Nathan Daniel Larson, Phillip Garrido and the late Jeffrey Epstein all rolled into one. Why do I say so? Senator Harris will become a corrosive influence on young girls that age inasmuch as her sordid past is plastered all over the Internet for anyone to review. If you are a parent who has a daughter in middle school or high school, Senator Harris's corrosive influence will not only be coming through your resident's computers and your daughter's cell phones. Her corrosive influence will be coming through your television sets also.

Senator Harris may be 56 years old, but she looks younger than her actual age; and I am not describing her that way to compliment her. If she sets foot in the White House on January 20, 2021, young girls are going to begin to look up to her as a role model and the consequences of this trend could cause irreparable harm to our society because of her depraved past.

Senator Harris's corrosive influence on young girls will encourage them to engage in reckless behavior that will cause them to inflict harm upon themselves in the most destructive ways. She will promote this one detrimental attitude among young girls that if she is the vice president and she is female, then anything depraved she does is okay for any female of any age to do. What makes her more dangerous in that respect than Nathan Daniel Larson, Phillip Garrido and the late Jeffrey Epstein all rolled into one is that, unlike those same three men, the criminal justice system will be able to do absolutely nothing about her transgressions against young girls as described above. Keep in mind that a vice president has legal immunities like those of the president of our nation. There would also be no laws with which to prosecute her in those events.

Senator Harris's corrosive influence on young girls will cause a dramatic spike in underage pregnancies and a significant increase in juvenile delinquency among female minors. Also, this problem can only get worse if Senator Harris should ever successfully become our nation's president in the manner that I described further back herein. If you think that former President Bill Clinton set a bad example for our nation's youth when he was in the Oval Office, Senator Harris will be a whole new experience for our nation in that respect in a much more impactful way. No parent in their right mind could ever want someone like her leading our nation in any capacity.

"dalatindiva" is the author of this photograph.

"dalatindiva" is the author of this photograph.

4. My Conclusion To This Topic

Our nation's chances of getting President Trump back into the White House for another four years may have increased significantly in recent days, which is definitely good news for any of us Trump supporters. However, you may all notice that most journalists who are reporting the good news about President Trump likely getting a second term in the Oval Office are keeping their mouths shut about whether or not Vice President Pence will be working alongside President Trump in the White House for the next four years as well, because they are not sure what is going to happen in that regard.

If you're a Trump supporter like me, I want Vice President Pence to be our nation's vice president for the next four years as much as you do. Having Senator Harris become our nation's next vice president while President Trump gets reelected to the Oval Office would clearly be an aberration, to say the least. Our president deserves better than a shyster like Senator Harris working at his side in the White House as our nation's vice president. Moreover, she wouldn't be working at his side but rather she would be stirring up trouble for him and others in the Trump administration.

Also, if you're a Biden supporter and you're reading my article, you cannot rightfully want Senator Harris to be our nation's vice president in the event that former Vice President Biden does get inaugurated as our 46th president on January 20, 2021. Trust me when I tell you that former Vice President Biden will not still be in the Oval Office four years from now, because Senator Harris has likely devised a whole manifest of schemes to force him out of office within a short period of time so that she can sink her claws into the presidency. Her intentions for him could even be deadly ones.

Senator Harris is an opportunist and a con artist, among other things. She cannot be trusted, and she would not make a good president. Also, once she were to become president, she would not be qualified to lead our nation. She only has three years experience in the United States Senate, and she the reputation of a predatory prosecutor in California. If she didn't suffer a panic attack once she got sworn into the Oval Office, she would spiral out of control and cause all sorts of problems for our nation. As Americans, we must not allow for her to set foot in the White House on January 20, 2021 or ever or life will be over as we know it.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on August 23, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? It is a mind-boggling thought that Kamala Harris could someday be our president in the near future in view of Joe Biden's declining health and obvious inability to lead our nation. My article above elaborates on this same major concern.

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