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Examining Conspiracy Theory - Agenda 21

Duane is an avid reader and follower of all things social, spiritual, and political, and a committed leftist.

What Is Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is such an antagonistic topic that I went to the most neutral source that I could find - Wikipedia. To get a capsule explanation of what Agenda 21 is. Wiki says -

"Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992."

I've discovered that the antagonism about Agenda 21 isn't between the classic for and against camps. The contention is between the no big deal, ho-hummers, and the 'their gonna kill us all and confiscate our property' conspiracy theorists. Many would identify me as a 'conspiracy theorist', however I prefer the term reasonable thinker based on available evidence for myself. Conspiracy theorists tend to have a herd mentality. The evidence based rationalists among us reserve judgment, collect data, ask questions and look for patterns. So in the spirit of information collection and rational consideration, let us examine Agenda 21.

Earth Summit 1992


Agenda 21 History

Agenda 21, which signifies plans to be materialized in the 21st century. It is a product of the U.N. Earth Summit convened June 3 to June14, 1992 in Rio De Janeiro. According to Wikipedia there were tens of thousands in attendance, including 116 heads of state from around the world. From -
The Earth Summit

"The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was unprecedented for a UN conference, in terms of both its size and the scope of its concerns. Twenty years after the first global environment conference, the UN sought to help Governments rethink economic development and find ways to halt the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources and pollution of the planet. Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life were drawn into the Rio process. They persuaded their leaders to go to Rio and join other nations in making the difficult decisions needed to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come."

Sounds benign, right? World leaders working through the United Nations to come to consensus about issues of global sustainability. Maurice Strong, a Canadian, a major oil man, headed the Earth Summit as the Conference Secretary-General.
This link is to a copy of the three hundred and fifty page document that resulted from the Earth Summit and termed 'Agenda 21.

George H.W. Bush's press conference from Rio on June 13,1992 -
"We've signed a climate convention. We've asked others to join us in presenting action plans for the implementation of the climate convention. We've won agreement on forest principles. We found a warm reception among the G - 7 and many developing countries to our Forests for the Future initiative. Many U.S. proposals on oceans and public participation on the importance of economic instruments and free markets were included in this mammoth Agenda 21 document and the Rio Declaration.
Let me be clear on one fundamental point. The United States fully intends to be the world's preeminent leader in protecting the global environment. We have been that for many years. We will remain so. We believe that environment and development, the two subjects of this Conference, can and should go hand in hand. A growing economy creates the resources necessary for environmental protection, and environmental protection makes growth sustainable over the long term. I think that recognition of that fact by leaders from around the world is the central accomplishment of this important Rio Conference."

What Does Agenda 21 Mean To You

So Why The Agenda 21 Alarmism?

This is a very curious phenomena. When the opponents to the findings of the Earth Summit are examined there is a definite pattern. The vast majority are right wing-libertarians, members of the 'patriot' movement and or tea partiers. All against government initiatives for anything. The major spokespersons sounding the alarm bells are Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck, and numerous YouTube, blogger, conspiracy hysterics.

The major keywords used by the Jones and Becks and their herd regarding Agenda 21 are -

  • Globalist, globalist agenda, One world government, New World Order
  • Socialist/communist
  • Tyrannical/dictatorial
  • Statist
  • Abolishing of 'property rights'
  • Culling the earth's population by ninety percent, from seven billion to five hundred million.

There are many troubling aspects in Agenda 21. However, it is NOT some kind of cunning governmental plot to abrogate your individual human rights and eventually send you to a death camp.
Some major aspects of the Earth Summit document I don't agree with are -

  • Codex Alimentarius - "The Codex Alimentarius Commission, established by FAO and WHO in 1963 develops harmonised international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice to protect the health of the consumers and ensure fair practices in the food trade. The Commission also promotes coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations." Codex Alimentarius, which is Latin for 'Book of Food' was purportedly used as a guideline for the findings presented in the Agenda 21 document. Dr. Rima Laibow presents a compelling case, one that bears consideration.

  • Chemtrails - No, I do not believe "they're trying to poison us from the sky". Chemtrails may be be employed in an attempt to repair an earth atmosphere that has become damaged by one hundred fifty years of commercial industrialism. And billions of people extracting energy by burning fossil fuels. My issue with the chemtrail approach is the secrecy. The attempt to suppress information that our atmosphere is so severely damaged, and that the solution is the equivalent of a desperate action. Atmospheric aerosols/chemtrails. Man made atmospherics dispersed in an attempt repair the ozone, and or reflect UV rays. If true, this is a program that would have been implemented from the findings of Agenda 21.

    Arm-chair 'conspiracy theorists' armed with little more than the rantings of the Alex Jones' and Glenn Becks of the world are doing major damage to truth.


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Reason in All Things

Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, and those that fashion themselves in their image are selling a product; that product is a political/social point of view. They and those like them use fear, anger, mistrust and bigotry to capture their audience.
Nothing shuts down the intellect like- "if you don't listen to what I say then you're gonna die in a death camp". They twist and intentionally redefine words to serve their own viewpoint. They use words like socialist, collectivists, statist and 'liberal agenda' as epithets. Anyone that disagrees or calls them on their intellectual dishonesty is labeled as a 'slave to the state' or worse. They and their audience live in a fantasy world, a dark existence where everything unlike them is to be hated and feared.

Here are pertinent questions to ask yourselves about Agenda 21 -

  1. If this is a planned policy to rescind individual rights, steal your property and send you to a nazi-style prison/death camp. Why would the perpetrators openly document that in a three hundred and fifty one page record, with their names on it?
  2. How does a document that is defined as "non-binding and voluntary", become the instrument used to subjugate, enslave and kill you?
  3. Who profits from reducing the world's population by over ninety percent to five hundred million people? The Alex Jones/Glenn Beck fear industry employs the writings on the Georgia Guidestones as their proof of the malice promised by Agenda 21. Additionally ask yourself - How does the global economy benefit by the extermination of ninety percent of it's consumers?

  4. How does a small minority of people incarcerate and dispose of six and a half billion people?

Call Agenda 21 bad policy, call it ineffectual or not doable if you must.Those are discussions and debates worth having. There is a ruling elite in this world, a deep state network, their motivation is power and the benefits that derive from power to control of earth's resources.
This deep state corporate/government network of control craft initiatives like Agenda 21 for revenue enhancement. its own.

The ruling elite are indeed conspiratorial, they conspire to maintain the status quo. They know where their converging interests lay. We, the masses are dominated because we don't know where our interests converge. We are intentionally divided by ideology. The ruling elite do not converge around ideological dictates, they know where their power is in any situation.

"You don't need a formal conspiracy when interests converge. The owners of this country went to the same universities and fraternities, they're on the same boards of directors, they belong to the same country clubs, they have like interests, they don't need to call a meeting because they know what is good for them...and they are getting it. There used to be seven oil companies, there are now will soon be two. The things that matter in this country have been reduced in choice, there are two political parties, there are a handful insurance companies, there are six or seven information centers...but if you want a bagel there are 23 flavors because you have the illusion of choice. You don't get the real important choices, you have no freedom of choice."

- George Carlin on Politically Incorrect

Agenda 21 was forged by the ruling elite, corporate and government, to maintain their dominance of the earth. That dominance was being threatened by their short-sighted, earth stripping policies, and by too many people in rampant, paralyzing poverty.
Take the time to read the Earth Summit document, then decide whether you think that it's intended for your enslavement and death. Take your conspiracy theorist endeavors to the next level and become a seeker of truth, stop listening to Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and other fear mongering youtubers, do your own research and thinking, come to your own conclusions.

Thank you

Duane Townsend


Duane Townsend (author) from Detroit on August 23, 2015:

Thanks Sean...great term you used, 'fear porn'.

Sean Hurley on August 09, 2015:

Great stuff Duane, refreshing to read a measured response based on research and not the same old Jones fear porn.

Duane Townsend (author) from Detroit on April 21, 2015:

Thank you for reading Patti...What I do know is that fear is a barrier to learning.

Patti Baker on April 20, 2015:

You, my friend, have much to learn. God be with you and your family as we enter the most dangerous period in American History.

Duane Townsend (author) from Detroit on October 13, 2014:

Thank you Mel Carriere...

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on October 13, 2014:

I don't give much credence to the Glenn Becks of the world because I think the opinions of these types are bought and paid for by some of the same people who would enslave us if we let them. Your opinion of the chemtrails is interesting. Maybe the reason they don't let us know what they are doing with them is because they don't want us to know how bad the problem really is. Great hub!

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