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Corruption as a Social Problem

Hello! my name is Drishti Sethi and i am a writer who writes articles, blogs on various social issues to create awareness among people.



Corruption means a form of dishonesty or criminal activity undertaken by a person or an organization to acquire illicit benefit or abuse of entrusted power for one's private gain. Corruption involves many activities like bribery, embezzlement etc. It can occur on different scales as it can range from small favors between small number of people to the corruption that affects government on large scale. The largest contributors of corruption are entitlement programs and schemes initiated by government. Examples include Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee act and rural health mission because the benefits included in these schemes are not reaching the rural people thus, incorporating corruption in it.India's truck industry forced to pay bribes annually to numerous regulatory and police stops on interstate highways.


  1. It includes the greed for money, higher levels of political and market monopolization.
  2. Higher levels of bureaucracy and inefficient administrative structures, low economic freedom
  3. By corruption, entire society is affected as a result of inefficient allocation of resources, low quality of education and healthcare.
  4. Society's condition worsens due to corruption as it lowers the standard of living of people in society.
  5. Complicated tax and licensing system
  6. Monopoly of government controlled institutions on goods and services


  1. POLITICAL CORRUPTION- It includes political parties of a country who get involved in activities of corruption during elections by buying votes,mandates, exploiting poor people. This type of corruption is severe loss to a nation.
  2. ECONOMIC CORRUPTION- It includes economy of a country in which products and services provided are of low quality due to various corruption related activities.
  3. ENFORCEMENT OF LAW- It consists of police department of a country who gets involve in accepting bribes and destroying an evidence. It is prevalent in almost all the countries.
  4. HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS- It includes improper health care facilities, increase in cost of the patient's treatment leading to increase in illness and sufferings in society.
  5. EDUCATIONAL CORRUPTION- Corrupt practices in education system affects or deprives the opportunity of getting education by large number of poor people in society.


  • Financial loss of an organisation
  • Damage to an employee's morale
  • Damage to an organisation reputation
  • Wastage of taxpayer funds
  • Loss of goods and services
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  1. RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT 2005 provides the right to access information by citizens to redress their grievances.
  2. RIGHT TO LEGISLATION-The act which guarantees time bound delivery of goods and services for various public services which are provided by government and implemented in 19 states of India.
  3. ANTI CORRUPTION LAWS- The Indian penal code of 1860, prevention of corruption act 1988, various transactions act, prevention of money laundering act 2002, lokpal and lokyukta acts 2013 which provides for establishment of lokpal institutions to inquire into allegations of corruption against the public functionaries in India.


  1. Promote the transparency and access to information
  2. To empower citizens
  3. To reduce the gap between rich and poor people
  4. To have strict action against the corrupt practices at all levels
  5. To increase the job opportunities in government organisations for poor people
  6. To provide better health care facilities to people
  7. To provide free and fair education to poor people

Corruption has been one of the serious social issue of our country which needs to be reduced by implementing effective policies. The economic goals for growth, poverty alleviation has been undermined by corruption. The provision of better health care facilities and education can be useful for combating or reducing corruption in India.However India has improved its ranking in global corruption index of 2018 as it rose by 3 points to 78 in 180 countries , while china ranked 87 as per transparency international report.The global fight against corruption still continues and has brought about progress in policy and research but much more have to be done to combat corruption completely.

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