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Disillusioned by Fear: What's Next for Humanity?

Justified fear?

Justified fear?

Like millions of people around the world we are asking ourselves how did we get here. How is it possible in 2021 we are not prepared for such a pandemic? Its not like no one warned us, but here we are. Is stupidity the cause? Are the people we elect to power so illegitimately this fundamentally stupid? Do we evade the facts to keep supplementing our greed? As if the consumer has a chose. Only a select few corporations rule the world with their products. Mostly disguised as other products. It is absolutely insane to think that everything we think of being free has already been decided for us. You think you have a chose but in reality only don't. So you go to a grocery store that is filled with vibrant colors, different packaging, labeling and pricing. The cheaper the product the more supplemented it is. Health is obviously not a concern since most people are getting sicker and sicker. The food corporations are in bed with the governments and big pharma. Its the age old not so secret world of the one percenters ruling from up high. We the people, the little guy that is the power that keeps the motor running just doesn't understand. How can we change? Or can we?

As far as we know, not dismissing the possibility that ancient civilizations may have existed here on earth that far surpasses our current status. No one can argue that the twenty-first century was the greatest evolution for mankind in thousands of years. We went from living in caves, munching on crispy rodents to penthouses in the sky of Dubai eating expensive caviar and driving 300 kilometers per hour in a Roman Empire built chariot. The most common form of death thousands of years ago was from rotting teeth, now its from a rotting heart. Modern medicine has made leaps and bounds and has done a great job of helping keep us stay alive. Diseases like smallpox and measles once spread fear and panic around the world is now considered ancient relics among diseases. Although we have made strides of a plethora of areas we are not near as smart as we could have been thanks to greed and religion.

I don't think anyone can argue that the dark ages was a catastrophic time in human history. Ruled by the Roman Catholic Orthodox religion it complete stifled any forms of intellectual growth in the fields of medicine and science. The ancient hand me downs of folklore and legend did nothing to further humanity in a positive direction. Instead of uplifting bright and courageous thinkers for trying to understand the universe we live in, they were burnt at the steak and torchiere for fears that they were evil in some way. For five hundred years the world went backwards. After getting our heads out of our asses we slightly moved forward through the mid evil renaissance era. Making a few advancements till we fast forwarded to present day.

Today we have we electronics that allows us to walk and talk to someone on the other side of the earth in real time. We can fly metal machines around the sky and send bullets to the moon. We have advancements in agriculture farming and animal agriculture, which I might argue isn't a good thing, but never the less they have helped propagate the earth. We have made bombs that surely could end humanity and every living creature that roams the earth. As time went on we found out that some of the things we had been taught were lies. For example; Christopher Columbus was not a good man. His adventure lead to the genocide of almost three hundred million native Indians. Wars, unfortunately have been waged it seems since the beginning our our evolution. Human beings are violent tribal creatures. Still to this day we have governments and military coups that want power. It amazes me how much people are followers. People need direction. Governments think they provide that, but in return freedom is taken away. Governments that are ruled by fictitious books are even more barbaric in their vison for its tribe. Free speech is rapidly disappearing without much of a resistance. Talk, talk and more talk is all people seem to do. Nothing changes.

What are the answers? How do we change?

First, we need a collective corporation on a global scale. We need to file these fictitious books on the shelves of a hard drive and with any luck someone will accidentally delete them. We need a complete overhaul of our borders, pressing that same key of delete. We are all human beings living on the same planet. We all should have access to anywhere without constraint. If we ever want to advance as a civilization we actually need to be civil with one another. What is being civil entail? Well, we can start be helping people that are sick and in need of care without any fear of debt. We need a universal planetary health care system that is not made for profit but to actually help every single person on the planet. A healthcare system that is available everywhere.

Second, make education mandatory. Every person gets an education all the way through university and beyond if they want to. Encourage and nurture the sciences. Find ways to advance medicine and space travel. Find ways to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. New ways to travel the earth at super sonic speeds. Bring third world countries into the first world with modern clean energy.

I know what some of you are already saying. How do we pay for this? My answer is short. We don't. Money is an illusion. It's just paper. People already are doing the work. We need to globally come together, all nations, all races and all sexes to make change. If we rely on our currant government nothing will ever change. Governments only want to control people. They want to limit wealth because wealth is the enemy of the state. Until the people of the world realize what change needs to take place, then the people will continue to wage war with each other and the continuation of sickness and poverty will reign king. My hopes and dreams is that humanity through this pandemic will wake up and inch closer to a global family, but first a fundamental realization needs to take place.

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