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Clown Puts His Foot in It Again!

Nicola Will Not Be happy!

Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of the SNP in Scotland and First minister of Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of the SNP in Scotland and First minister of Scotland.

Oh dear, it would appear bumbling Boris has done it again. Boris was involved in a supposed video meeting with other Tory MPs and the subject came up about devolution.

Boris reportedly told those involved in the meeting, that devolution was a big mistake. As much as Boris might be an admirer of Tony Blair, Boris said giving devolution to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales was a mistake, but especially to Scotland.

10 Downing Street didn't deny Boris had said this and indeed, Robert Jenrick, a minister in Boris' cabinet, defended him. Mr Jenrick said, "That although Boris supports devolution, he is at heart, a unionist".

Boris is currently isolating himself in the upstairs flat at 10 Downing Street. Boris and other Tory MPs were in the proximity of another Tory MP, who subsequently it was found out, was suffering from COVID. Boris' track and trace app highlighted this and so, Boris once again returned to isolation. Boris made a video on Twitter highlighting he was as fit as a "butcher's dog". But of course, if your track and trace app highlights you as being in the area of someone with the virus, you must isolate for 14 days.

Boris being isolated once more, according to some, couldn't have come at the worst time. Boris is facing a down to the wire agreement (or lack of) with the EU, COVID is running rampant as England is still in national lockdown, Cummings his go-to man to get himself out of grief has departed, while two vaccines one developed by Fizer and the other by Moderna are being (one hopes) given the once over to make sure they are fit for purpose against COVID. Boris and his shambles of an administration are dropping in the polls as Sir Keir and Labour, are riding high. Boris is losing his buddy Trump (short of a miracle) in January as Biden will be sworn in as President, on January 20, 2021. President-elect Biden, will not give the UK an easy ride over a trade deal as Trump has.

The Internal Market bill seeks to override the original agreement between the EU and the UK. This bill will see powers coming back from Brussels and straight to Westminster weakening the powers of the devolved nations.

The relationship between Boris Johnson and the Scottish First Minister is for want of a better word, toxic. Boris by saying devolution is a disaster has given Ms Sturgeon the ammunition she needs for calling yet again, for another independence referendum or IndyRef II. Boris probably doesn't care, but SNP MPs at Westminster led by Ian Blackford and north of the border will be seizing on this. Pointing out that, Boris doesn't give a damn about other parts of the UK and especially Scotland.

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Even fellow Conservative MPs in Scotland have distanced themselves from Boris' comments. As said before, Boris has a track record of making gaffs or to some, saying what people are really thinking, tack your pick.

No doubt, on Wednesday, Prime Minister's Questions will be a stormy place over this. Boris will not be there in person unless he is able to appear via video link. The only other thing he can do is get Dominic Raab (Foreign Minister and unofficially Deputy Prime Minister to stand in for him). Raab stood in for Boris before when Boris was out of action the first time when he contracted COVID. Maybe, he may give others in his cabinet a chance to stand at the dispatch box, such as Rishi Sunak. Whether Boris is thereby available by video link or a minister stands in for him, they will be hit by the forensic questions of 'Colombo Keir'. How will Sir Keir respond to the 'devolution' statement made allegedly by Boris? Mr Starmer could choose to go all guns blazing and make political capital out of it or not, the choice is his.

One last thought, Boris on his "I'm as fit as a butcher's dog" message, mentioned he was full of COVID anti-bodies, so, therefore, why is he isolating? The jury, however, appears to be out on whether you can get infected again, once you have been infected and recovered. Only Boris himself knows why he is isolating again if his anti-bodies are up to the job of stopping a second re-infection into his system.

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