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China Threatens Australia With Missiles

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Conflict on some level is coming with China as it imposes it bully tactics to achieve natural resources and geographic expansion. China's fishing trawler fleet of thousands are sent into oceans far away to devour the ocean's food supply chain, many times violating Exclusive Economic Zones of other countries until kicked out by local Coast Guard ships.

China will no doubt try to retake Taiwan, first without force, failing that, buy military force. Most agree this will probably not occur until after 2022 because of the Olympics being held in Beijing, after that, all bets are off.

Australia and the US are partners in Asia sphere. The Australians have secured the rights to enhance and operate a former key USN port in Subic Bay, Philippines and the military alliance to deter China is fixed. In the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan, Australia has indicated that it would intervene along with the US. This intervention may be the use of Australian troops be sent to Taiwan. This support caused China to issue a missile threat. China has said any such intervention would prompt China to send it inter-continental ballistic missiles to destroy key Australian facilities in Australia, which are well within their range. To that, the PM of Australia indicated that missile defense systems need to be built.

All this rhetoric raises important issues. Once a conflict breaks out, Australia, could suffer catastrophic losses from Chinese retaliatory missiles, namely, the DF-41,17, and 26. While America assets in Japan and Guam, could be targeted as well creating a whirlwind of chaos. Even if the missiles are shot down, the mere fact China fired them first, creates a retaliatory response. Imagine if a US carrier is sunk or crippled from a missile fired from a Chinese base in the South China Sea, it would demand a US military response. China has warned any country accepting the deployment of intermediate-range American missiles would face retaliation. China already has 2000 ballistic missiles.

The Australia-Chinese relationship has gone into the tanks. China stopped importing numerous food and other resources when Australia said the Covid-19 virus was a result of China's mishandling. Australia then responded by canceling several key contracts with China like exports of coal. But, China is fine with that because it then just imports coal from the US! Another hard hit Australian market is their agriculture. China has been importing most of their barley and other grains exclusively, which is now stopped for the most part. Instead, China imports much of their grains from the US.

All of this seems like a bad business strategy on the part of the Australian government because economics is also a weapon of war.


perrya (author) on May 18, 2021:

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Good point.....

MG Singh emge from Singapore on May 17, 2021:

Somehow Perrya, I'm feeling that China may not be able to militarily take over Taiwan. Remember the Bay of Pigs? what is likely is that they could infect the island nation with some virus-like they have impacted the world with the Wuhan virus. That is a real possibility.

perrya (author) on May 16, 2021:

Indeed, Taiwan remains a huge lure for China, they refuse to accept the fact and if they can overwhelm them to get it back, they may take the chance.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on May 16, 2021:

Perrya, I do not see how a war can benefit China. The country faces myriad problems particularly with regard to one son syndrome that leads to morale problems in the army. In a nuclear exchange China will suffer much more and the casualties will be heavy because their entire population is concentrated in the eastern part. There is no doubt that China is a threat to world peace and the USA and other nations will have to factor it in. The only hope for China is to try and take over the world economically and that is a very big problem because it has got a border problem with all its neighbors. In fact in my view China is on a dicey wicket and I won't be surprised if there is an implosion from inside China. Watch out my friend and see how the dice falls..


The show of powers that countries are trying to outshine others is not good at all. We might just end up destroying ourselves. China should not try to do anything even if they are able and stronger, all other underground enemies might take the advantage and gang up against it. It will be the worst decision that they have ever made.

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