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Meet Kenyan "Prophet" Who Is Now Into Gambling, Betting Business

Nyamweya is a journalist currently attached to a leading Kenyan media

"Prophet" Kanyari showing off huge bundles of cash

"Prophet" Kanyari showing off huge bundles of cash

Pastor Kanyari or Prophet Kanyari as he preferred to call himself is a controversial Nairobi preacher who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

At one time, he was tracked by an investigative journalist while using potassium permanganate on his followers and hoodwink his followers when it produced a reddish substance that looked like blood. The expose not only broke his ministry but also led to a crumpling of his long term marriage after the wife said she couldn’t withstand the humiliation. She went on to get married someone else.

However, after going underground for a while, he resurfaced a few years ago and managed to draw a big audience from his funny antics as he used to.

What is more amusing is that after establishing two television stations, Shifu TV and Sifa TV Kanyari has introduced a program dubbed “Miracle Money” which runs for over 20 minutes on a daily basis on Shifu TV.

On this program, Kanyari starts by telling viewers on how after going and coming out from (milimani)prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit has told him to empower viewers by giving out sh.30000 for each of the first 30 people who send in a minimum of sh.100 to a number given on the screen.

He assures the audience that each of the first 30 people are eligible for the price money which he calls jackpot. He also showcases a number of people who have benefited from his program including wazungu (white people)and have started various projects and businesses with the money.

To increase eligibility and probability of being seen by the “secretaries” Kanyari advices viewers to consider sending more money instead of the minimum sh.100

“Secretary wangu wanaangalianga mtu mwenye ametuma pesa nyingi kwanza kabla waende kwa wengine kwa hivyo ukitaka kufaulu, ni vizuri utume pesa mingi na utume kama umeshikana” Kanyari explains.

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He then proceeds to reading out some of those who have begun sending in their money and assuring them that the secretaries were working out to sending out sh.30000 to the first 30 participants.

For those who may not get the price, he explains the reason as being lateness in sending in the money.

The controversial preacher is regarded to be one of the reachest pastors in Kenya and he recently built a state of the art house and church in Chokaa along Kangundo road. He also recently acquired a V8 vehicle and did a ceremony at his church to welcome it.

One of the congregants wrote a post on his social media showcasing the high end vehicle and prophesized that the “man of God” will receive a private jet in the near future.

“I am happy to serve under a Blessed Served of God.

“Baba you are going far, you are truly called for the world, Prophet Kanyari you got the anointing.

“As I said, next ni Private Jet. For now, congratulations are in order and still waiting for the party.

It is not yet clear whether Kanyari’s betting program is regularized by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) or the participants actually get the money as alleged.

However, recently, the preacher has received numerous backlashes by netizens for deviating from his main call as a preacher to engage in betting and gambling. Those who fall to his antics have also been blamed for being gullible.

“How can a man of God introduce a betting program and claim that it is God who directed him to do” wrote one netizen.

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