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Child Refugees in Forced Labor


Child Refugees in forced labor’s future affected in Health and Education

There are 168 million children in forced labor with 85 million doing illegal work that hurts them mentally, physically, spiritually, and stunts their education. So many child refugees are taken advantage of after enduring heavy loads of trauma and end up forced to work for many reasons. Doing this affects them and makes it so that they don't have time to be educated so that they can have a better future. It also affects them by making it so that they mentally are not in a good place and physically they are tired and overworked. Along with that children are prone to injury far more than adults. Child refugees who are in forced labor will have problems in the future because of physical health, mental health, and education.

Child refugees in forced labor could have problems with their physical health. 11 year old Abdullah was working on a construction site when he accidentally swallowed a rusty nail. Very soon after he died of tetanus poisoning.He was one of up to 200,000 Syrian refugee children working in Lebanon with some kids being only the age of 5. Many of them are beaten with sticks while working in terrible conditions just to make such a small amount of money so little it could almost be considered slave labor. Their childhood is spent as laborers, sleeping in some of the worst camps in Lebanon just because they had to flee their homes due to a war caused by adults (FISK, ROBERT). There is little to no care for these kids so when they get hurt they don't get much care to become better. Along with that there is no supervision over the children. They are treated as if they are adults but they are not and they need people to watch over what they are doing at the least, since they have to do it.This will affect their futures because at the best they might get one physical scar but at the worst which is not uncommon you could die just like Abdullah, an innocent child who was put in a situation where he could do nothing about it.The people who run these workplaces take no care for the children they have working and their futures are affected by the fact that they might have physical disabilities.

Child refugees in forced labor get negatively affected in their mental health.Oscar spent most of his childhood on the run fleeing from his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, after a civil war broke out which killed members of his family. He ended up in a refugee camp in Uganda after his mother heard that there was a chance of escape.His mother died in the refugee camp when he was 10 and he had to watch over his siblings. He moved to the UK soon after and luckily was able to get counseling and mental health care.Oscar is a youth advocate for War Child, a charity working on a campaign, and he has spoken at a number of high-profile events to raise awareness of the mental health impact on refugees. He is doing this because he knew he would not have been able to do as well as he did with his life without mental health care (BUS, ELEANOR). It is very important because how you are mentally affects your future success. With a strong mind you can do many things but if you don't have a strong mind then it's hard to get things done because you have a mental scar and it’s blocking you from reaching your full potential. When your mental health is bad your will to keep going drops and when you have to get moved out of your country, then get put into forced labor your mental health becomes awful. Child refugees get some help but there is not much mental health care for traumatized children. So when the children who endure this get no mental health care their future is already decided to be far less than what it could be.

Child refugees in forced labor get little to no education. Over 2 million kids have fled Syria, but were brought to refugee camps, most cannot get schooling.They are forced into labor, working in abusive conditions for little pay. Since they are doing this work that they don't want to do, schooling is not an option (COMMON, DAVID).They are children so they know no other life outside of fleeing their country and doing work so school is crucial. Maria Assi says, “Many Syrians say that the thing they want most is education. Education was their first priority. The schools - in tents, anywhere - was what they wanted. You can see cities destroyed, but you can't have a generation destroyed.” ( FISK, ROBERT) What she said is very important to realize because generations of people could be destroyed by being uneducated and that is exactly what's happening. A whole generation fleeing their country, being forced into labor, then losing a chance to have a strong future through a good education. Schooling makes it so that people can grow and take on important roles that build the modern world. All of the smartest people received some sort of education or mentorship which made it so that they were able to be successful and create the biggest institutions or innovations ever. The child refugees in forced labor would have huge potential to become someone like this, due to knowing how to work in bad situations, but they can not because they are robbed of their education.

Child refugees who are in forced labor will have problems in the future because of physical health, mental health, and education. There are examples of this through children like Abdullah and Oscar. Both of them had to endure hardship of forced labor after they had to leave their homes and their countries. Along with that they get their futures destroyed from getting no education and getting physical and mental health injuries. Over time child refugees will get better care and one day there will be no more situations where children will need to be put into forced labor.

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