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Contested Election 2016

The hits just keep on coming. 2016 became one of the most shocking elections in American history. Maybe it was due to so much social media involvement, but there were more protests and declarations of foul play in this one election than any other before.

The presidential election for the Untied States went to an all-time low in this year. In fact, finding unbiased info to get a more accurate picture of this election, now in 2021, in practically impossible. Is there anyone who isn't emotional about this election?


The Candidates

Each main party, Republican and Democrat, chose the one candidate that would not allow a sweeping victory. Both were highly contentious with those who loved and hated them with equal measure.

Hillary Clinton - Nominated by the Democratic party as the first woman to get a party nod. Her husband had been president for 8 years and she had served as National Security Advisor under President Obama after losing the party nod to him. Age 68. Former lawyer, she struggled with many voters, especially the women who should have been behind her.

Donald Trump - Surprising nod of the Republican party at the age of 70, he was a well-known business man with ties all around the world. Became famous through a divorce and a reality show where he was encouraged to be a horse's behind. That reputation and quotes concerning women gave him a reputation that would go against how the office of President had previously been viewed.

The Votes

While each side claimed they won, the reality of the hard numbers are as follows in the popular vote:

Clinton - 65,844,610 votes - 51%

Trump - 62,979,636 votes - 49%

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In the electoral college, it was the opposite:

Clinton - 227 votes - 43%

Trump - 304 votes - 57%

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The percentages in the electoral college compared to the popular vote was a large different. Most of it came down to the battleground states who happened to be mostly Trump supporters and tipped the balance of power in a different direction.

The Impact

The biggest impact of this election is the distrust of the electoral process. This election is a recent event so the feelings on it are very sensitive. Some would say the impact is that the position of President was trashed and it can never respected again. Others will say that it revealed the mass number of fraud cases. With it being so recent, the actual impact is still not revealed to us.

One impact that we can see can really be traced back to the 2000 election. It has now become the norm to protest any election at any level. Fraud can be found in any election, but each new one seems to think it is the first time and the losers want the results overturned.

It also raises new demands to get rid of the electoral college. Those who want it abolished only protest when their side loses. That weakens the argument as it is only shouted by the ones who can't handle losing.

It will be interesting to see what the true impact of this election is come ten years from now when we can put aside our emotions and effectively analysis it. When I try to talk to people about the election, I cannot get an intelligent answer. I get emotional outbursts how the other side sucks and the election was rigged. This comes from both sides. Very sad time.

I will say that this election is the final straw in my trust in the American individual.

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