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Running an Online Magazine with Kiambo White


How did you come up with the idea for Absorb Magazine?

I am originally from Detroit, and I have lived in all throughout the country. Growing up I had friends and family from everywhere. Diverse cultures, financial situations, races, religions, and so much more. That gave me the blessings of appreciating our similarities and embracing our differences. I am a huge fan of all types of music, movies, the arts, sports, food/wine, travel, and the energy that we all have. Sometimes it can be good/bad, right/wrong, and love/pain. I like to say it is like talking on the front porch or in the backyard, it can be honest, it can be painful, but no matter what we are together, and we talk.

What is the benefit of having an online magazine?

I know times have changed, there are so many options for communications outlets in the 21st century. I still love the feel of a magazine and the smell of the morning paper. However, online gives you the option of convenience and reaching a broader audience. Especially as a new business it keeps the cost down, easy accessibility but there is still a place for print, and we will have both options soon.

What are some of the challenges of having an online magazine?

I would say one of the key issues are developing a sense of who and what we are trying to become. Our staff is from various parts of the country, and sometimes keeping folks on the same deadlines can be hard.

What would you say your target audience is?

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ABSORB wants everyone under the same roof!! I like to say it is a “Pot of Cosmic
Gumbo”! Now for advertising and demographics, Generation X and beyond, blue collar attitude-downtown appeal, most importantly a willingness to break bread with someone that you never expected!

What is your long term goal?

National/International audience growth, business development, and a larger family!

What advice would you give to someone else looking to start an online magazine?

Do not wait too long, do not give up, even as the support from friends and strangers is not there, and do not want you so succeed. If you can hold on to your belief and faith, whatever happens, “You’re Will Be Alright”!

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