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Child Laboring

children are the architect of tomorrow. they must be in school, colleges, and universities, unfortunately, they are used as labor in societi


Children are the architect of the future; they are part of the happiness, hope, and prosperity of every generation. Over time, people begin to devalue children's time by using it for their short goals and their indefinite future. Children have every right to play with friends, go to school, feel the love and care of their parents, and touch the beauty of nature. But only because they are slaves to commands and limited in their mindset, preventing them from developing their personality in accordance with the needs of the time. Children must have all the resources they need to survive into childhood. Parents want their children to be very responsible for their families in early childhood. They don't understand that their children need love and care; They need a good education and play with friends to grow properly. These parents understand that their children are their property; they can use them however they want. But all parents should understand that they also have a certain responsibility towards their country. They need to make their children healthy in every way so that the future of the country looks bright. Parents should assume all family responsibilities and allow their children to live their childhood with love and care.


Child labor is endemic in developing countries where people's futures are uncertain financially, educationally, and common sense, and especially in places where drug addiction is the usual health problem, backwardness, ineffective laws that directly affect the development of the country. Child labor includes the regular labor of children between the ages of five and fourteen. Children in many developing countries are forced to work hard to survive for a small fee.

  • Without stick rules and promotion of education on a considerable level, these kinds of issues in the society might not possible to change.
  • Career counseling for both parents and children’s is effective ways to changes
  • The realization for the future and possibilities of opportunities can convince parents to help their children to groom.
  • The assistance and scholarships from organizations and NGOs to proper schooling will outcome positive results.
  • Social awareness and implementation of strict laws in society can prevent these issues.
  • Taking out of families from bad health and drug addiction will play a positive role in these challenges.
  • Control in population might be the best suggestion to overcome these problems.
  • Eradicating the culture of child laboring from society can prove many solutions.
  • On this globe, child laboring must not be accepted for any division of thoughts, believes, creed, caste, and religion.

Enforcement Against Desire

Children want to go to school, play with their friends, and be loved and cared for by their parents like other children living in wealthy homes, but sadly they are forced to do something against their will. In developing countries, the percentage of child labor is high due to poverty, low level of education, and few educational opportunities. Poverty and lack of education are the main causes of child labor in all developing countries of the world. Childhood is considered the most fun and important experience in everyone's life because childhood is the best and most important time to learn. Children have every right to receive proper parental care, parental love, and care, proper education, guidance and play with friends, and other happy moments.

Values of Children

Protecting children is their country's most important asset, but parental misunderstanding and poverty make it the country's weakness rather than the country's power. Most children below the poverty line are forced to work daily, even after government awareness programs and the future welfare of society for the welfare of children. Children are the power of any country, but some people are constantly trying to destroy it and destroy the future of the country and make little money by illegally involving children growing up there. They play on the morals of the innocent and their children. Protecting children from child labor is the responsibility of all citizens living in the country. Child labor is a long-developing socio-economic problem that now needs to be resolved definitively. After the country's independence, several laws on child labor were enacted, but they have not ended in the country. Child labor directly ruins children's innocence through their physical, mental, and social health

Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time

— Grace Abbott

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Illegal and crime

Today, global child labor agencies enforce many laws to save future children from destruction. It's a high-level illegal act to be punished for, but it's happening side by side due to ineffective rules and regulations. Babies are very young, cute, and innocent, which makes them aware of things that happen from a young age. They are unable to identify what is wrong and what is illegal for them, being happy enough to receive less money for their work.

  • Dangerous work in disturbing and no facilitation places harms them.
  • If they are working under somebody they torture and abuse them.
  • Children should play games it is one of the important curriculums to train for the future.
  • They live always from their friends and family impact them the psychological problem.
  • Children become machines and they lose their emotions and feel regret in their whole life.
  • Children become the victims of abuse and emotional tortures.

Child Exploitation

Child labor continues to increase in many countries, even after serious crimes. Business owners in industries, mines, factories, etc. They use child labor extensively to get more work for less money. Poor children are at greater risk of child labor because they are forced by their parents to earn money at an early age to support their family financially rather than receive adequate education and work as a child. Child labor infects the lives of many precious children every day. This is a high-level illegal act that should be punished, but it happens side by side due to ineffective rules and regulations. Babies are very young, cute, and innocent, which makes them realize that things happen very early on. They are unable to identify what is wrong and what is illegal for them, instead of wanting to make less money for their work.

Conclusion For Child Laboring

As we know children are the light for next-generation if human being transfers its wisdom to the generation they further convey it to thousands, contrary if we sell our generations to the darkness they will transfer it further. Children are not fit to work as labor because they have to train themselves for coming challenges if they work they will lose their personality as well their mental health. Child laboring is the education of evil and darkness with intention of earning children’s are involving themselves in criminality and other evil convictions, the reason is that the laboring child cannot educate according to the system that’s why he does not accept what he will not have to understand. The equal mentality can prove the society's happiness, prosperity, and better future.

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