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Concentration Camps in America


Bill HR 645

What is the *!(#* is going on? Recently, legislation in the form of HR 645 was introduced that would set up a network of FEMA camps to be used to house U.S. citizens in the event of a national emergency. The bill also states that the camps can be used to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security,” a green light which many fear could mean the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse.

These camps can be seen on You Tube, just enter FEMA Camps or American Concentration Camps or google Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Fema Camps.. What are our leaders planning? What kind of national emergency would provide for something like this? Are camps like these ever necessary? Maybe you should be calling your representative and asking them these questions especially now that the National Defense Authorization Act has been passed by both houses. An act that gives the government the authority to lock up American citizens without being charged, without a trial and without a jury indefinitely!

It Has Happened Before!

And what if they are not as innocent as we would like to believe, after all one of the reasons that the Jews were exterminated during World War II is because they didn't believe that it was possible. They believed that they were being sent to work camps or relocation camps...not death camps. They were wrong, dead wrong.

They say that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. We cannot act upon the belief that this could never happen here in America, that kind of logic will pave the way for atrocities like it did in Europe. One of the things that really bothers me is the propensity for evil leaders to do evil things when the economy gets bad. People become desperate and they are more than willing to cast blame on the immigrant, the poor, the vulnerable. One of the worst things that we can do is to ignore these camps and this legislation. It's not as if the United States has not done this in the past, ask any Japanese American what happened to their people after Pearl Harbor. It's not as if we are not already incarcerating more people than any other country while using this prison/slave labor to benefit private corporations already! We are doing that now. The Chinese have been using slave labor for decades to turn out cheap products that we all buy without a second thought.

Are you a Target?

Recently the Department of Defense classified Catholics and Evangelicals as "terrorists". See the link below. Previously Ron Paul admirers and Tea Party members were targeted. Tyrants have often used an outside threat to remove basic civil rights from the populace and then later turn the tyranny onto the common populace. It happened in Nazi Germany, in Pol Pots regime and in Communist China and if we don't nip it in the bud it will happen here.

We must raise our voices loudly and say NO to anything that would resemble a concentration camp before it's too late. We cannot wait until they have already turned the machine on. There is no room for the benefit of the doubt, there is no room for naivety, there is no room for niceties. These camps have no place in America and we must speak up before it's too late.


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Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on January 18, 2015:

I am not surprised.

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Larry Fields from Northern California on January 17, 2015:

Hi Brie,

You'll never guess who invented the concentration camp. Would you believe the British? It was during the Boer War, at the turn of the century.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 02, 2012:

Amen Paul

Paul Carlson on December 02, 2012:

Y'all need to wake up and smell the gunpowder!

The FEMA camps are built, by HALLIBURTON, and are waiting words from his highness to start filling them with his dissenters.

We are all on the edge of dictatorship.

Welcomes what you voted for!

obamasux on April 24, 2012:

Ok, The truth to HR 645..Originally Obama siad he was going to veto HR 645.. but he then signed and passed it..He is the biggest liar,terrorist and tyrant of our century.He said he was guna bring our soldiers home, he actually sent more over seas. He said he was born in the U.S. His grand mother said he was born in kenya..why idid it take so long to get his birth certificate. and why was he suppossedly born in Hawaii. Ile tell you. his birth cert was faked.. the govt. can make anything up. His name is Barak hussien obama. dont u think if he was born actually in the US. his name would be American like steve jones, bill smith.Etc. he has a typical terrorist name. and why was he supposedly born in hawaii. the most outskirts of the united states, not iowa, ohio california. the govt paid hawaii to fake his birth cert. Also he has been to bildeberg meetings, they are the ones starting the new world order, he actully answers to them. the bildebergs are heads of the biggest financial corporations heads of state , queens, Etc. pharmacutals, food indusrty.. They Are 120 of the highest most powerful people in the world. watch the bildebergs on youtube with jesse ventura..they are afraid of our population. they cant control 7 billion people, they're goal is population control. they are going to cause the pandemic . they already are poisoning our food , and killing us with chemicals.Do not get an innoculation for the flu or swine flu.there are chemicals purposely in the shots that cause sterilization. do not use aspertame. this is poison..they want the population to be under 500,000..then they can control us. at 7 billion people we are to big for them to control. they believe the Georgia flat stone theory. These Are 6 stones that were built in georgia with eight different languages that say the same thing. To kepp world and natural balance the population needs to be under 500,000.

Did u ever wonder why plains weren't scrambled to shoot down the planes that hit the world trade center, or why the FBI said they never found the black boxes, or why they cleaned up th mess so fast of the towers. Ile tell you why..What they dont want you to know aboutm 911.. they found bones the size of finger nails to dna , but they didn't find the black boxes? Bs. black boxes are made of titanium and can withstand temperatures of over 2000 degrees, virtually indestructable. the truth is they found all 4 black boxes, the reason they are hiding the fact is that there is proof that the terrorist on these flights, were in the cockpits of the planes before they even left the airports.also thermite particles were found at ground zero. The govt wants you to believe osama bin ladin ordered the attacks, when in fact our own govt set 911 up, they allowed it to happen. This the govt calls false flags. they do the deed and blame it on other countries so we have reasons to go to war. this means money for the govt. its all about control and money.. prior to 911, there were 64 terrorist attempts in our country that us jet forces intercepted, And they're telling us that they couldn't scramble jets to take out 4 planes under terrorist control, thats a BS lie..The govt didn't want to..the truth is the govt lies about alot of things, like the fema AKA "residential centers" or fusion Centers. If these are for our safety why is the barbwire pointing inwards, why are the doors locked and why does the signs say basically anyone who does anything to help any one escape.. WHAT...prisons are to escape from not a so called residential center..? What's really scary is the people in the capitol deny these even exist, yet they all fly flags of homeland security..there are over 800 fusion centers, really us concentration camps. Why are there stacks of 100s of thousands of plastic coffins stacked by train tracks and airports. These coffins have lids and fit 4 bodies in them. The govt is goin to start the pan demic that is why they have these centers and these cofffins. its all part of the bildebergs plan for the termination of united states citizens so they can control the world. This ia another reason they are going to FORCE Martial Law. So they can Disarm us uof our firearms and our constitutional rights.. My great great great great grandfather is Patrick Henry, the man who started the boston tea party and signed the decleration of independence and fought for our constitutional rights. Like him I will not be controlled or intimidated.. People I have so much more to say about all this but for now You need to wake up and know the not give up you're guns or your rights..we out number them and thats what they are scared of. As us citizens under the constitution of the united states u have the right to stand your ground. Wake up America or you will be put in a us death camp....all this info u can look up yourself and make up your own mind as to how crooked our govt is..HR 645 lets 1 man take away ur rights, and to detain u for the rest of your life with out a reason or due process, just for thinking for your self.. We as the people for the people cannot let this happen. Wake up and stand up America, every american black, white, oriental , mexican, everyone..

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on January 16, 2012:

I don't mind at all, I'm glad. Thanks poetvix!

poetvix from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. on January 16, 2012:

You never fail to scare me with the truth! I hope you don't mind, I just had to link to this from my latest hub. More people need to know about this. If you do mind, just let me know and I will, of course, remove the link. Thank you for being so brave! God bless.

Camaron Elliott from San Diego on January 13, 2012:

I saw the book entitled "End Games"-- global enslavement-- at the top of your page as an advertiser.

The new technology which they are using through the NSA, FBI, CIA, Police forces -- are featured in my latest article called "Chemtrails: The "Shocking" Truth" --- this explains a lot of the technologies which are currently available to keep the masses in check where no one will be able to rebel and create a civil war or revolution of any type.

Camaron Elliott from San Diego on January 13, 2012:

The NDAA and 1867 Bills will dramatically change the US Bill of Rights and Constitution. I was seeing more news on this right after Thanksgiving and before the New Year... but this would also be something to investigate. They apparently are moving things into Martial Law where they can arrest American Citizens and indefinitely detain them (forever) without giving them due process of law. This will include that they will not be able to ask for an attorney, have a trial by jury, etc...

My feeling, this ties in directly with the FEMA Camps.

If you noticed, they started placing FEMA Hiring advertising which started shortly after these bills were passed through Congress.

Here is the google search for FEMA Camps Now Hiring: It shows some videos also...

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on January 13, 2012:

Nothing surprises me anymore...except the people who insist on believing that everything is ok still.

Camaron Elliott from San Diego on January 13, 2012:

Hi Brie, since I last left you the message-- I found this article on the new Homeland Security Monitoring of American Journalists. This includes ANYONE who posts news or articles on social media sites-- as well as network news and traditional news channels. Check this out...

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on January 13, 2012:

Thanks Artzgirl, you can become a fan by clicking the option in the upper right hand corner. Thanks for all the added information. It is quite daunting but we must carry on in the good fight.

Camaron Elliott from San Diego on January 13, 2012:

Hi Brie,

Thanks for covering this very important topic. I saw Jesse Ventura's FEMA Camp show a little over 8 months or so ago, and it has been an issue that is very haunting.

In my chemtrail research, I unearthed a lot of things that "they" are up to.

When I began researching the FEMA Camps it was mentioned in the middle of the Jesse Ventura show on this that it was linked with ICE - The Immigration and Customs Enforcement... but who knows!

Here is their website. The woman who came to the front doors to greet Jesse Ventura directly mentions this agency.


I stumbled across information also - on Agenda 21, which was a United Nations Pact that was signed off on in 1992 by George Bush Senior. This could also play a role in the entire scenario of the FEMA Camps. They project to have a world human depopulation by 85%. I could never find the time table on this, so I really don't know when they actually plan to implement this by. The best video information that I found was by a guy named Michael Shaw. He gave the most thorough information on this topic.

Agenda 21: Michael Shaw


There will be many changes in the upcoming population. According to Agenda 21, they plan to do away with our national sovereignty. We have joined another 177 nations in being a part of this new Agenda. This would strip people of their ability to actually own homes, land, cars, and farmlands. This would basically turn our country into some type of socialistic/communistic country. People would be relocated to huge beehive like housing developments which would be built directly on mass transit train tracks. They would do away with the ability for people to live anywhere they want in the United States. Certain areas will be allocated as a place to live-- and others will be turned into natural habitats for wildlife reserves.

This is called "Sustainable Development"--

You will have to see Michael Shaw's videos to understand more of what this is about.


You are a great writer, thanks for writing on this topic! I voted you up and would like to follow your writing!

hilux244 on December 27, 2011:

This is where people will be detained awaiting the mark of the beast. That the Anti-Christ will mandate upon his arrival. Those who accepth the mark of the beast will be released back into mainstream living. Those who reject the mark of the beast will be martyred without delay. Accepting the mark on wrist or forehead will eventually be cast into the lake of fire for eternity. Those who reject the mark will enter the kingdom of Heaven for eternity.Now is the time to ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and be saved. Time is very short, Jesus loves every one of us and desires to grant us the gift of eternal life that he purchased for us on calvary cross. The decision where we will spend eternity He leaves with us. The choice is ours.I am amazed at Gods love for us, sinful as we are. I need Him every hour, every hour i need Him.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 10, 2011:

Sounds a lot like my plans. Only I'm thinking of Ireland rather than the Bahamas. Sorry state this country is in..what a shame. Believe it or not, I am hoping it's all a bad dream too.

Pamela Lipscomb from Charlotte, North Carolina on December 10, 2011:

Brie, I had to come back to this to further digest it. Had to post it to my facebook page! My plan a is denial...hope it never happens. My plane b is learn how to handle a gum,and purchase a firearm I can handle. Between my friend who is an ex-cop and my son who is a Sgt in the US army, I think I am OK. My plan c is to move to the Bahamas where half of my family lives.

Druid Dude from West Coast on December 09, 2011:

You watch the east coast, and I'll watch the west. Just kidding. We both should watch everything!!!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 09, 2011:

That's my plan A too.

Druid Dude from West Coast on December 09, 2011:

Got a plan "B", plan "C" and a plan "D". Plan "A" is "wait and watch"

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 09, 2011:

Thanks Blackreign2012, these are difficult times, times that call for wisdom and prayer.

blackreign2012 on December 09, 2011:

Brie another hard hitting hub.. provoking thought and awakening those who choose to see... for those who believe their government is doing this for good reasons I pity you.. sorry had to say it.. The Empire has a history of doing incredibly agregous things to its own ppl.. how in the heck could someone actually think they are doing this for the public good? They have shackles in these "facilities" why shackles? Lines drawn to separate folks like cattle to the slaughterhouse, the FEMA coffins who are those for? Expecting massive loss of life are we?.. Its crazy and what's more amazing to me is the level of denial among the population.. I got my plan of action ready because they will have to kill me before they send me to a FEMA camp.. ty brie for sharing ~hugs~

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 08, 2011:

Buy arms, food and silver or gold.

mel22 from , on December 08, 2011:

National debt exceeded 100% of GDP, the day before Thanksgiving. Another Trillion point 3 deficit will push this economy over the cliff. Get ready everyone. Maybe a year left.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 08, 2011:

I know, I put the video on this hub. I have to say I'm very upset about all this..where are the American people? How come they aren't in the streets?

homesteadpatch from Michigan on December 08, 2011:

Staffing of these facilities began this week. Right on the heels of passing Senate bill 1031.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 08, 2011:

One theory is that the camps will be populated after the U.S. defaults on its debt and all the welfare and social security checks stop coming in. Another is that the U.S. will become like China using slave labor from prison camps to make products. This is already happening in our prisons and no one seems to mind. I think that it is a certainty that we will have a far as when that is the question. It could happen tomorrow or it could happen in 5 years, hard to say, sad to say.

Pamela Lipscomb from Charlotte, North Carolina on December 08, 2011:

Brie, I have seen this on YouTube. I think it has to do with the powers that be, the wealthy corporation in concert with corrupt politician taking over this country.

Americans are asleep, fighting over political parties and do not realize, they are selling us ALL down the river. on. Why are the republicans supporting the interest of the wealthy over the middle class? When there is no more middle class, common people will have no power.

I believe when we all wake up there is going to be a revolution and that is what the camps are about. To enslave those who rise up against what is going on.

What do you think Brie?

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on November 10, 2011:

I hope you're right but I don't think you are. It already happened once with the Japanese.

stan on November 10, 2011:

It'll never happen- They ALL have been found out, and they are crumbling as we speak-Most of them are hauling ass because they know they eventually be arrested for their crimes,-9/11, crimes against humanity,embezzlement of the fed, etc, etc-

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on November 08, 2011:

Yes I know, make sure you have guns and know how to use them. If the Nazi's thought that every time they went into a person's house that they might be shot, things wouldn't have gone so smoothly for them!

homesteadpatch from Michigan on November 08, 2011:

That particular episode of conspiracy theory was pulled after one airing due to pressure from the powers that be. If just the fact that the episode was pulled isn't enough proof for some folks... Lucky for us, lots of folks recorded it.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on October 13, 2011:

Me too Nam, me too.

nam on October 13, 2011:

it just makes me very sad

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on June 22, 2011:

I agree Dawn, I'm not too worried though, I am a Christian and Heaven is my true home.

Dawn Maurer from Oklahoma on June 22, 2011:

The irony is, they have been building these camps for many many years. I know of one that is in the Utah desert. I have talked to people who have seen them. And this was only about 15 years ago or so. The camps are there and have been there for a long time. They have been preparing for this for a long time and will continue to do so, until it is time to use them. Make no mistake about it, this is warfare being done against us, the US citizens. They want us to fall. They have been preparing us to become what we are today. A soulless, brainless society who just do what we are told. Well, some of us anyway.

The sheepal will be easily controlled, the rest of us, will be in those camps for indoctrination training. And when that fails, well, death will be easily used for those who try to escape. Yep, they have been preparing for this for a long time and it will greatly reduce the population of our country and world as a result.

We will have need of places to hide. Good luck and well, blessings to all who want to really survive this all. Those who keep their heads buried in the sand and refuse to see it for what it is, shame on you.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on November 26, 2010:

Hello Jon, thanks for writing. I wrote this piece a while back and now I can't for the life of me find it. I did find two other bills labeled HR646 and it would seem that bill # can be reused.

Jon on November 26, 2010:

just wondering what does h.r. 646 have to do with this, bill h.r. 646 is about providing social security, and medicare? so what does bill h.r. 646 have to do with bill h.r. 645???

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on November 13, 2010:

Julie Julie Julie...our government is nothing but a sham now. We have no constitutional rights, it's all gone. They are just keeping up appearances at this point and pretty soon they wont even be doing that. Watch some Alex Jones movies pleaseeeee.

julie on November 13, 2010:

i wonder who is watching these jokers and trying to keep them in line. they have trampled on the constitution enough freedom of assembly being kocked down freedom of speech is gone what the hell does the constitution mean now. the government needs to understand its osama bin laden they should look for not us maybe they need glasses they were born that way and it got bigger.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on November 13, 2010:

Good for you. Have you seen Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory's episode on concentration camps? I suggest you google and watch it if you haven't.

mystery on November 13, 2010:

And we thought the government is on our side. I do not trust them at all. Look at the mess we r in be cause of our government and with H.R.645 and H.R646 we r not as free as people think. dont get me an american not a u.s.a.pawn to be played with.i do support the troops and their familys but not what they r asigned to free and plan and will do anything to stay that way!!!!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 04, 2010:

Steve, thanks for the comments, you are very well informed. I hope you are as informed about Jesus Christ and the biblical prophecies.

Steve on August 04, 2010:

The FEMA camps are the end game when people wake up to what is really going on...United Nations AGENDA 21.

Voting will do no good. Bypassing the Constitution will be used more and more by local, state and national politicians who are just straw men. Both major parties and more and more local governments are behind the ugly truth. In fact, this whole thing is a worldwide blueprint.

Main stream media and our leaders refuse to tell us the ugly truth, which is UN Agenda 21. Its ultimate goal is world communism and drastic necessary depopulation to save the Earth from the Great Polluter, man.

It is a "big idea." It is a "New World Order" and it "will succeed" as Bush 1 declared in his 1991 State of the Union address.

From the UN Rio Earth Summit, based now on the "Earth Charter" (created by Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev) and the UN Biodiversity Assessment Report, Agenda 21 is here.

Agenda 21 is: Sustainable Consumption and Production, world governance, Earth Charter, redistribution of wealth, world social justice, Interpol unleashed, single global currency, world finance, the New World Order, elimination of private property ownership, tiny humanity zones, vast off limits to humans wildlife zones, "Smart Growth", collectivism, rationed healthcare and energy, socialist micro-management of our lives, rationing of resources, worship of Earth (Gaia) and the necessary depopulation of humans to save the earth. 6.5 billion humans simply cannot be sustained by the Earth.

It's no theoretical conspiracy. Bush 1 signed it in Rio in 1992 along with 178 other countries, Clinton formed a presidential commission appointing VP Al Gore to head it for immediate implementation, Bush 2, Obama, Brown, indeed every major leader is backing it. On February 4, 2010 the major stakeholders in Agenda 21 met at the UN to discuss ways of accelerating it. Maurice Strong has sold the deadline to the UN as 2012.

It is real and it is now. It is the "fundamental transformation of America", and, indeed, the world.

The Social Security Administration has to change its mission 180 degrees. It and Medicare will become the Mandatory Termination Administration. At least Obama is up front about it with his healthcare law, which cut 1/3 of Medicare to service the existing elders plus all of us millions of Boomers who will be enrolling in it only to get a quick rejection from the resource review panels. The article addresses only symptoms. But Main Stream Media (owned and controlled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) just will not identify the disease .... the ultimate solution...Agenda 21.

Happy Biodiversity Year 2010. Good luck, comrades.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 17, 2010:

It's the best, huh John!

John on March 17, 2010:

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on February 26, 2010:

To Everyone who has commented in the last 2 months: For some reason my email notification was off so I wasn't notified when you wrote your comments. Thanks for commenting and I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond in a timely manner.

Pigtrapper on February 20, 2010:

To trap a wild Pig you must first find a place where they feel safe and secure. Next you build only one side of the trap and camoflage it with things that occur naturally in the targets environment.

Do nothing for a while till the Pigs see the new fence as non-threatening, eventually they will accept the fence as part of their envioronment and will pay no attention to it.

Now build another side of the trap just like the first, and again, wait till it's accepted and trusted.

Repeat the above with the third side of the trap and wait some more. When the Pigs fully accept the three sides of the trap, all that's left is to close the trap with all the Pigs inside. If you're paitent, the Pigs will accept the closed trap just as they accepted the first fence errected.

Now just WHAT are ya gonna do with all them Pigs?

So, you ask what are the individual fences? Economic turmoil,jobs relocating overseas,failing school systems, Mandatory Health Care, Gun registration, all aspects of the Patriot Act, Monitoring eMail and the internet,the existince of these FEMA camps, Global Warming(human caused), Carbon Cap & Trade, the Federal Reserve, illegal immigration,ever increasing Taxes and growth of Government, National debt in excess of the earnings capability of an average citizen, Public Lands closed to the Public etc....etc.... actually anything that takes away even a smidgen of your Freedom as an American citizen.

Like the Pigs, we see these (and other) segments of the trap but fail to understand the meaning and significance of each. Will we wake up before the trap is closed? Or, will we be placidly loaded into the transport to our new Fema Homes?

when thy come for your guns you can bet the final stage is at hand but it will already be too late.

Anthony on February 12, 2010:

When they start trying to erode your 2nd Amendment rights that is when the game is afoot. We are an armed citizenry and that is what scares the bejesus out of the fascists in government, make sure you buy sniper rifles and assault type weapons and know how to make them full automatic if need be it may well be the best investment you ever make! There are 300 million of us and a handful of them.

We shall overcome, ever see Red Dawn? This time the Russians are our own government.

Mark on February 12, 2010:

Dear Lookoutsidethebox

I don't even know where to start with a comment dude.

Paranoid much?

And please, as a member of the COC, I would suggest that you lighten up on "rapture theories" that are not found in the new testament,as well as suggesting people read The Revelation of Jesus Christ without first studying the NT.

Quit basking in conjecture or you will inadvertently find yourself living a lie.

Did it ever occur to any of you that perhaps these camps could also be used to house enemy combatants in the event of an invasion? Just a little inside information. Sure... fight for your rights, but quit being so paranoid, or you'll find yourself under the care of the local shrink discussing your bout with schizophrenia. How about instead of spinning conjecture we all start checking the backgrounds of our sitting politicians state and federal, and start voting out the corrupt? IF the tide of events ever turns to revolution (racial, political,etc) then it will BE OUR OWN FAULT.

Lookoutsidethebox on February 01, 2010:

I have read all your posts and I must say not all of you have done your homework. There is a lot more here than meets the eye folks. "Think" I'm reading that the majority of you think that it is impossible for the Gov't to herd the Selected Americans of their choosing to these "Detention Camps" but WAKE UP! Think outside the box..

These groups that will follow the FEMA Organizations.. will nnot use brute force on the Americans.. at first it will be gradual. As with everything else these groups will attack Americans tactfully and decievingly. Through what you ask "the Meadia" . This is just a thought thinking outside the box ..Human beings can be gullible at times and may in fact believe what they see and hear through the Meadia. The "elite" behind these Detention Camps are very powerful and influential individuals.. They will gradually lead the American people to walking WITH the Gov't in BLIND faith..trusting them (through the Game Plan they have already set in motion. Now read these next sentences carefully. Could it be possibe that these "elite" groups will envoke their greatest weapon (FEAR)on the Americans to achieve their goals in herding,gathering the Americans to these formulated Detention Camps? YES, and guess who will help the "elite" accomplish their goals working through the HR 645 Bill.. hmmm ? US.. How you might a ask .. Through Fear.. Think about it.. Hypothetically speaking, and again this is just hypothetical so please dont take any of the following literally. What if a Global Scare went out that a new higly contagious disease was spreading in the U.S that is similar to Anthrax.. and kills anyone that is in contact with it. (This would surely promote fear in the U.S.. Right? People would greatly fear this unknown disease and would look to who for help< "the Gov't". What do you suppose would be the Americans reaction to the disease ? To eradicate or quarantine those American Citizens "supposedly" infected with this heinous disease..which could be numbering in the Millions. Here is where the FEMA steps in and gathering,herding them to these Detention Camps for Quarantine..Giving peace of Mind to the AAmericans not infected. This of'course is all hypothetical, but what if it could happen through Meadia scaring the Americans of this wide spreading disease farsing the truth decieving and manipulating.. to "HOAX" of a New "Killing" Disease.. which infact is not a disease at all but a plot to gather millions of people to these many camps and all under the watchful eyes of the American People..This killing disease causing panic and creation "Emergency" PROTOCOL necessary for (FEMA,Homeland Securities and the elite) to take over and obtain their goals. This is one of the many ways stated above, in which FEMA and the herding of Americans could happen. All the Gov't needs is to have a just cause for a emergency, an excuse.. panic stricken people. The Americans not chosen to go to these Camps "one's left behind will be willing participants to follow the New Gov't that will be set before them. The New World Order.. believing in the betterment of the USA. All chanting "Yes We Can". The people will be blindly lead. In doing so, the Americans that are Chosen by the Gov't to be taken to these Camps 'Names"are anounced through the Meadia to the blindly lead people. These individuals anounced are a threat and supposedly infected. Now you have "Inocent" Americans being gathered up to their so called "Detention,Emergenncy Relief Effort Camps "will call them"... to possibly be lead to their torture and even death. From what I have heard and the information obtained the Elite which have also been named Illuminati and some say the Freemasons are behind the FEMA Camps. The Illuminati goal is Global Domination over the world. Surani and John Todd ex Illuminatinists have vouged for this information.. Research it. The threat and possible downfall to the tactful Illuminati is non other than the Christians and Jews. The Illuminati have fixated their lunacy on non other than those that will oppose the NWO. The Christians and Jews are Great in number and will not accept the NWO that the FEMA (HR 645) Bill will lead too. If you haven't read the Bible.. I sugest you read Revelations as we are nearing the tribulation.. One of the prophicies of the end times has been recently fullfilled with the building of the Soloman's Temple in Isreal. Next will be.. find out in reading Revelations in the Bible. I also suggest the movie (Left Behind)with Kirk Cameron. For those of you who don't know there has not been a single prophesy in Scripture that has not come to pass. They all have. Shalom and may God be with you.

Brad on January 20, 2010:

this is a total non issue. why? because the second they try herding us into these camps, were gonna fight back. this should only be an issue for those with no backbones who would rather eat spoonful after spoonful what the media is feeding you rather than opening a book and forming your own legitimate opinions.

tdarby on August 19, 2009:

It seems to me that very little investigative journalism is being done at this time in our country. Most media outlets are just lapdogs for one side of an issue or another. Real conversation is difficult because the media has been reduced to quick sound bites. The typical start of a police state is done by marginalizing and vilifying a particular group of people and uniting everyone else (or at least a majority of them) into hatred and anger towards this vilified group. Like you say, Bard, it is strange that the camps do exist--and they do. I am concerned more about the rapid loss of our willingness to do things according to the Constitution than I am about the actual existence of the camps. If we don't stop where we are headed as a nation, we will quickly disintegrate into something none of us like. For instance, what is going on with all of the Czar's our current president has as special advisors. (42 seems a little excessive. Who are they, why don't they report to anyone except the President.) Also, why do we allow the Fed Reserve to continue on. It has no legal basis--why don't we demand an audit of it. My guess is those who control it are getting a whole lot bigger bonuses than the small fish that worked at AIG. These are the questions I have. If we can get back to a situation where we live by the Constitution, we may avoid ever getting to the actual use of these camps.

Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on August 19, 2009:

Yes, but I'm seeing people posting stuff like all those who oppose vaccinations will be taken to the camps and if that's right that includes celebrities, doctors and plenty of people who are not interested in conspiracies at all but still are opposed to this. It's a very wide cross section of people and same goes for political dissent. What about a star like Neil Young who brought out a record saying "Let's impeach the president" would Neil be treated as an extremist and how could they do that? Most of the sites on about these FEMA camps and people like Alex Jones are talking millions of people being herded into the trains and camps. How do you announce to a nation and the world that millions of people including your neighbours, family, friends and celebrities have all vanished because they are extremists and have been sent away to detention centres or whatever they would call the places? The more I think about it the more difficult it would seem to be to execute. It is being compared with Nazi Germany but the media as such then were far easier to use for propaganda purposes. Now the Internet means that anything that is going on and a lot of stuff that isn't is all public knowledge more or less worldwide.

I have been thinking about it and it seems more and more difficult to see how anyone could actually carry it out. And if this was being done in the US what about all the other countries?

People are already marginalized and have been for a long time but each marginalized group makes up millions of people. How could you swiftly select a group and say this particular marginalized section of society are enemies of the state or whatever? Also Germany is a small country in comparison with America.

I have a lot of problems making sense out of this but am left with the main question - well, what are these camps built for then and what are all the coffins or grave liners for and the special train carriages, all of which there are plenty of photos of and footage doing the rounds?

And is the day going to arrive that I am going to go online and find a lot of my American friends have vanished from all the social networking sites and hubpages because they have been taken away to FEMA camps? Of course, it's possible but seems very very unlikely!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 19, 2009:

Boy those are good questions. But, think about Gitmo and those camps/prisons. No one really says anything about them except for every now and then, for the most part they are ignored. Celebrities don't really mention them either. If the people who are put in those camps are "marginalized" as extremists then everyone might just turn a blind eye. That's what happened with the Jews, first they were vilified then put into ghettos, then exterminated.

Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on August 19, 2009:

What I cannot understand about this is if they do try to use them as the worst scenarios are predicting with herding millions of people into them as concentration camps how would this be reported to the rest of the world, and how would many American celebrities react, bearing in mind that many stars are very good people and often opposed to the evil things going on in the world? Would big name stars who have spoken out against the government be taken? Who would be taken to the camps and who wouldn't? And what about airlines into and out of America. At present thousands of people fly into the country from around the world for very many reasons including visiting as tourists. Would all that stop? And if it didn't who would want to risk going to a country where you can end up being imprisoned in a concentration camp? And how would the news report this? What about the rest of the world?

However, if the camps are not to be used for such terrible purposes then what are they for and why so many? I have so many questions about the matter! I cannot get my head around how such an operation could be carried out.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 19, 2009:

It just makes you wonder why the mainline media isn't covering these at all...not even to supposedly debunk them.

tdarby on August 19, 2009:

Brie, I have been reading a bunch about these camps lately--mighty scary stuff. Apparently they have been building them since the 80's.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 19, 2009:

Seems to become more relevant each day.

Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on August 19, 2009:

I had been thinking of writing a hub on this matter but you have beaten me to it! Good for you and an important hub in my view!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 01, 2009:

No problem...hey did you read in Infowars that they are advertising for Internment Guards? I wonder if it's time to try and find a new country.

Observingthefall from somewhere in Florida on August 01, 2009:

I know. Sorry, I just thought, considering the topic, that this was an ongoing conversation and all angles are relevant. Good article by the way!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 30, 2009:

Observingthefall, I wrote the article before Obama's comment.

Observingthefall from somewhere in Florida on July 30, 2009:

One thing that I haven't heard anyone mention relating to this issue is the fact that the government is more consistently labeling people that believe in the Constitution, people who believe in end times prophecies, and in some cases even home-schoolers as possible domestic terrorists. Remember Obama's comment about those of us who cling to our guns and our bibles? I'm not giving up either one of mine.

air major sky pilot. on July 19, 2009:

dear brie,

i was in waveland, ms. after katrina. the waveland cafe

t was initiated by deborah jones from bastop tx. and joined by rainbow family hippies. it was the

largest and most beutifully run effort on the coast of devestation. my initial focus-feed the masses,2ndly, find tools for everyone. most important duty...inform the feds we can duplicate this effort regionwide,to which mike sweeney

{chief fed} responded w/curses slander and threats...he was later arrested for embezellment.

jjrubio on March 16, 2009:

Well we all know that at the time of the end ( as the bible states) the small flock of Gods chosen people will be NO PART OF THE wouldn't be the first time it happened. Just educate yourself. If your scared start reading the book of Revelations .

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on March 16, 2009:

Well I am not saying we should trust the government 100% because the people should be critical of this in a democracy. However, after Hurricane Katrina there was a need for FEMA to revamp because before then during the fires here in 2003 it was already stretched. During the fires in both 2003 and 2007 there were people staying at the old Norton Air Force Base and other evacuation centers, which are basically just places for people who do not have extra cash to stay.

These evacuation centers are by no means staying at the Ritz, but it a viable option for people who have lost their homes, or who cannot go home right away. Our family would rather stay in hotels or camp, but now I live in the valley so my family can stay with me if there is any more fire danger. All of the evacuees also had to go to the Old Norton Air Force Base to pick up their mail, so even if you did not stay at an evacuation center it was a place you had to go to pick up your mail.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 16, 2009:

I hope you're right. But, I don't think we can afford to err on the side of "the government is our friend and we should just trust that they are doing the right thing". The consequences of doing nothing if you are wrong are too severe.

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on March 16, 2009:

Maybe this is overraction.  As someone who dealt with nautral disasters and having to live through an evacuation during the fires here in California in 2003, I believe FEMA is just trying to set aside places for people to stay during these events.  After Hurricane Katrina FEMA was very unresponsive at the beginning, so maybe what people are overracting about is just a place for people to stay during natural disasters.  I highly doubt that we are going to have future concentration camps in America. However, what I would be concerned about is how the Japanese-Americans and Native Americans who suffered from these type of conditions in the past never received full compensation, even though the law had provided for it.

By the way, as someone who lived through an evacuation there was no force to go to evacuation centers, but these were available and open to people who could not afford to stay in hotels or with friends.

Vladimir Uhri from HubPages, FB on March 15, 2009:

I agree with you. You are right.

Fred smith on March 03, 2009:

clinton started to build camps and when caught he called then U.N.Training centers.Remember M.J.T.F. black helicoptors.They photographed all suburban airports and a rifle match I was at because it was near an airport.

Vladimir Uhri from HubPages, FB on March 02, 2009:

It is serious mater.

But... let not be your heart troubled... I overcome the world.

ReuVera from USA on March 02, 2009:

There’s nothing blame-worthy in being in control over your own hub. It is not like being in control over the nation. Or making the floor for this….

This info is completely new for me and I am even afraid to think about it. The first feeling is to stick your head into the sand and pretend that nothing is happening, it is this scary. If it is really what is going on, the first inhabitants of these places will be freely speaking people, a vanguard of intelligence, those who are not letting those in power to plot. History is repeating itself, that’s true and it is sad that honest people don’t have a power over it without hurting themselves. Do you know what does the abbreviation GULAG mean?

"The Gulag was the government agency that administered the penal labor camps of the Soviet Union. Gulag is the Russian acronym for The Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Colonies (Russian: Gosudarstvennoe Upravlenie LAGerei)" – from

It is something to be concerned about. But I am not sure if an ordinary citizen can influence anything.

Oops, I had to revise the comment, as Cyrillic symbols didn’t display right.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 02, 2009:

Let's hope it's benevolent but plan as if it isn't because if it isn't and we do nothing it will be too late.

pacwriter from North Carolina on March 02, 2009:

after a little research I came upon this information

Emergency Preparadness Bill Sparks Detainment Controversy by Lauren Christensen, Feb 5, 2009 (9:16pm)00

Since it was introduced on January 22, 2009, H.R. 645, or the National Emergency Centers Act has sparked a great deal of discussion and controversy over the intention of its aims. Its goals are to &ldquo;provide temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster&rdquo; and to provide locations for the purpose of training and preparedness to respond to said emergencies. According to the Bill&rsquo;s sponsor Alcee Hastings, H.R. 645 was created as a result of FEMA&rsquo;s inadequate response procedures during Hurricane Katrina, and nothing more. What is getting many fringe special interest groups so riled up is the forth purpose outlined in the legislation, stating &ldquo;to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.&rdquo;. They feel that this open-ended provision allows for the detainment of Americans against their will if presented with threats of revolt or revolution. These comments aside, I think that we can all agree that FEMA&rsquo;s reactions and responses to Hurricane Katrina left something to be desired, and that the plan of action for national disasters and emergencies should be revised in some way.

pacwriter from North Carolina on March 02, 2009:

I find it interesting that those who voted for Obama are sometimes referred to as "kool-aid" drinkers. that is a reference to following blindly where a leader directs. Going back to Jim Jones of 1970'2 fame.

At least the camps did not originate with him. Who were the sponsers of this bill? did it come up after the Democrats gained control of the House under Pelosi or before?

SirDent on March 02, 2009:

I love a woman who is in control. :P

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 02, 2009:

Yes, on my Hub I am in control.

Misha from DC Area on March 02, 2009:

Ah, so you have to be in control. :)

Well, that explains it.

Link was to Satori's hub on the same topic and similar point of view, so your readers could have gotten more information...

SirDent on March 02, 2009:

This Bill has been in the making for years now. I heard about it a long time ago, albeit on a conspiracy theory site.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 02, 2009:

I denied yours too quickly before seeing what it was all about.

As for Misha: I never approve of comments that divert people to other sites that I have no control over.

SirDent on March 02, 2009:

Thanks for asking Misha. Mine was actually done with sarcasm anyway.

Misha from DC Area on March 02, 2009:

Ummm, could you please explain the reason for denying my comment? And SirDent's one too for that matter?

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 02, 2009:

I just found out about this recently.

I'll look into that term.

godbluff on March 02, 2009:

Are you just finding out about this? or have you known for awhile? I learned of these a couple of years ago and it started me on a path to awakening. I hope you are awake now; or have been, if not, here is a term to google -codex alimentarius If you haven't heard of the term or read anything about it You'll learn how all these things are tied together--. sic semper tryannis!

WeaZe on February 20, 2009:

its coming

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on February 14, 2009:

Good for you MoneyGuy

TheMoneyGuy from Pyote, TX on February 12, 2009:

As soon as I see one I will set fire to it.


born to be free on February 12, 2009:

Hello Brie, great Hub.

You know, I heard a man tonight say that we are in a repression (Obama). But if people will look a little closer they will see that what this is really all about is good old fashioned Oppression! The more that goes wrong, the more our Government will attempt to convince us that "They" alone have the answer. In fact, that is the exact words that came out of the Presidents mouth. I challenge people to show me anywhere in history where the synonym for "more Government" was not "less liberty!"

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on February 12, 2009:

Glad you liked it, but more importantly is the need to wake up everyone we know.

Sufidreamer from Sparti, Greece on February 12, 2009:

Interesting Hub - loved the quote about history repeating itself. There are frightening paralells between what is going on now, and 1930's Europe. In this case, the exremism is religious rather than ideological, but the poverty and scapegoating are the same.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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