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Chris Whitty: Covid Is Still out There!

Professor Chris Whitty.


The Long and The Short of It.

Against the background, of COVID cases spiking once more, Professor, Chris Whitty has spoken. The scientist, glum-faced, forever at Boris' side, along with Patrick Vallance has said lockdowns, are not off the agenda, yet.

The Professor has indicated that there could be a lockdown, in the near future. As mentioned, cases are spiking again and hospital admissions, though low, are noticeable. It was, inevitable, though, as things became easier and easier, (in line with Boris' 'Roadmap' plan), and people inter-acted, COVID deaths, infections, isolating, and hospital admissions, would rise.

The COVID Delta variant and Delta + have grown to be the dominant variant in the UK. Boris, allowing 20,000 Indians into our country has not helped. India, some say because Boris wanted to secure a trade deal, was not put onto the red list, until later. By then it was too late and the Delta variant, formerly the Indian variant, was having a field day.

July 19 is stage 4 of Boris' 'Road Map' plan will see all restrictions taken off. This is cause for concern, for many scientists and other concerned individuals, organizations, etc. At the moment, we are going through something of a 'Pingdemic'. So many people right now, are being pinged by the government's 'track and trace' app. This is affecting society at large and in particular, businesses. With staff isolating, many small businesses have had to adapt or close. Is it any wonder, Sir Keir predicted a summer of "chaos and confusion" with that and the lifting of all restrictions. It is thought, certain places indoors, you will still have to wear masks after July 19. Public transport too, it will be mandatory to wear a mask. Of course, many will be willing to disperse with, their masks. Others, (perhaps rightly so, even the double jabbed), will still wear them.

Professor Chris Whitty has made it clear, that, if hospitalizations are soaring above SAGE forecasts, then, a lockdown could happen. Professor Whitty and others in the field, say we "could get into trouble again" and that there will be "scary moments". And, "we are not out of the woods yet". The thing is, and perhaps, the Professor would be the first to admit this, is that we may never be out of the woods. COVID is not going on a long vacation, just because July 19, the so-called 'freedom day' will arrive.

Even Boris has been forced to concede, that this releasing of all restrictions, could be reversible. Originally, Boris said there would be no more lockdowns, lifting all restrictions would be" irreversible". Well, how wrong was he?

Boris probably, thought, that the vaccination would be enough, to stave off going into another lockdown. Yes, the roll-out has been great and it has been a stunning success, in many ways. However, as Professor Whitty has admitted, there will be other variants. All things adapt and evolve, and the virus is no stranger to this, process. Professor Whitty has said science must keep up with the variant.

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Chris Whitty, fully expects there will be those still wearing masks, after July 19, (as mentioned earlier). The professor has said, people should not get "mesmerized" by anti-vaxxer or anti-lockdown propaganda.

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