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Common Sense Gun Control in the USA

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Bang, Bang, You're Dead

Everyone is truly fed up with the mass shootings that usually involves a disgruntled human being. Are they a mental case? Well, if you listen to the NRA people and their supporters, they always are after every mass shooting. We hear the usual mantra that guns do not kill but it is the person with the gun. We hear that all Americans have the 2nd Amendment right to have a gun, but that belief depends on how skewed your belief is regarding the Constitution. When it comes to gun control, anything goes when talking about it and it happens every time another mass shooting happens like at Uvalde, Texas, where so many young kids were murdered by an 18 yr. old angry teenager.

Naturally, anyone who does this horror must be deranged and crazy needing psychological help, but that is not always true as there are just evil terrorists who crave this attention. After every mass killing event, nothing else is talked about for weeks as law enforcement tries to piece the event together and determine what was done right and wrong. Yet, when fault is found by the actions of the police in their response, there is seldom any responsibility taken for it by a person in charge or those under them. No criminality happens to those who made poor decisions in response to a mass shooting that caused so many to be killed! As the Uvalde shooting shows, this is NOT justice. So many errors were made by the police response to this mass shooting that may have allowed the shooter to kill more! What individual or persons will be held accountable, if any?

Mass shootings always puts a new spotlight on this numbing issue that becomes political. This means NOTHING happens again in the US Senate or Congress to pass national laws on gun control. It is obvious that the States cannot be effective in this as each has their own biases.

Common Sense Gun Control Measures

The following are ideas that could be passed nationally to begin to have gun control across all 50 states:

  1. Be 21 yrs. old to buy any type of firearm
  2. Ban the sale of assault style rifles
  3. Limit the number of rounds for certain types of rifles
  4. Have a waiting time of 30 days for background checks before gun possession
  5. No sale if purchaser has a violent criminal and\or psychological record
  6. If #2 does not happen, then, any sale must be approved by the local police after #4 and #5
  7. Anyone with a gun that is not registered to them as the owner receives a mandatory one year in jail with no reduction
  8. Restrict the number of assault style rifles made by manufacturers
  9. Gun sellers who take short cuts in sales or sales to under 21 yr. old should lose their business license and six months in jail

NRA members should have no problems with any of the above as their right to own a gun is conditional and within reason to prevent more mass shooters. Nothing will curtail it 100%, but as many of said, it can be a slippery slope when balancing a conditional right mentioned in the US Constitution and balancing it for the good of society, much like the issues Covid brought and Public Health measures. Gun control is no different.

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