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Common Stereotypes in Today's Society

In today’s society there are stereotypes everywhere. Stereotyping is a form of prejudice that forms damaging images of an individual, by classifying him or her according to a particular characteristic that is found among the group of people that the individual is associated with. In the society today, people like politicians, tattooed persons, feminists and senior citizens are among the most stereo typed people. I will tell you why.

Politicians are stereotyped as liars, cheaters and ear ticklers and have no compassion for ordinary citizens. In America for example a politician is no longer the hardworking average citizen but a lying, manipulative, conniving and dishonest person.

People with tattoos are also stereotyped negatively. They are perceived as irresponsible, rebellious, uncivilized and unintelligent. It’s obvious in today’s world that not all people who have a tattoo fall into any of these categories. Tattooing is becoming increasingly more acceptable, but there is still a stereotype that comes with the territory of having tattoos even in today’s world. Tattooing is also prohibited in the Christian bible in Leviticus 19:28.

Feminists are stereotyped as man-haters who disregard the institution of marriage and do not bear children. Senior citizens are often stereotyped as the least healthy, least capable and least alert. They are also considered to be slow moving, hard of hearing, angry, and being poor drivers. They are often treated differently e.g. they get different car insurance.  There may be some truth in these types of stereotypes as their body reflexes are slow but this does not mean all the senior citizens suffer from these issues. There are so many individuals who are above that age and are still productive and healthy and do not show signs of the symptoms that the stereotypes claim they all have.

How we view a person influences the way we perceive them, how we perceive them influences the way we behave towards them, and ultimately how we behave towards them shapes who the person is.


Srishti Singh on July 26, 2014:

Nice attempt. I believe in breaking stereotypes too. From education fields to defining states, there are stereotypes surviving in people's minds. Small or big! We see a doctor and we declare he/she has a bad handwriting,we take artist as unemployed humans! These are some petty stereotypes we find and Live in our day to day life. Can't a doctorate have good writing? Can't an artist be employed? Can't a science-degree holder be a fashion designer?

Thoughts need to be changed!

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Writer Malkia (author) on July 19, 2012:

Is there a verse in the New Testament that speaks about Tattoos? The only one that I found that came close was 1st Corinthians 6:19-20, which states that the body is the temple of the holy spirit. Anyway whether it is right or wrong, the society today still stereotypes people who have tattoos.

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