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Classic Passenger Liners

SS France

One of the finest of the great Liners the SS France was the ex SS Norway

One of the finest of the great Liners the SS France was the ex SS Norway

The Classic Passenger Liners

In the days before the use of the jet engine to move passengers around the earth at a speed of around eight miles per minute the only way to travel over oceans was by Liner, this was to produce some of the finest ships to ever grace the oceans and many provided a level of luxury equal to anything to be found on land (if you had the money of course)

Blue Riband

They days of the great Atlantic Liners produced many fine ships and of course they also had to race each other across the mighty Atlantic Ocean in what became known as the race for the "Blue Riband"

The Blue Riband is an unofficial accolade given to the passenger liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean westbound in regular service with the record highest speed.

Of the 35 Atlantic liners to hold the Blue Riband, 25 were British, followed by five German, three American, as well as one each from Italy and France.

RMS Queen Mary

Now this great ship is a museum ship at Los Angeles

Now this great ship is a museum ship at Los Angeles

Across the Oceans

Many of the great passenger Liners were used to carry many new immigrants to far away countries such as Australia and New Zealand and these ships became home for many families for six or seven weeks as they journeyed over the oceans from Europe to a new life "down Under"

SS Uganda

The ship that many school children would go onto to experience there first trip away from home.

The ship that many school children would go onto to experience there first trip away from home.

Classic Ships

We shall feature many more classic passengers Liners as we continue with this Hub, the Passenger Vessel Uganda was one such ship, and she had a very varied life from her launch in 1952 at the Barclay Curle Shipyard on the Clyde, Scotland.

She was originally built for the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd.(BI) as a passenger-cargo liner to serve on their UK-East Africa service.

Increasing competition from jet aircraft advancements considerably reduced the market for passenger ships between Britain and East Africa, leading BI to withdraw Uganda from the route in 1967.

She was sent to Hamburg in Germany to be re-fitted as an educational cruise ship, a role in which she excelled and was to carry many thousands of British School children on what may well have been there first experience of being overseas.

Some fourteen years later while in the middle of one of her educational cruises she was called up by the British Admiralty to be converted as a hospital ship to serve during the Falklands war and she operated down in the cold waters of the Falkland Islands for the duration of the short but brutal conflict.

She was due to return to her educational cruises but just after being re-fitted once more she was chartered by her then owners the P&O company (Who had taken over the BI line) to serve for a two year charter as a store ship, and upon completion of this in 1985 she was sold for scrapping, although this was to be the end of this fine old ship the story was not complete yet, as while awaiting scrapping in Taiwan she was caught in Typhoon Wayne which drove her ashore. She was still ashore on her side in March 1992 and was eventually broken up some time after, so bringing a final end to a fine ship.

Your Favourite Passenger Liner-one is a trick question

SS Nieuw Amsterdam


The later Ship

Not to be confused with the elder Nieuw Amsterdam built in the previous century

SS America


Classic Americana

This fine example of American shipbuilding and design from the mid 1930's was a real ship with a long and varied history, including the feature that her interior was the first such liner to be designed by women, along with a very distinguished history during World War Two, she typified all that was good in ship design of this period.

To be continued

Queen Mary 2


Full speed ahead!

The magnificent form of the Queen Mary 2 at full speed ahead!



Finest Liner

Depending on your opinion this magnificent ship the QEII as seen here in Hamburg, Germany was perhaps the finest of them all, as a passenger Liner she had no equal, yet another great ship from the shipbuilders of Scotland, and the last ever such passenger Liner built on the famous River Clyde.

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