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County Commissioner Rodriguez Defends His "Loren Brewer" Appointment

Chico Rodriguez covers for Loren Brewer's lies. I have reported on it many times.

Bexar County Commissioner's Court

Bexar County Commissioner's Court

Loren Martin, aka. Loren Adcock, Loren Brewer

Loren Martin, aka. Loren Adcock, Loren Brewer

No second chances for South Bexar County residents

No Justice for a community who's safety has been put in jeopardy by the re-appointment of members to the ESD#6 board.

In January 2011, the County Commissioners reappointed the same individuals, Sylvia Mendelsohn (Chico Rodriguez's campaign manger), Norbeto Chavez, Luisa J. Vargas, John Nolan Wood to another term on the ESD#6. Mr. Loren Brewer was not re-appointed, but was left as a "hold over" status member because his position was not filled.

There was however, a typo-clerical error; which meant that the board had to rescind the appointments and vote for them again. This gave the community of South Bexar County the opportunity to attend the commissioners court meeting and plead with the commissioners to table the motion until they could look into the activities of this board or appoint other members to the board.

Their pleas were met with some "interest", by Commissioner Nelson Wolff, while his son Kevin Wolff remained silent and listened. Mr. Elizondo seemed genuinely concerned and yet listening at plea after plea from the Southeastern Bexar County community members, Chico Rodriguez prevailed and his board members were once again reappointed.

According to an interesting article in the local paper, Commissioner Rodriguez hinted at putting blame on a volunteer fire department and that this was the wrong time to dismantle the ruling body. Leaving the Southeastern Bexar County community to wonder, when the right time is.

  • Is it when there are absolutely no funds left to run the ESD#6? It's obvious from their budget numbers presented at the monthly meeting, that there is not enough money to fund the fire departments. As board treasurer, Luisa Vargas stated, "$414,000 is not a lot of money." It's this type of mentality that has created the funding problems within the ESD#6. No grasp for the value of a dollar.
  • Or could it be after the clean up, Ms. Mendelsohn allowed The Computer Guy to remove the office computer for "external backup" according to the Feb. 2, 2011 ESD#6 meeting. She stated that there were problems with the computer, the Administrator, Shiela Staggs, who works with the computer stated at the same meeting that "the computer guy took the computer for a day last week and "we weren't having any problems with it."

Loren Brewer the missing member...

When a community member, Jim Clement mentioned the fact that Mr. Brewer had not attended a single meeting, other than the one at his appointment and swearing in; Commissioner Rodriguez defended the fact that Mr. Brewer was serving his country in Iraq or Afghanistan, not knowing which. (Audio Recording-transcribed)

According to members of Mr. Brewer's community, to include family members, Mr. Brewer never stepped foot on middle eastern soil and pretending to do so at best is a dishonor to those men and women who have and punishable by Stolen Valor. Mr. Brewer has a long history in his community (birth name: Loren G. Martin) [Cause# 1990Cl17390, Civil Court to change to Loren Glen Adcock, 1990-1992]. Mr.Loren Glenn Adcock served in the Air Force after high school and was discharged. In 1996 [Cause #634307] Mr. Brewer was arrested for Assault/Bodily Injury; then became Loren G. Brewer [ Cause # 2000Cl0084, Civil Court to change to Brewer, 2000-2002] and shortly there after, he ran for the Southside ISD school board.

While Mr. Brewer was on the board, he bid for and "won" the bid to purchase school property on FM1937, which was the Buena Vista Elementary school property. Documentation [Doc #20030319002] shows some litigation problems with the purchase of the property. The property sits abandoned, unkempt, and has been reported on numerous occasions to the "code compliance" office. With the purchase of the property, it opened the opportunity for Mr. Brewer who had no record of owning any property within the community, to appointments on boards, as the property sits inside the San Antonio city limits. Commissioner Rodriguez appointed Mr. Brewer to the City South Board, where his attendance record was almost non-existent.

As a board member, he served as board president and created turmoil within the district and was censured (According to agenda found on With the control of the board under Mr. Brewer, the agenda's were removed from the website. At this time he stepped down from his position as board president. He then began the process of re-enlisting, this time into the Army Reserves. Mr. Brewer, according to members of his community, attended a handful of meetings, in uniform, but removed his rank.

Grandstanding perhaps, but a violation of the military code. A soldier cannot wear their uniform when they are not on duty. It was then learned that Mr. Brewer was doing contract work in the states, but he lead members of the community to believe that he was being deployed, on several occasions, to Iraq.

The ESD#6 board president, Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, a personal friend and former campaign backer, continued to mention him as TDY or absent due to active duty; for over a year at their meetings, Mr. Brewer was also known for popping into his community and making announcements of his departure to Afghanistan, but there has been nothing to prove that he has ever been.

Mr. Brewer then attempted to run for the school board and political tactics ending up denying him the opportunity to get his name on the ballot. Once again using the military as an excuse for not being able to put in his paperwork on time. Southside ISD Superintendent, according to media article, allowed Mr. Brewer the opportunity to turn in his packet, but he did not.

Army Regulations: TDY: Temporary duty shall run a minimum of 2 days and could run up to two months, with an extension, but not to exceed 1 year away from the unit or duty station.

An idea for finding the missing board member: Open Records Request: DD4187. If Mr. Brewer is to be absent for an extended length of time, he must report it to the board and his employer by submitting this documentation.

Where is Mr. Brewer?

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2013, Mr. Brewer, while living in Alice, Texas and working for Halliburton, was allowed by his ex-wife and her family to falsify his home address so that he could run for election, once again for Southside ISD. Mr. Brewer was once again appointed as board president at Southside ISD and along with this "team" stepped well beyond the purview of a board member and micromanaging the Southside ISD district. Feeling protect by the commissioner, they openly gloat about their actions and their power within the district without fear of reprisal.

Southside ISD Administration Bldg

© 2011 Lady Liberty


Mad as Hell on June 06, 2011:

Yes, Martin, Adcock, Brewer .... so many names for just 1 person. Does make a person wonder why he must make himself over so many times. Fortunately, there are people like Abecedarian that go to the trouble to look, dig and research to get this kind of info out in the open. As for the campaigning, well, Loren Brewer had NEVER been one to follow the rules. I don't expect him to start now. And I would LOVE to see those orders that the military cut for him. That is if they do indeed exist. I beginning to doubt there were ever any orders with his name sending him anywhere TDY, and as for Afghanistan? PLEASE!!! No one's stupid enough to buy that one which means his own intelligence is called into question for insisting on sticking to the lie. He's just plain pathetic!!

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on June 06, 2011:

After all the information that I have found on Mr. Brewer, I have to agree with your opinion. I recently found out that Mr. Brewer, although he lost his recent bid for a seat on the Southside ISD school board, he crashed a party on Friday to campaign for the 2013 election. Once again, a violation of the election process. According to "elections" an incumbent can campaign, but not spend money, but Mr. Brewer is not an incumbent and therefore he cannot campaign until he files for the position. A position which historically does not become available to file for until approx. 3 months before the election. Does this surprise me? No. What does surprise me is that he continues to lie about his military service record, stating at this party that his wife left him and filed for divorce while he was in afghanistan. ESD6 board president stated that Mr. Brewer was TDY, not DEPLOYED. If he continues lying about his service record, he could be in a world of hurt as of Sept of this year it will be punishable by law to use your military service as a political tool if you lie about any portion of your service record.

Rhonda on May 30, 2011:

Hmmmmm!!! All these name changes???? What's Martin, Adcock, Brewer, Joe Blow, etc..................... running/hiding from?? Pretty shady character! Won't ever look you in the eye. Unfortunately, he lives behind me. UGH!!! LOL!Afganistan? Iraq? I'd like to know when this ruse took place...even THEY wouldn't have him. Chico's probably the only one who will. PATHETIC!!! ALL THE ESD board sucks! ALL CROOKS

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on February 13, 2011:

Great idea, Mad as Hell.

Mad as Hell on February 12, 2011:

Just one more suggestion. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the link to the Express News to read the article on the Commissioner's Court's vote to re-appoint the ESD board members. Then make sure to comment on this article's comment page. This is NEWS in the making and residents of South Bexar County need to be heard through all avenues possible. I regret that I was unable to attend the Commissioner's Court meeting when this item was voted on because believe me, I would have had plenty to say as well. I am appalled, but not surprised these morons were re-appointed, but that does not mean the fight is over. It simply means we draw a second wind and return to battle.


Melissa Hammond from San Antonio on February 11, 2011:

Well thank you for the info once again Abecedarian. I have already sent emails to Joe Farias, Carlos Uresit, and to the Republican Party of Bexar County. PLEASE EVERYONE DO THE SAME! Or go in person to their offices or call. Anything, we have to do something before something bad happens. Because the ESD doesn't have the money for paid firefighters or to make payments on trucks or tools that are needed for a MVA. To cut someone out of a car. Because they are too busy paying everyone but the fire depts. money.

Well anyways, Ms. Reed is the next office I'm going to bug. Who are you going to bug now???

Mad as Hell Too on February 11, 2011:

Mad as Hell Lets Do it i am tire of talking, the people we put in office are not doing what is best for our community. We need to replace everyone in County Commisioners Court starting with Judge Wolf.....

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on February 11, 2011:

Mad as Hell, you asked for it, you got it. Will try to add more.

Mad as Hell on February 11, 2011:

I agree with you guys. It's time to start getting our voices heard through other avenues. Some letters to our elected officials (even the commissioner's court, too), letters to the D.A.'s office, the A. G.'s office, even something as simple as letters to the editor of the Express News. This is a subject that cannot be allowed to die in the public eye. It's too easy to forget about things when it's not being put out into everyone's face. It's the old adages - "Out of sight, out of mind" and "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Time for some wheels to get to squeaking and the louder the better. And as I've mentioned before, this community needs to get together and start throwing some ideas around for someone to run against Chico. Now's the time to start organizing for a campaign. I'll help every way I know how. I know a lot of others that are willing to help too. If Chico no longer sits on the commissioner's court, he can't very well appoint the same Bozo the Clowns to these boards anymore.

Abecedarian, maybe you could put the names, etc. of all the elected officials on your pages so people can start writing and e-mailing their concerns. Just a thought.

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on February 10, 2011:

Well SOFD, I'm not sure about orders, but I do know that if Mr. Brewer shows up "anywhere" after hours IN UNIFORM, especially if it is missing items, name tag, rank, etc. The MPS can be called in and he can be arrested.

CLASS OF 84, Mr. Brewer must have been a piece of work because yours is not the first comment as such about Mr. Brewer that I have heard.

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on February 10, 2011:

Mr. Bouldin, I can understand your frustration, believe me, I've been an outsider looking in and this has infuriated me as well. As far as AtaBexar and Sandy Oaks not wanting a mediator, the actions of the ESD6 have proven that their choice was a correct one. An audiotape that I have heard of Luisa Vargas, Treasurer shed much light on the motives of this ESD6 board and South Bexar Fire & Rescues involvement. I guess you can say that was what got my goat and reinforced my desire to help you guys and gals. The arrogance of Ms. Vargas and Ms. Mendelsohn lording over the lives of the South Bexar County community should not be tolerated by anyone, let alone allow them to put their lives at risk because no one stroked their ego or gave them the delusional $850,000 they claim that AtaBexar had and didn't give them any. (To clarify:AtaBexar went in with other organizations to have bingo games to raise funds, the greedy women of ESD6 heard of the $850,000 and wanted to lay claim to it, but it didn't exist. To the best of my knowledge, that was the total made for the year "prior" to the expenses for rental of the property, paying the workers, paying the winnings to the players, etc. The remaining amount was split between the several organizations that were involved.) As Mr. Rosenberg (Mendelsohn's attorney) stated at a meeting, the bingo did not show much of a profit, so they need to stop it. Although, legally that mouthpiece has no authority to dictate what type of toilet paper the fire departments buy, let alone what type of fund-raising they do. You all can correct me if I'm wrong, but it is my understanding that the fire departments must match 25% of their funding, it doesn't say they have to tell them about every penny they make over that. So, it just leads one to believe that its Ms. Mendelsohn's lust for money that has created this mess.

Ken Bouldin on February 09, 2011:

I too want to thank you Abecedarian for the coverage of this travisty that we are having to suffer here in the ESD#6 area. I too will be getting busy emailing our elected Officials (not any of the members of Commissioners' Court since we know they have circled their wagons to protect one of their own. I am still trying to find out what happened to my Application to become a Board Member of ESD#6, that was sent to Chico's office and no further action taken. I know I legally fit all the requirements, so make them explain why they went with the same loosers that are bankrupting us.

class of 84 on February 09, 2011:

this guy has always been a punk. i went to school with loren martin and all he ever did was get into fights and cause trouble. i could never see him as community member that cared about south side. the texas rangers need to get involved into the misappropriation of money. sounds like the old politisc are at work here bedammed the community safety

SOFD Citizen on February 09, 2011:

I have a question! It is my thought process that most reservists have to produce a set of cut orders to their employers. Does the ESD or any of the other boards the Mr. Brewer sits on have a copy of said orders? I have had friend in the past that was placed on orders but never left Texas. He filled the void of the deployed soldier here state side. If Mr. Brewer is not on active duty or on orders as a reservist, then I think the Adjunct General of Fort Sam should be notified of the actions that are being committed by Mr. Brewer as I think the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) might have some rules against this.

Melissa Hammond from San Antonio on February 09, 2011:

That's very true, thank you. I'm going to start emailing now. Thank you Abecedarian for all your hard work on this. You have opened the eyes for this community with your stories.

Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on February 09, 2011:

It can be a heavy burden at times to feel like no one is listening, but the glass is not always 1/2 empty, sometimes it's actually 1/2 full. If they had not had the typo, they never would have had to rescind and the newspaper and television media, who have been absent, would never have published anything. The door has been cracked open, it is now time to swing it wide open.

Let the pen be mightier than the sword from this day forward. All those concerned can surely put their words on paper as well as you have on this hub. It is time to google for addresses. Flood the media- local and surrounding areas. Use the chain of command, the commissioners have been of no help, flood your local Representatives office, Your senator, your congressman. It's time to be heard. I wish you all luck and if you need specific information I will be more than glad to guide you in that direction.

Melissa Hammond from San Antonio on February 09, 2011:

I can't even put it into words how mad I'm at this.... To know with the members of this board our fire depts will be out of money at some point of this year. Because of this borad blowing money over a community center that is one not needed, and two doesn't need to be funded with fire/EMS moneys. Our community thinks we are huting now just wait. The ESD will be out of money soon, because the are alreay over their budget by 100K and this is only the begining. They only get about 450k to 500k for the WHOLE YEAR. It makes me sick to think about how the commissioners can let this happen to the community. How many more people have to be put in damage due to this board?!?!?? A board that two members dont even show up for meetings. Make me just sick!!!

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