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Vape Hate: Is Vaping So Dangerous?

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E-Cigs & Fed Regs

Let the hysteria begin. Ever since big tobacco hid harmful effects of combustible cigarettes, America has been on high alert like Smokey the Bear. Anything that looks similar to smoke must be banned or severely regulated to the point where you can't even enjoy a cigarette in 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts at the beach. Second-hand smoke kills, don't you know? The petrified people at all levels of government are afraid the rest of us might have a good time. The new red-headed step-child happens to be vaping and the state and federal government are the evil stepmothers waiting to slap the crap out of dissipating vapers.

Yes some—by no means all—vape liquids contain nicotine, which is addictive. Despite the fact that no one knows the long term effects, vaping is automatically guilty by association. Just because Jesus hung out with prostitutes, the religious right of his time (aka Pharisees), and the worst sinners of all, tax collectors didn't mean he was guilty of anything except having a little redemptive fun. But today in America pleasurable activities have to be outlawed or crucified at the altar of heavenly health.

Here's a trivia treat. If we placed all American laws into one book, it could be used as a space ladder that would reach from Washington D.C. to the 999 billion galaxies recently regulated by NASA. Here's the paperwork you need to reach the moon. Our Government deserves compassion, as do all entities existing in an active addiction seeking the next fix of regulations and fees, so vaping is irresistible.


Vaping Explained

When the repulsive effects of chemical-laced cigarettes on a loved one become known or the haunting PSA ads on TV are viewed, the images are seared into souls across the world. It is said that desperation is the mother of invention and once again this fact is borne out with the revolutionary product e-cigarettes. Out of this environment came a vaporizing superhero. Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, had lost his dad due to lung cancer, and he believed smoking was ruining his life.

As a health worker, he was abundantly clear on the health risks associated with smoking, so he took the precautionary measure of utilizing a transdermal nicotine replacement patch. One night he forgot to take it off and a dream was born, literally. His subconscious plunged him into the sea where his lungs filled water and began to drown. Miraculously the H2O in his body vaporized like harmless steam rising from a boiling cauldron. He had found his pot of gold.

In 2006, Hon Lik's e-cig hit the international market and lit the fire that would become a revolution around the world. The design was simple. According to the website Vapex.com, the "first e-cig consisted of a battery, a plastic cartridge containing a nicotine solution suspended in propylene glycol, and an ultrasonic atomizer." The only difference present in today's vaporizers is that producers substituted the ultrasonic atomizer with a heating element making it more user-friendly. The benefits included superior flavor, disposability, and so uncomplicated a government regulator could figure it out.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers: Modern Mods

Like most large social trends, a subculture developed. Humans are a restless bunch, and here in America where we like things big like Texas, the need for vaporized clouds of sweet-smelling extracts had to come to fruition. The mod created a whole new market of current cigarette smokers who found conventional e-cigs unsatisfying. So what's a mod? Like the name suggests, it is a modification of the traditional e-cigarette nicotine delivery system. Due to its simplicity of design, many of the first advanced personal vaporizers were jerry-rigged flashlights.

The modifications created a product that appeals to all lifestyles and nicotine delivery is a much-diminished factor. In fact, scores of people have found it the most effective system to abstain from smoking and eliminate nicotine completely from their life. For anyone who has tried the patch, gum or the other ineffective methods to quit, vaping is a godsend that has immediate health benefits. So why are health officials on fire to regulate the vaping industry?


The Health Effects of Smoking vs. Vaping

Before we get to Big Brother's bad attitude and passionate desire to regulate beautiful clouds of sweet-smelling vapors, let's examine the health effects.

  • It is the combustion of tobacco and the 4000 chemical substances that are produced when smoking cigarettes that are harmful to the health of smokers, not the nicotine.
  • The dangers of electronic cigarettes are considerably lower than those of tobacco. From analysis of the constituents of e-cigarette vapor, e-cigarettes can be expected to be at least 95 to 99% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes in terms of long-term health risks.ii
  • The vapor exhaled from e-cigarette users is highly unlikely to be harmful to bystanders; nicotine concentrations in exhaled vapor are too low to have pharmacological effects on bystanders.iii
  • Randomized controlled trials show that e-cigarettes are effective in smoking cessation iv and studies of the use of e-cigarettes in real world settings show that they are more effective than other means for stopping smoking including Nicotine Replacement Therapy.v
  • It is estimated that for every one million people who switch from smoking to electronic cigarettes, some 6000 premature deaths a year would be averted.vi
  • E-cigarettes do not ‘renormalise smoking’ – ‘vaping’ is not smoking. In many countries, the rise in e-cigarette use has been accompanied by a continued decline in tobacco sales and prevalence of smoking.vii

The information above is from clinical studies but feel free to click the footnotes if you don't believe the facts presented. Unfortunately, the government has their own politicized scientists who are dead set against the obvious because of their go-to defense of any law. We have to protect the children.

Save the Children and Other Vape Myths

Many remember the government's attempt to plant fear in the public's psyche by displaying vignettes of psychotic actions of people under the influence of cannabis in the PSA movie-short Marijuana Madness (aka Reefer Madness). Well, it's deja vu all over again as Yogi Berra would say. "Vaping is unsafe!" "it's a gateway to smoking," "the candy flavors are being marketed to kids," or " vaping makes people think it's okay to pollute the air with their dangerous second-hand smoke," and you probably have heard even more outrageous claims.

These claims demand action and politicians are only too happy to oblige. In Europe, there is almost no difference between cigarettes and vaporized delivery systems when it comes to regulations. And this is just the beginning. They plan to limit the amount of e-liquid a person can purchase, restrict the nicotine dosage, and additional laws that make it seem EU officials want people to keep smoking. American lawmakers have joined the party as well. Vaping is pretty much banned anywhere smoking has been exiled from for years now. Knowing the track record of US representatives, there's more poisonous legislation in the pipeline.

The bottom line is vaping is not some healthy longevity enhancing thing, but it is a much safer alternative to the insidious smoking habit Americans have used to effect a kind of self-suicide. The baffling reasons government officials use to restrict the vaping culture undermines their massive campaign to eradicate smoking. Officials should clear the propagandistic pronouncements from public forums and allow the sweet smell of success to waft into congressional offices. If they truly want to help people quit smoking, they must stop draconian legislation designed to discourage the use of vaping. Do it for the children.


rusty from lake jackson on November 14, 2018:

agreed. we need to stop vape hate. this is outrageous

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