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Comedian and GB News Presenter, Mark Dolan: Backs Sajid Javid.

Comedian and GB Presenter: Mark Dolan.


Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, caused a storm when he said people should no longer, cower before COVID. He seemed to be saying that, now we have the vaccine and now we are largely free again, the public needn't be afraid of COVID anymore.

Mr. Javid will have his detractors, who will consider, his assertion of not "cowering" to COVID as completely mad. Others will applaud Mr. Javid for being brave and speaking his mind.

One such proponent of support for the Health Secretary is comedian and GB News presenter, Mark Dolan. Mark Dolan announced on his GB News show, that he wholly supported Sajid Javid for being brave enough to say what, he did.

Mark Dolan said, Mr. Javid, should not have apologized and retracted his "cowering" statement on Twitter. Mr. Dolan attacked, what he called, the apology culture. Whereby, if someone in the public eye says something that offends, certain, people they must say sorry or at worst, resign.

Mr. Dolan disagrees vehemently. People in his opinion, should not have to say sorry or resign, just because what they say or do, offends people. Cancel culture, is based on this principle, that, if someone's views, actions, etc, offends a certain group then they are canceled. Maybe, in certain categories, apologizing, resigning, cancellation, no-platforming, boycotting, etc, has its place. However, if we are still a freedom-loving society, where everyone's views are included, (no matter how offensive to some), shouldn't all views be allowed? Since the advent of political correctness and lately, 'Wokeism', freedom to say or express what we feel, about anything, is becoming forbidden. Freedom to air your views, especially, if it does not go along with the majority view, is becoming less and less. This has led, to people canceling themselves, before they get canceled. It is becoming a fearful and intolerable atmosphere, sadly, akin to a dictatorship. A dictatorship where we are told what we can say, where we are told what side of history to believe, what we can view and cannot view, etc. If this isn't sleepwalking, into a North Korean style control of thought, speech, action, dictatorship, then I don't know, what is?

I can see, where Mark Dolan, is going with this. Does Mr. Javid have the right to express his heartfelt views, (yes, even about COVID)? However, Mr.Javid, being Health Secretary, has a responsibility to be objective, not subjective. Mr. Javid, as an MP has a duty, to his constituents to represent all their views. Mr. Javid, also, should not let his personal feelings get in the way of science. Even though, COVID appears to be dropping in some areas, (the rate), hospital admissions, though high is not as high as before, and the jab has made a difference. However, COVID has not gone away. Mr.Javid should be balanced in his speech, welcoming the gains against COVID, but at the same time, telling people to be cautious.

Mark Dolan in applauding Mr.Javid's statement, (of not cowering because of COVID), said that we have spent "17 months, behind the sofa". Now, according to Mr.Dolan, we should all come out from behind the sofa and live our lives, normally. As a species, according to Mr. Dolan, we are a social species, that needs to interact with our fellow humans. Mr. Dolan thinks we need to hug, kiss, and act like humans, COVID or not.

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Like Sajid Javid, is Mark Dolan, being irresponsible in saying this? Well, he is entitled to his view and given, GB News' right-wing stance, it shouldn't be unexpected. However, I believe all those holding such views, such as Mr. Javid's or Mr. Dolan's views, certainly need to be careful. Words have power, and this is why, in certain cases, we need to think about, what are we saying. Especially those like Sajid Javid and Mark Dolan, in the gaze of public media.

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