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Consumers Could Be Paid for Turning off Vampire Appliances.

Horrified Energy Consumer.


Varied solutions are going to be needed if ordinary people, businesses, etc, are going to cope with high energy bills. Of course, in October everyone will receive £400 broken down into £66/£67 a month. British Gas, for example, has said that first consumers pay them and will then receive the monthly installments.

Of course, many are suggesting that the next government led by either Truss or Sunak must go further. Bills are to rise in October and then again in January. Instead of 6 months now Ofgem has suggested that energy companies bill consumers every 3 months instead. Truss and Sunak have suggested ways to do this but we will have to wait and see what happens when one of them is Prime Minister.

A scheme that needs Ofgem's approval could be up and running by October. This scheme is being championed by the National Grid which will in essence reward energy consumers. So for example, if you are using high-energy devices like washing machines at peak times you could be paid for using that machine less.

Outgoing Chancellor Nadim Zahawi has said he does not expect rolling blackouts this winter. Preparations are in place said Mr. Zahawi to combat any loss of energy.

Octopus Energy along with British Gas have stated they are looking into freezing energy prices for 2 years. Octopus Energy has already experimented with a scheme earlier this year. That is the reward scheme mentioned earlier whereby consumers are rewarded for turning off so-called 'vampire machines' that drain the grid.

The cost to customers was as little as 20p paid for every kKv or Kilowatt per hour. A range of prices has been considered with as little as £6.00 being suggested.

The scheme if it is approved by Ofgem (the body that regulates the cap on energy prices) and put into operation by the National Grid is for customers with smart meters. National Grid has stated that the final touches are being prepped before October for the plan before being presented to Ofgem.

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Labour has suggested that if they were in power now they would freeze energy prices, have a greater windfall on energy companies, and go further with help for consumers. Former Labour chancellor and prime minister Gordon Brown announced a plan that would tackle the energy bill crisis. It seems the current Labour leadership has at least adopted some of those suggestions.

Many consumers are feeling afraid of what's around the corner with energy bills. Who can blame them as this outgoing government has taken no concrete action to protect billpayers? Chancellor Zahawi and Prime Minister Johnson stated that consumers need not be worried as suggestions to help them are being left to the incoming Truss or Sunak administration.

When October comes we will have to wait and see what happens. The approach to tackling high bills not only on energy but across the board will require a multi-faceted approach. Measures from the government, energy companies, charities, etc.

Of course, with this announcement for those with smart meters what about those with pre-payment meters? Hopefully, going forward this scheme if approved could somehow help them too.

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