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Could Darlie Routier be an innocent victim sitting on death row?

The prosecutors mislead the jury when they told them no other person other than Darlie could have murdered the boys.

At the time the prosecutors made the statement that no other person could have committed the murders they knew that was false.

At the time the prosecutors made the statement that no other person could have committed the murders they knew that was false.

Who is Darlie Routier and how did she end up on death row in Texas?

Darlie was 26 years old in 1996 when she was charged and arrested 12 days after her two children Devon and Damon were murdered. She has no criminal record, no history of child abuse, or mental illness yet the state claims her motive for murdering her children was because she was tired of her lifestyle and depressed.

I wanted to know how it was possible that they came to this conclusion within 12 days of the murders?

At the time of the murders it appeared that Darlie had no idea of how far in debt her husband really was. During the trial he admitted that he wouldn't even get out bed till after 10am when the mail arrived. He swore up and down he was not broke, He claimed his business was doing good and he was short on cash on hand but had over 25000 on the books.

The reason I don't believe Darlie knew the seriousness of the financial problems is because Darin was the one who waited at the house to get the mail. The overdue bills were found in the garbage and in the glove compartment of the vehicle he was driving at the time.

Her husband didn't just hire one person to work for them that week before the murders, he hired two people.

He hired Darlies sister to work at the shop with him and he hired his employees' mother to help Darlie with the house and kids. That didn't make any sense to me at all. Darins employee stated that the business was the slowest it had ever been at that time so why hire another person to work the shop when her sister could have been at the house helping Darlie with the house and kids. I knew right then that Barbara Jovell was not lying to me when she told me she believed/knew Darin and Darlie's sister were having an affair.

There were mounds of evidence to support Darlies suspicions of the affair. Darin's employee told her and their behavior when they were together really upset Darlie. Once I focused on one specific detail I tried to search out as much information about that as I could.

When Jovell told me she told Darlie the night before the murders about the affair with Darin and Dana I realized that is why all three them of them had a different excuse as to why Darlie sent her sister home late that night.

When Darin and Dana came in from work they were distant with Darlie. They picked up baby Drake and both Darin and Dana went to a different room out of Darlies view. That spoke volumes to me because Darin had hired Jovells mother to help in the house so it was obvious that Darlie was needing help and Dana just seemed to avoid being around Darlie.

Darin was also behind on the rent for his shop for $543 dollars. The credit cards were maxed out and the mortgage was late. Darlie testified she was not aware of any financial issues and I believed her.

Then there was that article that written about Darin and Dana behaving so sickening together at six flags that people left the line for the rides because they couldn't look at Darin and Dana. They were upset enough about their behavior that they made their comments public on the internet.

Then we had Darin and Dana at the Routier house behaving like two love sick teens. The older retired school teacher was repulsed by their behavior. At the time she thought it was Darlie who was with Darin but it wasn't, it was Dana. They were laughing and joking, throwing out the gifts and wreaths strangers left at the house. At one point Darin was laughing and joking trying to climb the fountain in his front yard to plant a flag. This was 12 days after the murders and the day of Darlie's arrest.

Then we had Darin living at the Routier home. He moved there with Darlie after the murders but when she was arrested, he continued living there knowing Darlie confronted him about that affair with his sister. Her mother knew all about it as well and still allowed Darin to continue living there. At one-point Darlies mother and sister got into a physical violent fight where they had caused injuries to each other.

Darlie's mother bit Dana in the leg and drew blood and Dana caused injuries to her mother. Darin was there to break them up before the police were called. This is one of the reasons Darlie Kee was publicly called out as trailer trash by other lawyers. She was joke and people knew exactly what was going on. Rumors with affairs didn't just stop with Dana. There were rumors about Darlies mother and Dana as well. I wasn't able to find any solid information to confirm if that affair was true or not. All I had was Darlie Kee lying publicly to make sure her son in law was never a suspect in the murders. She would publicly repeat the lies about the evidence in order to protect Darin.

I didn't just take Jovells word about this fight between Dana and her mother, it was confirmed by many including officer Waddell. He told me that they were doing everything to try and get him fired from his job. They were making up lies and stories trying to destroy his life. It was all true, Darlie Kee was going to stick by her son in law no matter what.

Darin was also behind on the rent for his shop for $543 dollars. The credit cards were maxed out and the mortgage was late. Darlie testified she was not aware of any financial issues, and I believed her.

A person doesn't have to know all the details about this case to realize that Darlie was not the one with the motives to kill her family.

The night before the murders it was Darin who was upset with the boys and refused them to have friends over or for them to stay at a friend's place. Darlie wasn't angry with those boys. Her entire life was surrounded by them, and Darin knew at that time if Darlie packed up and left him he was going to be financially crippled for the rest of his life.

I found absolutely no motive for this girl to murder her children and to murder them in such a brutal hateful way.

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I took a good hard look at Darin's state of mind when he went to bed that night and in my opinion, there was no possible way he went to bed at 1am after fighting with Darlie and going right to sleep. I never believed that for one second and that is why my focus went from Darlie to Darin.

Once I began looking at Darin and his many versions of the story I was obsessed. I knew there was much more out there that people needed to know. I wanted to know if there was any evidence to back up the claims that Darlies lawyers made about Darin's involvement in the murders.

I mapped out his interviews his statements, his testimony under oath and in my opinion the wrong parent is sitting on death row, and I believe Doug Mulder and those prosecutors knew this long before they took her to trial.

When people asked me why there would be such a cover up, I explained in detail why I believed Darlie was framed for the murders.

The next section is going to post what I believed were the motives for framing Darlie and protecting Darin.

I am not exposing these details to be malicious to anyone. They are out there anyway no matter if I bring this information up or not. I am merely explaining why Darlie became the main and only suspect and her husband wasn't even investigated.

Darin was never investigated and the reason for that is the false alibi both Darlie and Darin gave on day one.

It is no secret the first person they looked at was Darin. The second Darlie opened her eyes after surgery she gave a description of the intruder and that description fit her own husband perfectly in every detail. The longer brown hair in the back, the wide build over six feet tall wearing jeans.

The most shocking thing I learned about this case was Darlie said the man she saw was wearing a black baseball cap and black shirt. The woman Darin hired to help Darlie in the house spent the last two days doing laundry yet there was a black cap and looked to be a black piece of clothing by the dirty laundry basket. I was shocked to learn that they didn't even bother to take that black cap or the clothes in the dirty laundry? How was that possible.

Eleven days later they went back to the house and broke down the front door to retrieve that cap In my opinion the damage was already done. The dna on the cap came back as the boys but that mean anything to me because the cap could have easily been switched out. That was just pure negligence in my opinion.

There was also evidence to support Darlie could have possibly been drugged with the wine she drank the night before but they didn't take the stem of that glass and test it for traces of anything. It was left in the house.

I contacted Lloyd Harrell about this description Darlie first gave to the police and I asked him how it was possible that Darin didn't become their first suspect and be investigated. I was shocked when he told me he didn't know anything about this first description Darlie gave to Detective Patterson.

When they held that conference announcing her arrest they said Darlie didn't give much detail about that intruder and that was completely false. The problem was Detective Patterson and officer Frosh didn't share their investigated information with anyone. Very few people even knew that Darin fit that first description she gave. I know Lloyd Harrell didn't know and he was the investigator on her case.

That wasn't the only issue here with this case. When Darlie was in jail Darin was feeding her all kinds of false information. That is why she accused the wrong man of being that intruder. She got that information from Darin and he was telling her this so wouldn't know he had not been cleared.

Darin told Darlie that the police had a suspect and an arrest was about to happen. Naturally Darlie wrote to family and friends excited with the great news. Little did Darlie know it was all lies. The description and person Darin named to Darlie was just a smoke screen to make sure the focus did not turn on him. Darlie was shut down completely and Darin knew that was going to happen. The lawyers had to fight to even see Darlie to interview her and get details. It crippled her in every way possible. It prevented her from doing any investigation into to her own case. She was at the mercy of her lawyers mother and Darin. It was nothing short of criminal how Darin took full control of this case and of Darlie.

Darin Darlie Kee and Dana were thick as thieves together after she was arrested. Even though there was a gag order on her case that didn't prevent Darin and Darlie Kee from trying to profit off the case by doing interviews. They were slapped with a gag order and Darlie Kee hired Doug Mulder to represent both her and Darin.

While he was representing Darlie Kee and Darin he informed them both that Darlie's lawyers were planning on implicating Darin in the crime. I completely understood why after I read all the evidence they uncovered about Darin before the trial.

For five months they all claimed they had no money for Darlie for a lawyer. She had to settle for those court appointed lawyers. Those lawyers never stopped from the second they took her case. It didn't take long for them to start taking a good hard look at Darin.

When Darin and Darlie kee were told this they made a deal with Doug Mulder to take over Darlie's case if didn't implicate Darin and he was given 100 thousand dollar retainer.

This was a direct conflict of interest no doubt about it but that didn't stop. Those lawyers knew exactly what Darlie kee and Darin were doing and they tried everything in their power to stop Mulder from taking the case. They even went to the courts and they warned everyone she would lose her case if the evidence against Darin was not shown to jury.

Some believe that Darlie knew about this deal with Mulder but I am not too sure of that because in her appeals she brought up the issues that none of the evidence they found against Darin was ever shown to the jury. The prosecutors had that smoking gun in that hearing they had with Darin in August before Doug Mulder was hired and they didn't disclose any of that information to the jury. That was the game changer that would have changed the outcome of her trial. I know it completely changed my view on this case and how I was now researching it.

I have many reasons or theories on why I believe both the prosecution the detectives had their motives to make sure Darin was never exposed or implicated in the crime.

Greg Davis's brother Bruce made a public statement claiming that Davis had a hate on for Darlie right from the get-go. He said she reminded Greg of his first wife who he hated. Not only that, but Davis had also already publicly slandered Darlie finding her guilty long before her trial I didn't understand how he was able to do this? No way she could have a fair trial. I believe he withheld that evidence and information about Darin just so he would not lose face publicly.

I also believe that Darlie was only prosecuted for Damons's murder because there was so much damaging evidence against Darin. I believed at one point he was going to go after Darin, but I think that all changed when he realized he could possibly lose his case with Darlie upon appeal once that evidence about Darin was exposed.

As far as the corruption with the police department. I have my suspicions about that as well. Detective Jimmy Patterson had no business being at that crime scene for a number of reasons. First of all, he wasn't even a homicide detective. He had never handled a murder case let along a double murder. He was made lead detective immediately and he controlled everything from the get-go.

What people didn't know at the time is his son Chad Patterson was a friend to Darin. His son was also facing serious criminal charges for drugs and a drive by shooting. when I realized Darin and his employee had staged that black car at the crime scene it crossed my mind that he may be trying to frame Patterson's son. That isn't such a far-fetched theory when you consider all the strange things that went on with Chad Patterson before and after the trial.

I believe Jimmy Patterson went out of his way to make sure Darin did not became the main suspect in this case because he knew his own son was going to be injected right in the middle of this murder case. How he could not be. We didn't know at the time of trial about Darin's huge drug debt or anything about his criminal past. They didn't even expose the cocaine that found in his bedroom the morning of the investigation. How is that even possible?

To further support my conspiracy theory about this investigation I learned that Darin's friend/employee showed up at the crime scene less than one hour after the murders. I also learned that Darin didn't call his parents or family after the murders, the first person he called was Dana telling her to call Jovell and get her over to his house to give Detective Patterson that description of the black car. The same car Darin and Jovell had staged weeks leading up to the murders to make it appear someone was scoping out the house.

Three days after the murders Chad Patterson had his small black car crushed and his girlfriend would be found dead in Lake Hubbard close to where Darin stored his boat. That apparently is still an open investigation.

I don't believe Chad crushed the car because of the murders, I believe he crushed it because of his involvement in the drive by shooting. Chad Patterson would have been a great suspect in this case, and I think his dad knew that.

The only reason I found out that Darin called Barbara Jovell first right after the murders was because Jovell told me. At first, I didn't believe her because I knew she lied about Darlie under oath but upon digging into the transcripts I was able to find testimony where Detective Patterson said he spoke to Barbara Jovell at the crime scene at 3:30 that morning.

By this time my head was spinning, and I felt like I couldn't sort through everything all at once but a lot of questions I had about this case were starting to make sense to me now.

The transcripts proved without any doubt at all that Doug Mulder did not implicate Darin in the crime. I didn't understand how so much corruption could go on with an investigation and so many turned a blind eye.

Even though officer Waddell was painted a liar I wouldn't have been able to get to the truth about this case without him. He was very open and honest from the start.

I suspected the reason he was transferred right after the murders was to keep him out of the loop of the investigation and this case. I would later speak with him, and he told me he put in for a transfer before the murders and it just happened to come in right away. I did ask him if he thought they put the transfer through just to keep him away from the investigation. He didn't believe that at all and I never pressed him about it even though I do believe that is the reason he was shipped out right away.

I know that in his line of work they have to stick together and if there is no trust there is no security or safety in the job. He was loyal to those other officers, and I respected that.

Waddell was very open and honest with me when I had questions about Darin and what happened in that house. I was able to understand why Darin and Darlie Kee were able to target him and destroy his credibility.

Most of the lies that were told by Darlie Kee and Darin were based on details concerning officer Waddell and what happened after he arrived. I did not understand how they could have just excluded him from this case when he knew more details about this case than anyone. He was there for two minutes before the second responding officer arrived at the scene. He would have been able to turn this investigation in a completely different direction. I personally believe that is why he was transferred.

I wanted to make sure I explained to officer Waddell why I suspected or believed Darin was that intruder Darlie saw and he was there to give his honest opinion on everything I said.

I went through all the lies I knew Darin had been telling right from the second the murders started. I was shocked to learn that he didn't know the details or the extent of Darin and Darlie Kees lies until I told him. I am going to share some of the things that I spoke to officer Waddell about and how I was able to sort through the information and get the answers to my questions.

I am going to list the questions I had so that it helps me sort through the information without repeating the same information over and over again.


I asked Waddell how he found out about the murders so fast. He told me he was parked at the church 1.9 miles away. He said he turned on his sirens and lights and immediately went towards the Routier home once he heard the details. He didn't radio in so the operator on the phone didn't even know he was going to the Routier house. I assumed he was going there to wait for the other officers so he could assist them with call.

He said when he arrived Darin was running across the yard screaming his head off someone stabbed my wife and kids. He said he stopped Darin right there and told him to go back into the house. He asked him where he was going. He told Waddell at that time he was going to get the nurse.

He told me Darin immediately turned around ran inside the house and ran right past Damon and Darlie where he went to Devon who was furthest away.

That is when I asked him why didn't you realize at some point Darin knew and announced that son dead over 4 minutes earlier? He told me he had no idea Darin knew Devon was dead and had been dead for all that time.

I asked him if he ever saw the hearing Davis had with Darin in August. He hadn't seen that.

That is when I told Waddell flat out Darin knew Devon was dead long before he did that cpr on Devon. I told him he lied to Greg Davis telling Davis he never ran out of the house to meet him, and he never stopped the cpr on Devon. I went on to tell him that Darin told Greg Davis it was Darlie who opened the door.

I also told him I believed what he was telling me because the neighbor gave the exact same details as he gave in his testimony. He said he was 100 percent sure it was Darin who ran towards him in the front yard.

I explained to officer Waddell the only reason Darin would make up such a lie and go out of his way to discredit him and try and destroy his career was because he knew you knew more about this case than anyone.

I told him Darin faked that cpr on Devon to avoid having to go near or touch Damon. I told him Darin knew exactly how Damon would have reacted had he tried to touch him.

I also told officer Waddell that Darin told Greg Davis Damon had no pulse even before he got there. Waddell told me that was not true at all. He said when he came into the house he looked over at Devon when Darin was running towards him and knew immediately, he was dead. I asked him why he wasn't suspicious, and he told me at the time he believed Darin was trying to save his family. I then asked Waddell are you aware that Darin told Greg Davis that he never stopped that cpr on Devon for those entire 4 minutes before he got there. He did not know this, but he knew it wasn't true.

I then told Waddell the reason Darin held on to this lie is because he knew through his extended cpr training you never ever stop cpr on a victim unless you are absolutely sure they are dead. When you do leave that victim, you immediately go to the second victim and help them.

I told Waddell Darin told Davis he didn't help Damon because he didn't have a pulse even before Waddell arrived. Waddell knew right then that was a huge lie Darin told Davis.

He told me when he walked in Damon was looking up at him with fear in his eyes. He was gasping for air and trying slow crawl across the floor. I then told him Greg Davis asked Darin did you ever see or hear your son Damon gasp for air. Darin told Greg Davis he never saw Damon move, gasp for air and he never saw any blood around him. He told Davis he didn't know Damon was injured.

Waddell told me Damon was laying in huge puddle of blood on a light-colored floor there was no way he didn't know Damon was bleeding out.

Waddell told me Darin did that horrific cpr on Devon right in front of him. He told me the details of what he did. I then asked him are you aware that Darin told Greg Davis that the cpr he did on Devon was done several minutes before you entered the house? He did not know that. I told Waddell that this wasn't the only lie Darin told. He also described this huge glass table being tipped over on top of Devon and the flowers that were on the table had fallen to the floor. I told him I knew for a fact Darin was lying about that table and this was proven through Detective Cron. Cron took his leg and tried to move the table, but he said it was not easy. No way a five- or six-year-old child could have moved that table let alone tipped it on themselves. And he knew the delicate flower arrangement didn't hit the floor as Darin claimed.

I told Waddell Darin made up several lies as an excuse to why he ran past his living son Damon to get to Devon. He did it to avoid having to touch or go near Damon. I believed Damon knew who attacked him and I believe Darin knew Damon knew and that is why he never touched Damon once in those entire 10 minutes before he was removed from the house.

Its then that I asked Waddell what he meant when he said Darin left the house and then came back and he told Darin to over and help Damon. He told Darlie to go and help Damon too because she refused to sit down and take his help. He told me not everything that was said in that house at that time was heard on the 911 call.

I then asked Waddell if he was aware that Darin instructed Darlie not to touch Damon. He told her she could cause him more harm. He made those same statements and excuses during his conversation with Greg Davis. Darlie had no cpr training and Darin knew that. How was she supposed to know he was telling her not to touch Damon knowing he needed pressure on those wounds to stop the bleeding. Everything in my opinion was so clear and obvious that Darin did things that deliberately obstructed any help to Darlie and Damon.

I then asked where Darin went when he left the house right after he got there. He told me at the time he believed he went to the nurses' house to get help. I made sure that Waddell knew Darin did not go for help from the nurse at that time. He didn't other times either. He told Greg Davis he went to the nurses' house at the time Darlie was heard screaming out for Karen on the 911 call. That happened at 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the 911 call before he even arrived at the house. Darin gave three different times lines as to when he went to Karen Neals.

I asked him why you weren't suspicious when Darin came back into that house red faced out of breath without the nurse. He told me he thought the nurse didn't answer the door.

He told me when Darin snuck out of the house, he did it right after he announced Devon dead. He said he stood up and it looked to him like he was going to go over to help Damon but when he turned back to Darlie and then back to Darin he was gone from the house.

I told Waddell I believed Darin was the one who lost or planted the sock in the alley, and he agreed with on that. The other officers at scene also believed that.

When officer Walling showed up at the Routier house, he didnt park out front. He parked on side of the house next to the alley. Walling said he saw a man running outside when he first arrived but at the time, he didnt know or realize that person was Darin because Darin was back in the house by the time, he came from the alley around to the front door and down the hall. What Walling did notice was Darin was out of breath and red faced as though he had been running even though he was just standing there at the time.

I did become upset at that time with Waddell and I asked him why he didn't disclose this crucial information to the jury. He told me he wasn't allowed to just walk in there and say whatever he wanted. He said he knew he told Greg Davis about Darin leaving at that time so he assumed Davis would have told the jury. I told Waddell Davis said nothing to that jury about Darin exiting the house at that time.

I then told him Darin denied that you made him sit next to Darlie near the sliding doors. He said I did make them sit there and he also told me he became very suspicious because they sat there whispering while Damon was a few feet away bleeding out in front of him. He said they had to clear the house so the medics could come in.

Darlie testified that Darin got up from that window where he was sitting and ran towards the front door. Waddell told me that he met up with Darin at that front door and that is when he asked him if he had anyone else, he could go and stay with. He asked that because at that time he believed he had already gone to the nurse, and she wasn't home.

I told him Darin mocked him to Davis telling Davis you were so out of it that you didn't care that he left that house. He said you never told him to leave.

I told Waddell Darin ran across that street screaming pretending to be in desperate need of the nurses help. Darin knew at that time everything was under control and he didn't need the nurse to come to the house. I told Waddell flat out that was a performance Darin put on to make it appear he was desperately trying to save his family. I had no issues telling this officer every shred of evidence proved to me without doubt Darin did everything in his power to obstruct help for his family including faking that cpr he did in front of officer Waddell.

Darin was able to trick manipulate and pull the wool over everyone's eyes but I saw right through him the more I dug into this case.

Darin used their friend Karen as a way to try and get back into that house for whatever reason he was desperate to get back into his house. I told him Darin said he did get back into the house. I told him Darin told everyone he went upstairs and got Drake and handed him to Darlie. I knew for a fact he lied about getting back into the house and he lied about going upstairs and bringing Drake down. Waddell told me it was a medic who brought Drake down and he handed him to Karen Neal. He told me when he was coming downstairs, he saw Karen in the living room and asked her what she was doing.

Darin was not there with her, and Karen confirmed this as well. Darin was stopped before they entered the yard and only Karen was allowed to go through the house. This was also confirmed by the neighbor Mr Gorsuch. He said only Karen entered that house and she was escorted out by Waddell.

It just seemed that every time I turned around Darin was making up stories to make himself appear to be the hero, the loving father trying to save the day but every time I tried to get confirmation on things, he was saying it turned out to be a lie.

For instance, Darin said he put Darlie on the stretcher. He didn't two medics did and ran over when they were loading her and tried to get into the van, and they told him no.

Darin then said Darlie asked him where her panties were. That didn't happen either. It was Darin who brought this up to Darlie and both Darlie and the medic stated this. Darin knew her panties were gone, and I believe that is why he lied.

He then said he ran over to the van where Damon was to ask about him. Every medic in that van said Darin never went near them nor did he ask about Damon.

The deeper I dug into Darin the more I realized it wasn't Darlie who was being blamed for all these lies being told, it was Darin.

Darin was controlling everything including her family. I was shocked to see how he just took right over everything including the hiring of her lawyer under the condition he not be implicated in the crime.

I am no lawyer, but I thought if the prosecution had evidence that would help the defense had to disclose that evidence to the jury and that never happened in this case.

These prosecutors went as far as to have a mock trial where the witnesses all heard each other's testimony. The nurses who worked at the hospital completely changed their versions of the story from what they had written in the notes while on shift at the hospital caring for Darlie.

Darlie had no chance no matter where she went someone was there to stab her in back.

I realize that Darlie's rape kit wasn't the only one lost at that hospital there were 2500 hundred others but that didn't stop the prosecution from bringing that information to trial even though he couldn't produce that evidence. They did a proper rape kit on Darlie. There were no swabs of the insides of legs or around her private area. I contacted her lawyer and asked him if he could ask to have those swabs tested because I believed they would find male DNA there but he told me there was no swabs, no complete rape kit. Sure, enough when I got the info on that kit it was a joke.

When the headlines came out about this case they posted it by saying mother sentenced to death over a silly string tape.

That could not have been more accurate. Apparently, the jury focused all their time on watching that silly string tape that came out before the trial. They asked to watch it over 8 times. I also realized they had no information regarding the evidence that the original lawyers found against Darlies husband. There was no evidence of an intruder, and the prosecution made it clear that there were no other suspects other than Darlie. That couldn't have been further from the truth.

When I learned Darlies husband had never been investigated I had to find out for myself if there was any evidence that could have proven he committed the murder

Once I began digging into Darlies husband's version of the story it didn't take long to realize there was something seriously wrong with his version of the story. To make matters worse each time he did an interview or made a statement his story would continuously change. It wasn't just small details; it was major details.

These are the reasons why I believe Darlie could possibly be innocent.

The main reason why I believe Darlie could very well be innocent is because of the corruption surrounding her case during the investigation and throughout the trial.

It was not Darlie who had the motives to kill the boys. Darlie wasn't having affairs in the marriage, but her husband was.

Darlie wasn't the one in debt for 200 thousand for drugs, but her husband was.

It wasn't Darlie who was buying the outrageous toys and extras for the house, it was her husband.

It wasn't Darlie who didn't want to have their third child, it was her husband.

Darlie wasn't the one constantly going to the pawn shop to buy jewelry it was her husband.

Who really had all the motives to murder the boy? Was Darlie or Darin?

Darlie and Darin appeared to be happy for the first 8 years of their marriage. In 1993 it appeared that they had a bit of financial struggles because that is when Darin stole his own Jag car and had his long time friend/employee report the car stolen so he could be paid out.

By the start of 1995 things were not looking good for them. Darlie was pregnant with Drake and Darin was furious about that. Darlie promised him no more kids and they bought her those implants as kind of a reward from Darin for agreeing to no more kids.

Darlie didn't go to Darin when she first found out she was pregnant with Drake. She went to Darins employee and that is how we know she was afraid to tell Darin.

Darin appeared to be involved in criminal activity with insurance fraud and drugs, but I found no evidence to prove Darlie knew about it or was involved in his crimes. He did not publicly disclose this information until long after Darlie went to death row.

Years after the trial Darlies mother and husband would write an affidavit admitting the real reason they hired Doug Mulder. Darin would also admit that he was planning to rob his own home to collect the insurance money. In my opinion Darlie's mother never should have kept this information from the investigators. Why would she do that when her daughter was facing the death penalty?

Even though Darin claimed he wasn't broke or hurting for money his finances and overdue house expenses said otherwise. Things were not good between Darlie and Darin at the time of the murders. They were at a point in their marriage where they were talking about splitting up. Darlie told Darin she was wanting to separate from him and in my opinion that was a huge motive for murder. That break up would have financially crippled Darlie's husband for years to come so I don't' understand why they just overlooked Darin completely during the investigation?

I got so tired of people telling me Darlie's husband was investigated and cleared when I know for a fact he wasn't. If he had been investigated this is what they would have learned.

They would have learned that Darin had been cheating on Darlie and was accused by Darlie of cheating with her sister Dana. Right, there is number one motive for murder.

They would have realized he was broke and he had lied about the state of his finances. This is also a number one reason for murder.

He was in debt for 200 thousand in drugs. Again, money being the motive.

Darlie threatened to leave Darin only hours before the murders financially crippling him. Huge motive right there.

Darin made recent changes to Darlie's life insurance behind her back and when she found out about it she wasn't happy. Darin told everyone he had nothing to gain by her death, but he stood to gain over 500 thousand dollars.

Darin was furious about the last pregnancy and did not keep that a secret.

The prosecution said that Darlie murdered her children because she was tired of her lifestyle, tired of her kids and was materialistic and greedy? They said she murdered her kids because she was depressed and couldn't lose weight.

So, I am to understand now a days the prosecution doesn't have to prove motive anymore? The jury didn't ask for proof that Darlie was greedy depressed and fed up?

It was not Darlie who got the spa and hot tub it was Darin so he could entertain his friends in the back yard.

She didn't get the spa, Darin did.

She didn't get the boat; she didn't even want it. That was for Darin to make extra cash by offering boat rides for a price.

She didn't buy the large fountain out front; it was a gift.

It was Darin who was always going to the pawn shop buying jewelry. He admitted he would stop by there and call her if he saw something he thought she might like.

So, I am confused as to how Greg Davis came to the conclusion that Darlie was this monster who only cared about herself?

I am very curious why nobody questioned why it took Darlies husband so long to appear in that hallway after the attacks?

I have given a lot of explanation for why Darlie didn't hear her children being attacked. In my opinion there was a lot of evidence to point to the fact that Darlie could have been drugged that night. They had access to drugs. Motive to drug her as well.

Her vitals signs proved something was serious fishy there. Her behavior wasn't normal either. Her injuries were horrific, and they were life threatening.

If Darin Routier had been investigated and cleared as he claims why wasn't he made to answer these questions?

Why wasn't Darin confronted about his lies regarding leaving the house when Waddell got there? There was no question, no doubt he ran out to meet Waddell. Mr. Gorsuch repeated almost word for word what Darin said to officer Waddell when he ran across the lawn towards him?

Why wasn't Darin asked why he locked that dog up that night, but the dog was never locked up any other night. Was it locked up because he knew the barking would wake up Darlie and the boys.

Why wasn't Darin confronted about the lies in police statement he wrote on June 8th? Darin said he went to bed naked that night. He said he got up after hearing glass break put on his glasses and run downstairs. Why wasn't he naked then when Darlie first saw him?

Why didn't they ask him how he was able to come down stairs without glasses. Why didn't ask him if he still had his contacts in?

Why wasn't Darin asked why it took him so long to drive Dana home that night when she only lived 20 minutes away?

Why wasn't Darin drug tested when they found cocaine in his room? They drug tested Darlie.

Why didn't Darin confronted about his lie about Damon having no pulse even before the police arrived?

Why didn't they confront Darin about all the times he claimed to have gone to Karen Neals? Darin said he went to Karens place the first time at 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the call. He said he didn't see or hear Darlie scream out the front door because he wasn't there.

He then said he went to Karen Neals right after Waddell arrived at the house. He said he ran out right after the intruder did.

He also said he went to Karen Neals house when he left about 4 minutes into the 911 call.

Why wasn't Darin confronted as to why Karen wasn't with him when he came back into the house.

Why did he go over to Karen Neals place screaming and yelling when he was told to leave the house at 2:40am.

Why wasn't he asked why he lied about Officer Waddell telling him to go be with friends when there were other witnesses who saw and heard Waddell telling Darin this.

Why wasn't Darin confronted about the bloody jeans they found hidden in the utility room. Why didn't they ask him how those jeans could have the boy's blood on them in exact same spot as the blood stains on the underpants he was wearing. There is no disputing that Darin wore those jeans at some point.

Why wasn't he confronted about why he applied for the 5000-dollar loan? He didn't try to get that loan for Dana as he stated.

Why wasn't Darin confronted about being seen in the alley after he left that house right after Waddell got there.

Why wasn't Darin asked why he changed and increased Darlies life insurance policies without her consent or knowledge?

Why wasn't Darin confronted about all the excuses he gave for not touching or helping Damon?

Why wasn't he confronted about not knowing Darlie was injured?

Why didn't they ask Darin why he lied about the cpr on Devon? He first said he did that cpr on Devon when he first came down, but he is heard announcing Devon dead long right after Darlie dialed 911.

Why wasn't he asked about lying to the prosecution when he said he stayed with Devon for those first 4 minutes till police came when they already knew he lied. He was outside at 2 minutes into the 911 call, and he was outside again after Waddell arrived and he was upstairs before police entered the house.

Why wasn't Darin asked why it took so long for him to go downstairs to help his family.

Why wasn't he asked how he was able to hear the light glass break over the dog barking upstairs?

Why wasn't he asked why he lied about the fight he had with Darlie just hours before the murders?

Why wasn't Darin confronted about that black car, or why his first call was to Darlie's sister to have her call Jovell to give a statement about that black car?

Why wasn't he confronted about lying about going over to Damon's medic van to ask about him. All the medics had to be lying in order for Darin to have told the truth.

Why wasn't he confronted for lying about saying it was Darlie who noticed her missing panties?

Why wasn't Darin asked about picking his wallet up in Dallas the day after the murders when he said in his statement he went upstairs and found his wallet in the room the morning of the murders? How did this person get out of the house and make to Dallas to lose his wallet?

Why wasn't Darin confronted about his contradicting statements about Damon? First, he said he didn't know he was hurt, then he said he saw no blood, then he said he had no pulse before police got there, then he said he didn't want to hurt Damon.

Why wasn't he confronted about instructing Darlie not to help Damon for fear of hurting him?

Why wasn't Darin confronted as to why he lied about how he ripped his jeans he had on at the hospital when they knew he lied to them about ripping fixing the gate. The gate wasn't fixed so how did he rip them?

Why wasn't Darins computers and phones taken for evidence?

Why wasn't Darin confronted about knowing the son of the lead detective?

Why wasn't Darin asked why he timed how long it would take to get down that alley and back into the house? Darin said Darlie was the one who asked him but that didn't make any sense unless Darin was framing her.

Why didn't they ask Darin how it was possible to be in two places at the same time when he said he stayed with Devon for the first four minutes but admitted he didn't stay with him doing cpr for those first 5 minutes.

Why wasn't Darin confronted about lying when he said officer Waddell came in and went into shock and stood there doing nothing when they know by the 911 call that was not true.

Why was asked about trying to coach the officers to take the investigation out


This my theory on what I believe the evidence would have proven if the jury had seen the overwhelming evidence against her husband.

It was no secret their marriage was in serious trouble. Darlie accused and believed Darin was having an affair with her sister and through my research without posting all that evidence I do believe she had more than enough reason to accuse him. Darlie and Dana haven't spoken for years.

Darin and Dana went to apply for a loan of 5000 dollars and Darin said the loan was for Dana to get a car. I didn't believe that for a second. He was broke, he may have had money on the books, but he was cash broke, and he knew on the 14th eight days away they were supposed to fly back home so Darlie could go to her grandparents 50th anniversary. They did not have the money for that trip.

Just before Darin and Dana came home from work that morning Darlie had a conversation with Darin's employee Barbara Jovell. Jovell spent some time with Darlie and during that conversation she expressed her feelings about an affair between Darin and Darlie. Wouldn't be the first Darlie suspected them.

I have no doubt they fought about that as well as other things and that is why Darlie sent Dana home that night so late. Darlie asked Darin for a for a separation, so things were not good at all. The truth about their fight didn't come out until years later when Darin wrote an affidavit. In my opinion he shared that information because he believed it would make Darlie look guilty and give her more motive to flip out.

Darin said when he got home from dropping Dana off, he went into the garage to separate some of the things that belonged to him. He said he hid stuff and got my attention.

When he came Darlie had Drake laying on her chest and Darin took him up to bed and put him the crib. He came back down to speak with Darlie. Darin asked Darlie if he could spend the night on the sofa with her and she told him no. Drake was sleeping in their room because Darlie was concerned he would crawl out of his crib. When the crib was in the room she could wake up before he was able climb over. Darin had no issues though leaving Damon upstairs alone.

In his first police statement he described how they cuddled, and he told her to dream about him. It was really sickening to read now that we know that all a lie it makes it that more pathetic.

I put myself in Darin's shoes when he went to bed after being rejected by Darlie and being told my mate wanted to separate. I can say without doubt there is no possible way I could have gone upstairs and gone to bed to sleep right away the way Darin claimed he did. I don't think most people can sleep when their fighting with partner.

Darin and Darlie both said he went to bed around 1am so that was about an hour and 15 minutes before the attack on Darlie and the boys.

This is my theory on what I believed happened based on the evidence in her case.

Darin went to bed angry that night after Darlie rejected him. He asked to spend the night with her on the sofa, but she turned him down. She confronted Darin about the affair with her sister that she suspected.

He goes upstairs to bed angry and frustrated. He was turned down for the 5000-dollar loan he applied for. His business was the slowest it had ever been. He was cash and only had money on his books with the business. The mortgage was late the credit cards were overdue and things were piling up for him.

I do believe he did cocaine that morning after he went upstairs. Just because of what was found in his bedroom with the cocaine.

I also believe Darlie was drugged in that glass of wine Darin gave to her that night. She said suddenly she got tired and told Darin to go to bed. That struck me as suspicious because she was also upset so I didn't believe she would be sleeping on her own without help.

I believe a household item was used to drug her. Some say computer cleaner I say eye drops and others says something on rag because of the sores in the inside of her mouth.

I believe Darin came down the first time to check and see if Darlie was asleep and when she wasn't they talked for a bit but obviously they didn't work things out.

Dana had been staying at the house a lot the past while and I don't believe it was first time she was drugged.

I believe Darin came down in a fury high on coke frantic and desperate. I think his plans originally may have been to rob his house but when Darlie got angry and walked out of her mother's house he knew she wasn't going to go along with it. He was obviously still staging that house to make it appear that someone was scoping his house out. He made sure witnesses saw this car and I believe that was the real reason he brought Jovells mother into the house to help out those past couple of days. She just happens to look out the window and see a black car with the man standing next to it while looking in the garage. If there was a car stalking their house, then why didn't anyone warn Darlie about it? She knew nothing about that car prior to Jovells mother seeing it. She had no reason for concern.

I think the robbery was planned for some time after the 14th of June when they were in Pennsylvania visiting her grandmother. Just like it happened when he stole his jag car and reported it stolen. while he was out of town with the family.

When he was turned down for the load, I believe that is when everything changed. He would have to admit to Darlie that they were broke and couldn't go and see her family. Darin couldn't leave that house for two weeks knowing that all his overdue bills would be pouring in exposing him.

Judging by Darin's erratic behavior and movements that morning I do believe he was high on cocaine. That is not a drug someone uses when they plan to go upstairs to go to sleep. Darin didn't even get out of bed till after 10 that morning so it's not like he was up at daybreak and working till midnight.

I believe he worked himself into a rage that morning knowing Darlie was planning to separate from him.

I believe she was the target, and it was all about the money. Five hundred thousand would have put in him black and lots to spare. He already staged the black car and he already mentioned how he believed she had been followed from the tanning salon or grocery store, so I believe the stage was already set.

In my opinion the boys simply got in the way. I think Devon woke during the attack on Darlie and once he was done, he went back to the attempted SA on Darlie and that was when Damon woke up. The fact that her panties were missing told me that that was what this crime was all about. He could easily bring several witnesses to say they saw this car stalking the house while he was at work.

Darlie made it clear she wanted no part of a robbery on the house so why would he continue to have the car stalk his house?

There were so many red flags that caused me to look at Darin. How this man in her house know that Darlies husband was not upstairs or in that house? He was comfortable enough to just walk away. There is an obvious exit right in front of him, yet he decides to walk into the kitchen where no exit is visible? He could have slid out that sliding door as well, but he didn't.

Darlie said she called out while on sofa and I do believe the silhouette she saw walking away from her was familiar to her at first. Why wouldn't it be? He had hair like Darin longer in the back brown. He had a wide build and was over six feet tall. I don't think she could have described her own husband any better.

She gets up she follows this man, and he breaks a glass while passing through the kitchen. She continues to follow him and watches him go to the utility room door and drop the knife. At that point I don't believe any woman would have continued to follow that person unless they felt something familiar about him.

After he drops the knife at the door Darlie stops herself a few steps into the kitchen on the side where the glass is. She says she turns around and she goes back to the hall to turn on the light.

She then says she goes back into the kitchen calling out but the man keeps walking and goes into the garage closing the door behind him.

There was a lot of time that passed from the time she began to call out to when the glass broke and walking through the kitchen all the way to end to pick up that knife and turn around to head back to Devon.

Darin is nowhere to be found. He didn't hear the attack he didn't hear her calling out over and over. He didn't hear here in the living room shouting over to her son Devon.

The fact that Darlie set that knife on the counter and turned her back to it told me she could not have been very afraid at that point.

Darlie then takes her son Damon goes down the hall where she screams out for Darin again. She takes the time to have Damon lay down and then she goes to the kitchen for the phone.

If things happened the way Darlie and Darin said, Darin would have seen Damon standing there with Darlie, he wouldn't have been laying down as he described.

Darlie is on the phone with 911 and you can hear ruffling as she is walking back to Damon. It wasn't until 15 seconds into the 911 call that she first speaks to Darin directing him to hurry. It doesn't take a genius to figure out Darlie wouldn't be telling Darin to hurry if he was there doing cpr trying to save her son.

All the lies Darin told from this point on were exposed by Greg Davis before the trial.

Darin may have been with Devon for a short bit, but he announced him dead long before the police arrived. Darlie is heard screaming out on that 911 call he is dead.

At 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the 911 call Darlie is heard screaming out the door. According to Darin he never left Devon's side for the first 4 minutes. He said he was too busy trying to save Devon to go over and help Darlie or Damon.

Greg knew for a fact that Darin lied to him about staying with Devon for those entire 4 minutes before the first officer arrived. He knows Darin lied to him because he told Greg Davis he didn't see or hear Darlie open that front door because he wasn't there. There is no possible way Darin could not have heard Darlie scream open the front door and scream out.

Davis then asked him where he was, and he said he went over to Karen Neals at that time. He said the only time he heard her scream out was when he went to Karen Neals. I have to mention at this point that Darin hasn't heard the audio of the 911 call, so he doesn't know that Davis has just caught him in another lie. He did not run over to Karen Neals, he exited that house, but he didn't go for help. Darlie was not helping her case when she said she opened the door and called out for Karen. I heard that 911 call enhanced and she is calling Darin not Karen. If Darin didn't go to Karen's for help at that time, where did he go? What was he doing outside of that house at that time? Hate to keep repeating myself but we know for a fact Darin went to Karen Neals the very first time at 2:40am. All these other times he claims he left and went to Karen Neals place for help were all lies.

The only ones who know what Darin was doing at this point is Darin, Darlie and Damon and Damon never lived to talk about it.

The point I want to stress here is that cpr Darin did on Devon. Darin knew you never stop cpr on a victim unless you know for a fact, they are dead and there is nothing more you can do. Darin started that cpr on Devon but within the two minutes he stopped that cpr and left the house and he didn't go for help at that time.

The next time we know for a fact that Darin wasn't with Devon doing cpr is three minutes and 30 seconds into the 911 call. Somebody went upstairs and opened that door to where Darlie's dog was locked up. We only heard that dog bark once. during that entire 911 call.

We do know Darin admitted going upstairs. We do know it wasn't Darlie who went upstairs because there was no blood puddle or trail.

Darin is absent from the 911 call for the next seconds while he is talking to Waddell.

Darin and Waddell come back into the house and its almost 4 minutes into the 911 call and there is absolutely no doubt Darin knows at this point Devon is gone but it didn't stop him from taking that boys dead body and perform that horrific cpr on him. He knew that entire time Damon was there bleeding out, yet he went back to Devon knowing he couldn't help him.

The second Waddell turns his back Darin exits the house again. He doesn't get up and go over to Damon to help him, he leaves the house and then he tells Davis this was when he went to Karen Neals. He didn't go to Karen Neals he left that house the opposite direction.

Darin was seen in the alley by the second responding officer. This was confirmed to me with a conversation I had with officer Waddell. If that doesn't seal the deal Darin himself admitted, he left the house, and this would be the third time he would claim to have gone to Karens. He never went anywhere near Karens house until after Darlie and Damon were removed from the house. He was told to leave and go and be with friends. When he finally ran over to Karens he didn't need her help anymore. Devon and Damon were dead and Darlie was on her way to the hospital.

That didn't stop Darin from putting on a hell of a show by screaming and yelling all the way to Karens house pretending her needed her to save his family. What a show he put on.

I asked officer Waddell if he ever suspected Darin and he told me they all did. They suspected both of them because Darlie and Darin sat by that sliding window whispering while they checked the kitchen.

Darin bragged he had over 7 years of cpr training, yet he sat there right in front of Damon while bleed out every drop of blood from his body. He didn't stop there he also told Darlie not to touch or move Damon.

When Davis realized what Darin did asked Darin why didn't Damon or Darlie. Darin says he didn't know Damon was hurt, then he changed that story by saying he was scared to touch him. Then that changed where is was saying he saw no blood no injuries or sounds and movement from Damon. He knew Darin went out of his way to prevent Damon from getting any help at all.

I could understand if there were a few details they missed but every shred of evidence here was simply dismissed, and they took Darins word at face value.

When Darin Darin failed those poly tests, he actually blamed the officer who did the test. Three times Darin failed that poly test, and nobody seemed to care.

While Darlie was locked up Darin was free to give her all sorts of false hope and that is exactly what he did.

Darin told Darlie the police had a suspect and an arrest was pending. That is why Darlie wrote to her friends saying she knew who killed her boys. It was all a lie, there was never any other suspect.

While Darlie was locked away Darin was busy doing one interview after another continuing to tell the same lies he told the day of the murders.

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