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Corbyn Surging in the Polls Is a Sign of Austerity's Welcomed Departure


A Real Shift in the Polls

Before the election on the 8th June, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour closed the gap between themselves and the Conservatives. After having a 20 point lead a month earlier, by the day of the election some polls showed that Theresa May's lead had dropped down to 1 point. It was clear then, as it is even more so now, that Corbyn was able to change the minds of many people— particularly the young— through offering hope and something different for the country. One could argue that the Tory campaign was the worst in their history and Theresa May undermined the electorate, thus allowing Corbyn to gain this extra support.

The aftermath of last month's election brings us to now; Corbyn has continued to campaign all over the country, trying to put the message out there: that austerity doesn't need to be. In doing this, he has gained a significant lead in the polls.

For example, Opinium Research released a poll on 1st July showing a Labour lead of 6%. Compare this to the day before the election (7th June), Opinium Research showed a 7% lead for Theresa May. It certainly shows how the tables have turned in the past few weeks.


The Reason for This Change

One can argue for many factors in this shift from the electorate, but it is quite clear as to why it has occurred; people want change. Obviously, with an election just recently taken place, the people chose for a Conservative government (if you ignore the hung parliament bit). However, the humiliation that Theresa May suffered, happened for a reason: Jeremy Corbyn.

Due to the recent attacks and tragedy of Grenfell Tower, it has become clear that the Tories are as corrupt as can be. The way in which they allowed the cladding to be used on the tower to save a few quid and how they cheered when keeping a cap on our most hard working people's pay, confirmed for me how selfish and abominable they are.

Although, this isn't just a Tory 'thing'. As a society, we seem to put profit before people. Where money can be made/saved, people's lives are less important. In any country this should be seen as a crime, especially in the United Kingdom.

This is why I welcome the political revolution that Jeremy Corbyn offers, as do many others. There is only so much fooling this government can do before the country wakes up and takes a good long look at it on its knees. The thought of Brexit under the Conservatives would give anyone a nightmare or two, not just another 5 years in office.

Why Should Corbyn Be PM?

Police cuts, no pay rise for the emergency servicemen/women, underfunding of the NHS. All reasons why the Tories are becoming unpopular.

'Difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce public expenditure' - the definition of austerity. Nobody can deny that this isn't an accurate description of how our country is at the moment. The nerve Theresa May has to starve people of a decent living and then go onto use £1b of their money to prop up her government is infuriating. Today, the BBC reported that more nurses and midwives are leaving the profession than joining. There has to be a point where this all reaches a limit.

However, there is a solution. Labour showed throughout their campaign last month that hope can overrule fear. Policies like, abolishing tuition fees, raising the national living wage to £10/h and most recently, Corbyn stated that this wage should be made available to 16 year olds too. It doesn't take a genius to see the differences between the two party's ideas for a better Britain. Theresa May made an awful mistake in disregarding the elderly (her key voters), by proposing the so-called 'dementia tax'. On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn tried to pull all generations together and offer something for each of them - which in my eyes is the correct approach, because why do we need this divide between the generations. A party should put everyone's interests first.

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Follow the example of people like Owen Jones and James O'brien and act to stop the Conservatives. (The video below from Owen Jones' YouTube, explains why we mustn't stop fighting against the government).

Go out and campaign, now. If we want change, we have to chase it. Make the Tories know they aren't wanted and continue to support Corbyn and the Labour party.


Jake Dannatt (author) from Yorkshire on July 14, 2017:

Hi Bev, thanks for your comment. I suspect you have been victim of something called the Daily Mail, the Sun and all the right winged, billionaire owned media of this country. How unfortunate.

If you have a conscience, you will not support a party that cheers when denying public sector workers a pay rise. Theresa May offered nothing more than 5 more years of austerity in the campaign, whereas Corbyn offered a change.

I may grow old and change my opinions, but I will never vote for a party that puts themselves first before the people.



Bev G from Wales, UK on July 14, 2017:

I suspect you have been a victim of this:

"Calvin Robinson is a secondary school teacher, the Youth Officer for Hampstead and Kilburn Conservative Association"

We all voted Labour when young... then as we grow up we begin to see how it works. You will too, don't worry.

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