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Cloaked Health Issues Affect Presidential Events. Wilson Stroke and FDR Polio Death. Fate Affected International Globe.

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Historically Suffered Strokes

Massive Stroke during Presidency.


Polio Stricken. Had Poor Med Care

Taxed Beyond Measure. Death in Office




Ironically - In our vast Solar System, We Still Stop to Declare the U.S. President - "The Most Powerful Man in the World"!


Woodrow Wilson - Strokes and Denial

In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a severe stroke that left him incapacitated until the end of his presidency in 1921, an event that became one of the great crises in presidential succession.

Wilson’s first known stroke, in 1896, manifested itself in a weakness and loss of dexterity of his right hand, a numbness in the tips of several fingers, and some pain in the right arm. This vessel supplies the regions of the left cerebral hemisphere that control movement and sensation for the contralateral extremities. The subsequent course of the disease suggest that the branch was blocked by an embolus from the left internal carotid artery.

After the massive stroke of 1919, Wilson still thought he had the vigor to serve a third term. Two years later, he suffered another period of inability to use his right hand, but suggested that he had simply been writing too much.

By February of 1920, news of the president’s stroke began to be reported in the press. Nevertheless, the full details of Woodrow Wilson’s disability, and his wife’s management of his affairs, were not entirely understood by the American public at the time.

What remained problematic was that in 1919 there did not yet exist clear constitutional guidelines of what to do, in terms of the transfer of presidential power, when severe illness struck the Chief Executive.

We Did Have the U.S. Constitution!

However, we still had the U.S. Constitution’s Article II, Section 1, Clause 6. They were not operating in a void, but it surely should have been given the scrutiny and attention it deserved during a time of World War and a potential new gathering together of nations; and oh yes! The Chief Executive of the United States of America.

Stroke in Pueblo, CO After 8,000 Mile 22-Day Trip Promoting League of Nations

President Woodrow Wilson who had just cut short a tour of the country to promote the formation of the League of Nations -8,000 miles, suffered a stroke on October 2, 1919. The tour’s intense schedule–8,000 miles in 22 days–cost Wilson his health. He suffered constant headaches during the tour, finally collapsing from exhaustion in Pueblo, CO in late September. He managed to return to Washington, only to suffer a near-fatal stroke on October 2..

Who Is Above the Vice President? Her Name Was "Edith".

In 1919, midway through his second term, Woodrow Wilson suffered a series of debilitating strokes that left him paralyzed on the left side, partially blind and emotionally erratic. His wife Edith and closest aides shielded him from the public eye, and the world did not learn of his severe incapacity until his death in 1923.

(Edith, who served as her bedridden husband’s primary representative and took over many of his responsibilities, later described the arrangement as her “period of stewardship.”)

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All “Knew” About The “Wheel Chair President", But Should He Have Run For that Last term?

This memo has just been unveiled by the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts, which the prominent surgeon founded in 1923.

“I have reviewed all of his xrays and findings over the past years and compared them with the present findings and am recording my opinion concerning Mr. Roosevelt’s condition and capacities now,” Lahey wrote in the memo, dated July 10, 1944. “I am recording these opinions in the light of having informed Admiral McIntire Saturday afternoon July 8, 1944 that I did not believe that, if Mr. Roosevelt were elected President again, he had the physical capacity to complete a term.” The purpose of the document, Lahey wrote, was to protect his reputation as a physician in the event that the public report was called into question: “As I see my duty as a physician, I cannot violate my professional position nor possible professional confidence, but I do wish to be on record concerning possible later criticism.”

Lahey went on to explain that the president had likely been on the verge of heart failure in recent months as a result of high blood pressure. “With this in mind,” he wrote, “it was my opinion that over the four years of another term with its burdens, he would again have heart failure and be unable to complete it.” According to the memo, McIntire agreed with his colleague’s assessment.

By 1944, Roosevelt was no stranger to keeping his health under wraps. Paralyzed from the waist down at age 39 after an acute illness that was diagnosed—most likely incorrectly—as polio, he relied heavily on a wheelchair but never appeared in it in public.

Why Did FDR Run For a Fourth Term?

The election of 1944 came at a precarious time for Roosevelt, his country and the world in general, and Roosevelt clearly felt a duty to see World War II through to its end. As Joseph Lelyveld argued in His Final Battle: The Last Months of Franklin Roosevelt, he was also desperate to avoid the fate of Woodrow Wilson, another president who had seen his country through a global conflict only to see his idealistic plans for lasting peace founder in the post-war years.

FDR's Travel Schedule - Two 14,000 mile trips (Tehran and Yalta) clearly affected his health. These to "wrap up" so many Eastern European issues (The Fate of Poland hanging in the air) and a thousand other details that stormed through the last days of "The Big One". But still he hadn't told Truman about "The Manhattan Project.

Truman - The World On His Shoulders

When President Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, Truman was immediately sworn in and, soon after, was informed by Stimson of a new and terrible weapon being developed by physicists in New Mexico.

In his diary that night, Truman noted that he had been informed that the U.S. was perfecting an explosive great enough to destroy the whole world.

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Christofer French (author) from Denver on October 19, 2020:

That's very true, and I commend her and him for what they tried to do. It was noble and honorable. But lots of the power structure knew the score. Ironically, Wilson came up out of Roosevelt's lips as being a reason for his decision. Thus the reason no one will ever run for 4 terms. His health went to hell on his trips to Yalta and Teheran. You have to give Truman all the credit in the world.

This topic break's ones heart in many ways. But the fate of the world was involved. Thank you for your heartfelt comment.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on October 19, 2020:

I think many leaders refuse to see their illness as a weakness and carry on even if they shouldn't. His wife really came through for him.

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