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Common Sense Regulations

As a country we have become used to regulations not only from the federal government but state governments. Regulations in some cases make sense and are necessary but excessive regulations add costs to the operations of businesses especially small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and as such they need an environment that is friendly to operating a business. Individuals need jobs and it cannot be underestimated that the large majority of individuals working are in small businesses and/or individuals who are self-employed.

I understand the need for regulation to protect our rights under the Constitution and these types of regulations make sense. The question about regulations is they impose restrictions on what we as individuals can or cannot do based on the subject of the regulation. There needs to be a balance between a free market economy and regulating the economy.

Decisions involved in either creating regulations or deregulation must have two principles common sense and clear evidence on whether there is a clear connection to federal law or the Constitution. The subject of whether government regulation has a place in our economy must be coupled with whether there is a place for deregulation. The answer to both is yes there is a place for both. The conditions which create the need for regulations are the passage of laws. Laws identify the conditions which must be enforced by the various departments and agencies of the government. Details of how laws are enforced in many cases, if not all, are accomplished through regulations issued by departments and agencies of the federal and state governments. .

Regulations have a proper place in society when it involves such things as our physical safety, the safety of our food, the safety of the toys parents purchase and the safety of our medicines. Another area where the need exists is in the quality of the air we breathe. Some may feel that regulations generated by the EPA may have overstepped their bounds in creating such stringent requirements that it adds to the costs of doing business. There needs to be proper regulations involving our physical safety, our food safety, the safety of toys and the air we breathe.

I have been talking about when regulations have a place but there is also a place for deregulation. Many industries have worked well without government interference or regulation telling them what they must do. The key to whether regulations are necessary should be based on sound facts, not opinions. Many times situations occur which cause some investigation to take place by a government organization.to determine what happened and the actions taken to correct them. Government regulation is not always the answer. Government at all levels must consider the impact of adding regulations on industries which have typically not required them to exist and prosper.