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Child vasectomy for 10 year olds - NEW LAW ?


Vasectomies on ten year old boys sounds like a futuristic movie story line. Child vasectomy may not be as futuristic as you may think. Reversible vasectomies are usually for men over the age of eighteen years of age, but now a debate has started over whether or not a reversible vasectomy should be carried out on boys as young as ten years old.

The massive increase in teenage pregnancies in girls as young as 12, has prompted some radical views in recent years from governments and parents. Abortion rates have increased as has the numbers of unwanted babies being taken into care.

US figures announce that over 750,000 US teenagers become pregnant every year. That equates to over three million young teenage mums in the globe every year. Abortion rates have hit the roof with over 4 in 10 pregnancies ending in an abortion.

The reversible vasectomy

The idea for a ten year old boys reversible vasectomy is simply to reduce unwanted babies and abortions. Unwanted babies in a new family causes stress and pressure on new mums and dads, Financial worries creep in and it is also a heavy strain on the national health system and a massive drain on the welfare system. An unwanted child can often be neglected and starved of love from either one or both parents, and can inevitably become a statistic in juvenile detention centres or a criminal filling up jails and prisons when they are older.

4% of unwanted children are brought up with help from their grandparents whom have taken on a roll as part time mother and father.

As 4 in every 10 pregnancies end in abortion, taking a stance against teenage pregnancies is a good idea. But how? Abortion can cause permanent physiological damage to a little girl or young woman. Constant regret, depression, and anxiety can fester for years and rear up at any time. Can having an abortion destroy the innocent mild of a child? Does it make them a different person for the rest of their lives?


What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a small operation that lasts for between 10 and 15 minutes. A general anesthetic is used whilst one or two insertions are made in the scrotum. A Vasectomy can be carried out privately, by BUPA and other private vasectomy clinics as well as the National Health Services.

With intricate precision, the surgeon will cut both of the vas tubes. Once cut the tubes will be sealed at the ends. This will prevent any sperm from travelling through the penis and deny pregnancy.

Bilateral vasectomies do not always work, their success rate is quite low, and another operation may be required. Not all vasectomies are reversible which is also another sticking point. It is the desire of the world to reduce unwanted teen pregnancies but not at the cost of restricting a persons rights to have children.

Voluntary Vasectomies

It would be down to the parents to make the choice for a ten year old boy to receive a vasectomy. A ten year old cannot legally consent to this operation. The medical profession was initially shocked to learn of this idea, but not all of them.

Childhood vasectomies would drastically reduce the number of unwanted teen pregnancies. It may also increase the number of promiscuous relationships that teenagers would have knowing that they cannot get pregnant. A vasectomy does not stop sexually transmitted diseases. An increase in sexual activity may increase the risk of disease.


Boys V's Vasectomies

What will a boy gain from having a vasectomy?

a) The freedom of promiscuous sex knowing there will be no unwanted babies.

b) The option of having children later in life rather than to soon and possibly ruining their lives.

c) The chance to continue studying for better employment prospects rather than eking out a living to support the baby.

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Girls V's Vasectomy

What will girls gain or lose from boys having a vasectomy?

a) There will be a rise in the number of sexual partners.

b) The chance to have a childhood without a baby hindering them.

c) More open to sexually transmitted diseases

d) The freedom of choice if they want a baby after the age of 18 years

Your Opinion

There are many pros and cons to childhood vasectomies. What is your opinion?


Stuart on November 08, 2020:

Great idea, better sperm bank though as reversal after 20 years often not viable

Momof5boys on October 23, 2020:

I'm thinking about this. But waiting till a little older and freezing and storing his sperm

Connie on September 16, 2018:

I'm all for it. It's about time all those male sperm spewers were held accountable. Vasectomies are a very simple and reversible procedure. This should be made into law as soon as possible. This would put an end to the men who think they are so cool for being a baby's daddy but do nothing for the child and the many that come after it. Once they are married and with their wife's documented permission would they only be able to have it reversed. Pray that this happens ASAP. Our country needs it. You are not American if you don't support this into law.

LaMarr on July 22, 2016:

I'm 66 and wanted to be sterile since age 8.

I had 2 children in my 30's. Looking back, social pressure was to have children. I'm still caring for them 30 years later.

I would have gladly been sterilized at 8.

Thanks for hearing me out.

sniped man on July 06, 2016:

strange - but sounds good. Depends on the age of the teen. I would agree for teens at the age of 16+ in general. For girl having been pregnant & abortion I guess 14+ will be a good age.

When I was 18+ at Age vasectomy wasn't avaliable - what a pitty

Yep on August 09, 2015:

I think it's a fantastic idea, but more studies should be done.

kem63 on August 31, 2014:

I'd vote for it just to shut the pro-lifers up.

nutter on March 31, 2013:

wish id gotten one when i was ten!

Here Goes on March 31, 2013:

If the government weren't raising people in foster homes, because their parents were arrested for growing a pot plant, 12 year olds wouldn't be getting pregnant.

Broken Window fallacy. The government burns down the house, and then hires carpenters to rebuild, charging tax-payers double.

diveman_10 on May 30, 2012:

I never blamed it all on the girl. I merely stated the obvious. It does take two to tango.

AIDS is life or death. If condoms are not being used than people are engaging in high risk sex (kind of the problem anyway).

There are only two surefire ways to prevent pregnancy: hysterectomy, abstinence. A vasectomy is not 100% foolproof. The vas ends can grow back together (recanalize).

This is just another form of genital mutilation, and since society thinks that it is acceptable to circumcise a boy than it must be OK to vasectomize a boy as well.

The cost for a vasectomy is between $500 - $1000 dollars. At any given time there are about 500,000 boys at any given age this would be an additional $250,000,000 - $500,000,000 each and every year. As I stated the cost of a reversal earlier with no guarantees that it will work. I do not see the state/government footing the bill for this 500,000 boys X $5000 = $2,500,000,000 (+). Would the state/government pay for the cost of fertility treatments, I think not. We could have a whole generation of childless couples because we thought the solution was vasectomies for boys. As I also stated, a less invasive option is being overlooked (implants or semi-permanent birth control).

I have lost 18 months (and counting) out of the middle of my life, spent over $100,000 dollars to try to regain my previous health back. Would the state/government be willing to foot the bill for something like this if/when the problem arises, again, I think not.

savealife on May 22, 2012:

cry baby.... do you really believe that crap. blame it all on the girl. do you think that they don't like sex, they as much as the boys do. but the girl has all of the consequences. a boy can hide a sexually transmitted disease . but a pregnancy will be discovered, and not only that but a new life. a real live human being is going to come into this world wanted or not. loved or not. you are right though about the age. and i do belief that if the parents opt not to get the procedure done. they also should opt out of any current or future government assistance for them and their children until adulthood. it is a truly life and or death question and parents who don't care about their children won't talk to them or prepare them for real life. therefore they should not be creating real life.Stop blaming women for life. it takes two to make a life. and it means it takes two decisions. but if one of them can not make a child. then there is no life or death consequences. but if both of them can not make life then there is no life or death consequence. but if both of them can then that is when society can and will pick up the bill for years to come. For we frown on abortion or Murder as some have called it. there are so many reasons to say yes to this question but with a different age. such a simple answer to solve so many murders and abortions, and messed up lives. lost childhoods, and abused unwanted children. yes please. the women of this world could use this help.

Sayer Stewart on March 28, 2012:

This is the sickest thing I have ever read. Nobody should be sterilized without their consent.

hush4444 from Hawaii on January 15, 2012:

Where is the debate about vasectomies for ten year olds taking place?

diveman_10 on January 11, 2012:

I have been waiting to comment on this for a while because I am sure it will get really heated, really fast. So, I'll take the bait and be the first one to comment. This has feminism written all over it. I cannot believe that some actually thinks that this is a viable approach. There is really only 2 viable ways to make sure that underage pregnancies don’t happen. 1. The all so popular "abstinence", I know what some of you are thinking, but it is not working because people are not abstaining from sex. 2. Forced birth control on all 10 year old girls (ie "norplant" or the likes). If the people think that every boy, everywhere is going to have had a vasectomy, all the time, than they are completely ignorant. The girl is the key to the whole core of this issue. If she is having sex there will always be a chance for pregnancy (ie rape by a non sterile male, incest, etc.). The only full proof way to make this happen is to start where it all starts and ends, "the girl". If the girl cannot get pregnant then this would eliminate the problem. However, this is not what is being suggested, not even remotely. With my propsed approach the same measure is still carried out but by a more effective means and the risks are substantial smaller. A vasectomy requires surgery and no surgery is with out risks. Norpalnt or a similar implant would require a less skilled person to perform the procedure. There would be virtually no recovery time and the complications would be minute at best. However, to perform a vasectomy on a 10-year-old boy requires greater precision (if we want to have a reversal later) by a medical doctor. There are complications from a vasectomy that are not widely known by most people until they themselves have a problem. I happen to be one of those people and I have been in constant chronic pain for over 13 months (since day one) and I have spent over $50,000 (yes that is a real number) to try and alleviate my pain. I have been limited to lifting no more than a gallon of milk (7.5 pounds) and I am told not to exert myself in any way. I am 41 not 81 and I did not sign up for this kind of life style. After I have though long and hard I had the realization that just because I cant get my wife pregnant doesn’t mean someone else cant (what an incredible brain fart). My pain will cause me to have another surgery with additional risks that I will be taking on as well. I have a 9 year old son and it pains me to even think that someone would entertain the idea that they would ever get away with performing a vasectomy on him.

No long-term study has ever been done or ever should be done on such a young age group. We could have an entire generation (maybe even two) of young men that that could not father any children before we even realize what damage has been done. A vasectomy is actually breaking part of the human body that was never meant to be broken. Just because someone thinks that a vasectomy can be reversed later, does not mean that it should be done. To reverse a vasectomy and have it done effectively is somewhere in the range of $10,000 - $15,000 per operation (staggering) and considering that currently in the U.S. insurance does not cover a vasovasectomy (reversal). I would have had to wait even longer to start a family if I would have had to pay $10,000 to see if I could even father a child, and if that had failed I don’t know if I could have ever afforded trying anything else. If you take into account that most western cultures are marrying later you will most likely be in your late 20’s before starting a family. After an extended period (15 years) of time the reversal even if it restores the ability to mix sperm with semen, the success rate plummets. The success rates of pregnancies drop to about 36%. If this all starts at the age of 10 by the age of 25 you may never be able to naturally father a child which is why I am assuming that the article is written pro-female so later the girl has uninterrupted access to getting pregnant. So, we go from not wanting to get pregnant to not being able to get pregnant, then later to going back to getting a vasectomy again because that is what a boy is to do. This just does not make any since to me. Therefore, I am going to call it, like I see it. A girl can choose to have sex, she can choose to have an abortion or keep the baby, but the boy has no legal rights to make/stop her form doing what she wants. Now we want to add in that a boy who may never have sex, is forced to have a vasectomy, so a girl that he never sleeps with, does not get pregnant. As I said earlier, this has feminism written all over it. Ten-year-old boy are not having sex, but ten-year-old girls can and do choose to have sex. Boys want to have sex, but girls decide whether they do have sex (in general). So, a boy is having his genitals mutilated so a girl can have unprotected sex with whomever and whenever she chooses. Yep, seems real fair to me.

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