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Clean Your Own House, Before You Tell Others They Aren't Doing it Right

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Governor Ron DeSantis (R) Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis (R) Florida

Facing down Tyranny

"Why don't you do your job?" "Why don't you get this border secure and until you do that - I don't want to hear a 'blip' from you about COVID.”

This was the response of Governor Ron DeSantis to Joe Biden, after Biden singled him out for, "being in the way".

In the way of what?


We have illegal migrants flooding across our southern border. We've all seen the footage, we aren't blind to what is going on.

But yet, we are to ignore this massive influx of who knows who, from, Only God knows, where!

Don't read too much into that last sentence. Don't be so quick to judge me as heartless and uncaring, I completely understand that we've all been programmed to feel pangs of guilt, if we dare to practice common sense and participate in reason.

Or, short and sweet, consider the odds!

But, we really don't know who is coming across do we?

We don't know, this Administration doesn't know and doesn't care, so in they come, bused here, flown points unknown...housed, propped up, left with a 'Vote Democrat' business card, then told to work at blending in.

Oops, I've jumped the gun a bit - don’t want to get into this right now -

Meantime, this Administration's focus and wrath is far removed from the southern border and laser-focused on Ron DeSantis instead!

Why is that?

Because Governor DeSantis happens to still believe in life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Because he believes that Parents are perfectly capable of taking care of their own family and in making decisions which best work for them?

Because he still believes in individual rights?

Because he actually takes his role seriously and is committed to “support and defend“ the Constitution of the United States?

Yes, all of the above!

Many of us completely understand, DeSantis' tone!

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There's a crisis at the southern border, getting worse by the day, (when 1 million have illegally crossed, within a six month span) it's a crisis! And yet…Biden's only response to this, is to call out Florida's Governor for not mandating, not threatening and not keeping Floridians, under his thumb, in eternal lock down.
Our Governor doesn’t spend his days insulting us, guilting us into total submission, while knowing full well that all the while…the Biden Administration has to put one million strangers from parts unknown somewhere and that, no doubt, Florida is among the drop off zones!

Governor DeSantis is doing what great leaders do, looking Tyranny in the face and saying not today, not here, not in this State, not ever!

Governor Ron DeSantis (R) Florida

You have got to clean your own house first before you tell other people that they aren't doing it right.

— Daniel Webster

Speaking of cleaning houses and singling out…

What the Joe Biden Administration has done/is doing, to a certain segment of the population, this Nation's many landlords; of all races, creeds and colors, is demoralizing!

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of landlords, there will be no further extension of the moratorium on eviction.

But, hold on…not so fast! The Supreme Court doesn’t have his ear, the Constitution doesn’t ever seem to cross his mind…much less his desk!

The only people he seeks to serve, are those working against this Country; bad mouthing this Country, working against the people, to swiftly move us into full-blown communism, or something equally ugly, faster than you can spit out the word - Lenin!

Biden’s mission, to sully the reputations of all landlords across this land; as if they are all some type of greedy, money-grubbing monsters and not entitled to their equal rights under the law:

  • the right to live their life by making a living for themselves and their families, the way they so choose
  • to practice their liberty; not subject to restriction or control; the freedom to live their life in the way they want, without interference
  • making a living at their American dream, free to pursue wealth (we don't all achieve great wealth, but we all have the freedom to pursue it here in the U.S.) Working at, toward, for, those things which make them happy and bring them joy as they so choose

These aren't antiquated ideas.....these are our sacred, fundamental rights and theirs are being stomped on and trampled upon

We must all stand for our rights, fight for our rights, as leaders like Governor DeSantis has been doing.

As a few Senators are doing.

As a few House members are doing.

Key word; "few", we do not have enough engaged in this fight and we are far beyond the point in time where we can turn things on a dime, it will be a battle!

You’ve probably seen images of squad member Rep. Bush (D) ecstatic, after her sit-in on the Capitol steps, working against landlords everywhere, working against their Sacred Rights, all while doing such great harm to this Nation.

Her fellow squad member, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D) is urging the President to go against the Supreme Court's Ruling and prolong the ban, via Executive order!

The actions, words, behavior of this squad of women, is repulsive! Whether as a clique or individually they remind me of the mean girls in high school; wanting their way, always finding a way to get their way, treating others, that aren’t them, as unworthy and irrelevant.

On the steps of the Capitol building, they completed that image for me, looking and behaving as kids on a high school field trip to D.C., not U.S. Congresswomen.

They need to go home and get their own homes in order and do a lot of growing up while they are at it, before they presume to talk down to any one of us, about our house!

Cleaning The House of them, will be the start of finally getting the People’s House, back in order

Field Trip! Go girl!

"The goal of socialism is communism" - Vladimir Lenin

Government's role in all of this COVID mess has strayed much too far from their limited role; yes, we needed the vaccines funded and commissioned, for the most vulnerable and we needed it fast!

Perhaps, early on, with the many unknowns of the virus and with the many that were forced to stay home and could not work, a helping hand for a time, for a very unwelcome season...but never meant to go on indefinitely.

There is more than enough work out there right now!

There are more than enough churches, charities, which all assist in getting folks back on their feet again. Always has been, here in America!

The Government should be spending more time, money, energy, resources to find out China’s true intentions on the world…not on who is jabbed and who isn’t jabbed, not in guilting people back indoors, behind closed blinds, masked, along with their toddler…this is pure madness!

It is also worth mentioning, we can't get anyone to work for us in our small business; the many expensive ads placed, are dollars we might as well have taken a match to.

Restaurants (that haven't had to close, yet) can't find help!

Everywhere you go, from the auto parts store to the department store, there are 'Help Wanted' signs!

There are Nurse shortages, I hear from family members that big bonuses are being paid and fewer hours shifts, are being offered.

Bonuses are being paid out, competitive offers are being made, if only, all of these positions, could be filled.

If people want to work, in order to make a living and keep a roof over their head, the work is out there for the asking! Landlords provide a service too, in this case, a "roof over the head" of those who need this particular service. A service provided in which and in return, they get paid! Landlords bills keep coming too {hello}…this is how they are making their living

But then, I am in Florida, maybe jobs are not so readily available everywhere else.

If they are and if people are attempting to get back in the groove, back to the living of their lives…back to normal {gasp} depending on where you live, it's just a matter of time for more mandates, threats, lock downs and for the next level of fear mongering, to kick in.

There's no end in sight, as to how this virus can and will be used {by this Administration, by the Democratic Party} to make sure that your life remains interrupted and to make damn sure, you depend on them and not anyone else, especially not, yourself!

Yes, I said it, we have a much larger problem than the virus, which still has a nearly 100% recovery rate…the cost of all of this, our precious freedom and liberty!

If we don't stop with this victim mentality and falling into this trap, complying to ever-changing, never-ending Government overreach into our lives, on a whim, at the snap of a finger, we will have much bigger problems than a virus which, like the flu, is completely survivable!

The bulk of it, at this point, is being used to control us…not a doubt in my mind!

Let us enjoy this precious freedom which was won... and not stop there, it must be preserved for future generations.

We MUST never cease in standing up to tyranny, in all its various forms!

God Bless America

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© 2021 A B Williams

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