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Colonialism and Neo-colonialism

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Colonialism and Neo-colonialism are the concepts in the field of Post colonialism. They are basically studied to navigate the impact of colonialism on the Post-colonial countries which have gain their independence and colonialism as an era is no more prevalent in their societies but its outcomes are still there.


Colonialism is a practice under the concept of imperialism. In this practice an imperial state binds its colonies to itself primarily for the purpose of economic advantageous. Colonialism can be practiced with the help of military or by force and it can also be performed through the economic or political involvement in the colonized countries. It is strictly related to the idea of migration where people leave their states to subjugate other peoples. It is different from imperialism in a sense that imperialism is a concept or ideology and colonialism is the practical example of that ideology.

Types of colonialism:

1: Direct colonialism: It is a form of colonialism in which colonies are bind to its imperial state through the direct conquest where colonizers have used force and military. The example of this type of colonialism is the colonial rule of France over Africa and the Rule of Britain over various countries as well.

2: Indirect colonialism: Indirect rule means a strategy of imperial state where it sends its official to the other states and slowly subjugate those states in terms of politics and economics. Indirect colonialism leads towards direct and soon colonies are completely subjugated. The British rule over India could be seen as indirect rule at the start but gradually they started using force to keep their rule intact in the sub-continent.

Important Aspects of Colonialism: Colonialism can be observed with relation to the following characteristics of it:

1: Colonialism is the process in which imperial state subjugate the people of colonized state in terms of economy, law and politics.

2: Colonized people depend upon their colonizers for legal matters, for economic benefits and for their political matters as well.

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3: Colonizers oppress their colonies

4: Racial and Economic exploitation of the colonized people happen during colonial rule.

These above mentioned features state that colonization is a process in which one entity is oppressor and the other one is not only oppressed but dependent on its oppressor as well.

Neo colonialism

It is a process in which colonialism as a practice and imperialism as a concept is still present. It can be defined as a process in which post imperial states are still mending in the economic and political matters of the post-colonial states. It is the continuation of the process of colonialism and critics called it the last stage of imperialism. Many critics believe that it is the deliberate policy of the western people to subjugate their post colonies after the so called flag independence. Flag independence of the post colonies is the independence which brought them no economic or political independence.

Colonialism vs Neo colonialism

In order to differentiate between these two concepts, one has to understand the concept of colonialism and post-colonialism. The hyphenated form of post-colonialism is often perceived as an era which came when the colonialism as a practice had ended, this definition created the dialogue about the continuation of the process of colonialism and many critics argued that colonialism never ended but it has only changed its methods and form and it is still present in postcolonial societies in the form of Neo colonialism. One can only perceive post colonialism as an ideology or a thought which is used to study the aftermath of colonialism and not has the indication of the end of imperialism.

Both concepts can be differentiated in terms of their purposes and the reasons behind them.

The purpose of colonialism is to give priority to the white race and make them economically and racially superior in the whole world whereas the purpose of Neo colonialism is more economic than racial. Colonizers decide to still control the economy of their post colonies to ensure that their superiority would remain intact and other nations won’t surpass them in development and economic prosperity. The quest of west to keep them as first world countries and most developed ones can be perceived through the hatred and bias of America towards the advancement of China or towards the autonomy of Middle eastern countries. Americans are basically at economic war with the Chinese at one end and on the other hand they have the complete control over the assets of the middle eastern countries. This control is also an example of Neo colonialism. Colonialism is mostly related with the direct conquest or use of power where colonizers migrate to their colonies and then some settled down there as well and completely assimilate themselves with natives. On the other hand, in Neo colonialism migration and settlement does not happen but it starts with settlers leave their colonies and then starts governing the affairs of their post colonies from their own homelands. In this way Neo colonialism is not as much apparent as colonialism is because in this process colonizers are working and subjugating people in the disguise of economic add or to restore peace and order the way Americans are doing to the whole world in this era. Colonialism in India happened when British came to India for the sake of trade but gradually with force taken all the country under their control and Neo colonialism is still happening in Pakistan and India, especially in Pakistan when Pakistan takes Loan from IMF and then it has to conduct its issues according to the rules and regulations of west.

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