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Corona Crisis In India, Second Wave.



As the World is fighting with corona, India also right now is suffering from the toughest situations in the pandemic, people have just got their life ruined up now with this pandemic. There is the opposite situation in our own country India and Foreign countries, where people are slowly gripping into the hands of corona while in the UK, the USA they are getting back to normal lives hugging, meeting their loved ones after getting vaccinated. The biggest problem that lies with India is its mismanagement and lack of health infrastructure. Though the government is starting drives to boost up its outdated and creaked health facilities. In 2020, when corona landed the first time in India, it was only India that enforced the nationwide Lockdown, there were lockdowns in many other countries as well but not that of much huge scale. India was the only economy with such a huge population to announce the lockdown. This step also resulted in flattening the curve of the coronagraph in India as it took almost 6 months for corona to attain its peak. Imposing Nationwide Lockdown is the first time since history that India stopped everything, the whole economy was stopped, thus it also impacted the lives of every Indian resulting in loss of jobs, the financial recession that India has seen the first time in history, people committing suicide due to mental tension, GDP going into minus, daily wagers were dying due to lack of food, unemployment increases all were the results of Lockdown. So it is understandable by the consequences that imposing Nationwide Lockdown is not a great option if we see it from a long term perspective. Around 2 crores and 15 lakh right now have been infected with the virus in India while 1 crore, 76 lakh recovered and 2 lakh,34 thousand succumbed to death.


The Second Wave of Coronavirus:

Other than anything else, it is the negligence of Indian people towards corona that causes them to see the second wave. Not wearing a mask we are typical Indians we don't do things that are recommended, we do what comes to our mind, ignoring social distancing policy. Not behaving in a covid appropriate behaviour. It would probably only ourselves to blame for this situation, we Indians celebrated the festivals with so much of brotherhood than before like the pandemic has ended, rallies were organised by our politicians on a massive huge scale, the crowd-gathering in that rallies were humongous, our election commission also to be blamed for this along with politicians, marriages were happening as everything was back to normal, it was normal but you cannot also deny the fact that pandemic has not ended. More or less it was inevitable from the facts that the second wave is gonna come, our scientists were us telling right through the first wave, but our government negligence towards health structure all these things leads us to worsen the situation than before.


India's surge in infections began around mid-March and increased rapidly, reaching a peak of more than 400,000 recorded daily cases on Friday, 30 April. And Now, the second influx of Covid contaminations has placed India stuck with the Center and state multiplying down endeavours to manage the stressing circumstance. With cases rising ceaselessly — and quickly — the pandemic seems, by all accounts, to be a greater danger now than it did during the primary wave. The peak of Covid infection was about 97,000 during the first wave but the second wave is more severe than the first as it is still not known when India will going to hit its second peak of coronavirus.


It took India very nearly two months to go from the 10-million imprint to the 11-million imprint in December-February when the cases were on a decay. However, in the second wave, India crosses a 1million tally in just about six days. According to virologist T Jacob John, because of the presence of a new variant in the cases called double mutant, this time infection is spreading at a faster rate than before. Lack of effective implementation of containment at the ground level is also the reason behind its faster spreading.


This time hospitals were burdened with patients lack of hospital beds and oxygen in healthcare facilities. This situation is the result of zero planning of our government for the new wave. Hospitals were running on previous stocks, no or very few new covid hospitals were made, no plant for oxygen was set up during this period, no beds were conquered for the covid facility. Lack of plans for containment of pandemic. Early steps should have been taken for the prevention of virus to a confined space but that was ignored. India spends only $73 on health care per capita, against a world average of $1,110 in 2018. Shortage of Staff, Doctors and Nurses in Hospitals. Collectively all these things lead to the failure of healthcare infrastructure. Oxygen the most essential things in today pandemic is running out of stock. Recent news came that about twelve patients died in Batra Hospital, New Delhi because of no oxygen I mean is this the country you are proud of its medical institutions like AIIMs.
Deaths due to lack of oxygen no less than a 'genocide', says ALLAHABAD HC

State getting all-time high cases:
Maharashtra is the epicentre of the new covid wave, reporting all-time high cases, a new variant could also be the reason for the high surge in corona cases. Karnataka is the second most affected state after Maharashtra in corona load following by the
Kerala and Uttar Pradesh.


Solution and Vaccination:

A simple and effective solution of controlling the spread of the virus is staying at home, or if we are required to go out we should follow covid appropriate behaviour, not to complicate things. The Dharavi Model which draws attention from foreign media also could be an effective way to contain the spread of the virus.3T's-testing, tracking, treatment should be applied in an effective way to the contaminated zone to stop further spread. And after the successful trials of the vaccine, the vaccine has now become an essential weapon in beating the virus. Get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. In a recent development, the government has allowed people over 18 years to get vaccinated. We all have to take responsibility, we should have to give our part in this pandemic by helping needy people. Around 16,49,73,058 people have been vaccinated till now.

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