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Civilizations Crisis Catalysts & "UFOnauts" Psychoanalysis

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It is said that strange visionary displays and phenomena would manifest in the heavens when the world ends, a catastrophe maybe in a near future that for local astronomy would look unlikely if literal occurrence is meant; although it may also be interpreted with a more possible scenario of an end to current world order or civilization , a disaster for living citizens and justification for ancient seers.

The easy life then and luxuries possible thru civilized business may no longer be and cease to exist: movies, hamburgers, stable communities... everything, and most of the human specie on planet Earth could be back to the most basic form of living surviving among free-roaming animals.

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Ancient predictions for end-of-the-world situations if or when they do actually occur, though proven accurate then may not be indicative of supernatural power for seeing the future, neither a type of prophesy as the term is normally understood, like say gift from some divine entity, from God, from The Gods, or from whatever.

Resources naturally available then to ancient prophets/oracles, similar to what may be availed in modern times, could be sufficient for acquiring knowledge that has nothing to do with the future but regarding even much more ancient things that had happened in Earth's very remote past, knowledge that may only be there if recorded and kept safe somehow.

Those ancient forecasters possibly could have good reasons to believe the past happenings or lost histories may repeat itself.

Varied references indicate that our kind of civilization may not be accomplishment unique on Earth created by intelligence unique on it, but rather a late version only of many others that rose previously to greater or else lesser degree of prominence.

Civilizations that vanish

Extensive civilizations that had attained some fair degree of sophistication and yet ultimately just die out may be rather mystifying.

On the other hand on a smaller scale within some short span of a few centuries in human written history, mysterious cases of smaller civilizations that inexplicably ceased on their highly developed states had also been noted.

At least in one case it seems to be only a matter of the citizens, hundreds of thousands of the living plus its unknown multitudes of dead in cemeteries, simply abandoning their civilization built up over considerable number of centuries, because no trace of bodies nor skeletons were found.

Disappearing acts of civilizations apparently, may sometimes also be a collective choice of its citizenry.

Ways of survivors

Earth's highly developed civilizations that vanished in those extremely ancient times that could stretch back as far as hundreds of millions of years ago (if not billions) may be expected to have survivors, whether organized or not - intelligences of tangible flesh and blood with various physical attributes, whether human, humanoid, or anything else, and unimaginable types of mental outlooks/psychology.

Irregardless of their differences and depending on intelligence, such survivors could have more than usual awareness of those factors that caused their respective civilization's downfall, as well as trait common to most that may be something akin to phobia, or else characteristic concern regarding infuence of such factors in their ways of existence.

Generally, survivors of civilizations that collapsed may be apt to review their previous ways of life and bound to be somewhat critical of it.

If by then still somewhat sophisticated and technologically capable the will to rebuild a similar type of civilization may be absent in the survivors, probably also with changes to sociological forms / internal oganizations / politics that originally could have developed or made possible their civilized living.

Legacy of survivors

Technology with associated sciences however, whether high or low, facilities of civilization that may only be set up easily thru organizations in stabilized societies, could be regarded necessities that may not easily be set aside and attract both the intelligent and the not so intelligent.

Some resourceful survivors that recognize any limits to their own resources and somehow think better future might be provided for their descendants may be apt to settle on another alternative: accelerate in promising intelligent animals any evolutionary tendencies for technological development.

Future materials may be availed from those animals if guided right, especially if those become numerous and, even more especially if among themselves often wage wars (which may also be guided or encouraged). .

The way of gods

Those type of gods most likely have good reasons to believe also, or maybe even hope, that anyway, whatever animals so assisted may be expected to mismanage any civilization created, and can be milked for whatatever it is worth from rise to fall of their civilizations.

Delutionary tactics done to make developing civilizations believe that it is some kind of unique phenomenon tnat only recently manifested may be utilized as extra-precautionary steps that some of those gods would perpetrate.

Possibly those tactics eventually may have further improvements for deluding perceptions of possible far-off star rivals.

Culmination of a universal law

A universal law probably exists, at least on Earth that could also apply to the entire universe, to the effect that intelligences deciding to setup civilizations may be apt to create something with high propensity of eventually collapsing, a law noticeable maybe to those who have reasons to notice.

Down thru the ages on Earth, at any sign of impending fall of global civilizations, similar to the usual manner that current humans with various psychological traits and inclinations gather at situations like disasters, emergencies or such, some to help and some to take advantage, "UFOnauts" in different kinds of UFOs from the older civilizations of past aeons or geological eras may gather, motivated by varied objectives.

With most of them it seems improbable that at that stage so close to collapse any good-willed remedial actions, if at all doable would be a main motivator, but then again also, it could be that the laws of chance and probability are just that, or just mysterious maybe, and benefit of doubt laws say that maybe among the lot some latecomer Good-Samaritan-UFOs may be standing by to see what can be done for the gasping civilization.

There must be an operating factor common to all civilizations that so far had ever existed on Earth, thru which this law of the universe operates. Like many laws, the universal law may also be breakable, by knowing it maybe thru its operating factor.

In its totality civilizations may be viewed as hierarchy of organizations including any un-organized groups, from the topmost level that is the civilization down to individuals that make up respective organizations.

Organization as mothered by necessity

An instinct for organizing with others could be basic to most living things, necessary pre-requisite for evolving to higher form organisms.

In the microscopic world, it may be noted at a phase of a certain specie's biological cycle whereby as separately moving micro-organisms it clusters to organized form as a single large unit, basically a different type of organism born to perform some function in reproduction.

The microbe organized into that form though may not yet have evolved defenses against others that might gobble it up, so the form dissolves after serving its function and the composing individuals move freely again to lead separate lives.

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Much higher up in the world of the macroscopic for Earth's intelligences and modeling current setups of humans as viewed from the perspective of ordinary individuals, notable organizations chiefly are governments, with other organizations beneath that ultimately deal with individuals at the bottom level of civilization's hierharchic formation.

Civilization itself is at the topmost hierarchy level with governments below, also various world organizations. As topmost representation, it is currently headless.


Organizations as entities may be functional either with a head, or else as headless entity.

The functionality as well as effectivity of either type of organizations is a hazy variable dependent on circumstances and may have hazy relations on the longevity of either type. On the other hand, longevity could be relative to type of threat as exemplified below...

In the case of human governments including civilizations as often observed in past histories, external threats to those organizations generally may quite often be successfully countered if good leaders or heads exist with available resources including trustworthy followers.

Internal threats to organizations on the other hand can mobilize with or without the existence of external threats. Positioning closest to the existing head, may be noticeable occasionally thru very obvious rationalizations corruptive of some idealism.

Petty materialistic reasons generally may drive it, nevertheless could have serious cumulative effects; besides that it may also attract external threats. Heads of organizations may be lost because of it.

Things internal to organizations can have characteristic effects contrary to those entities' reasons for being, that may as well be called 'organization barrier', representative of obstacles that halt the further rise of past civilizations on Earth and cause eventual collapse - threats from some virus-like corrupting entities that may always exist in the innards of organizations..

Breakers/crackers of law

Though not apparent it may still be possible that with the right combination of intelligence and luck, some of Earth's past civilizations could have broken free of their organization barrier despite its associated universal law, and if so could be somewhere else now in the universe, or could even also be just somewhere around, minding their own businesses.

Conflict with those kinds of entities may not manifest except when others cross their affairs.

Whether humanity could do a similar feat remains to be seen, if we are still here, or else maybe there to witness it, of course.

In any event it may be assumed that threats cannot possibly become internal for civilizations constituted of characters that inherently by themselves alone may be self-sufficient and would not need those kinds of materialistic tidbits possible thru organizations.

Why such characters would be united under some organization regardless of presence or absence of head need not be a bothersome mystery, considering possibilities that could manifest in time and space, although external threats that could not be handled by each alone may be one factor.

On Earth with the variety of fauna on its lands, self-sufficiency could be inherent characteristic for some of the top free-roaming predators of the loner type that occasionally may generally associate amiably only for reproductive purposes, or only with its opposite sex at mating periods.

Those large land predators have appendages like powerful forepaws/hindlimbs that are critical in predation and specifically adapted for chasing or smashing prey, that also have appendages usable for defense or else horns (horns seem characteristics for only herbivorous animals, not carnivorous predators).

Land predators may not be well suited for complicated processes like the creation of civilizations that would need among many others dexterous appendages specifically usable for handling specific tools.


The Insane Biology of: Octopus ...(youtube)

Octopuses punch fish ...................(livescience)

The much wider areas of Earth's oceans however is roamed also by at least one type of organism with favorable physical form, the loner predatory octopus that assuming conditions and factors are right might revert its habits to activities that civilization builders do.

Also called "devilfish" because of its beak, the carnivorous octopi are nocturnal with quite remarkable intelligence, attribute that serves it well for having eight appendage tentacles with numerous active suckers that would need considerable brains in its manipulation (brains are also in the tentacles itself).

Actually a mollusk, its shell disappeared 450 million years ago and resulted to the evolution of other adaption means against predators. It also has the capability of very rapid body camouflage change to blend with its background.

If in time maybe humanity thru intelligence or luck be destined like one of those possible civilizations in Earth's past that maybe also penetrated alive its organization barrier to roam the universe, prevalence therein of intelligence in octopus form instead of the human image might be noted, astride domesticated squids maybe.

Those corruptive virus-like entities in human organizations though, catalysts for crisis if not collapse of civilizations, seem a hardy breed, and could remain inside wherever humanity roams, unless maybe exorcised somehow by self-sufficient organization constituents.

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