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Cheating Hillary Has Not "Won" More Votes, so No One Is Obliged to Support Her

Ralph Lopez majored in economics and political science at Yale University. He has been published in the Boston Globe and the Baltimore Sun.


As establishment politicos like Sen. Sherrod Brown say they are "fed up" that Bernie Sanders is not conceding the election, it is interesting to note the things Brown has not said he is "fed up" with. In reaction to the news that Sanders and Trump have agreed to debate, after Hillary Clinton backed out of a debate with Sanders in California, senators like Brown, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Gary Peters of Michigan expressed frustration that Sanders was not "winding down the primary" or being "considerate."

Ironic, then, that not one of them expressed anger at how inconsiderate it is that 90,000 votes in Brooklyn, Sanders' hometown, will not be counted, even though the primary was so flawed that two NYC election officials have been suspended without pay, and multiple investigations are in progress. Sherrod Brown has expressed no indignation that hundreds of thousands of registered Democrats in Brooklyn were wrongly dropped from the rolls.

Nor is Brown "fed up" that there are no fewer than seven active, official investigations at various levels open on primaries in the states of New York, Arizona, and Kentucky, a half-dozen lawsuits filed in California, New York, Arizona, Illinois, and Massachusetts, and serious irregularities, often captured quite openly on camera, in Nevada, Iowa, and Wyoming. Every one of the incidents in question benefitted Hillary Clinton, and throws the validity of the primaries into doubt.

How can dropping "entire buildings and blocks of voters from the voting lists" in Brooklyn, in the words of NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, benefit Hillary Clinton? The cleverness, and moral bankruptcy, of the Clinton forces has no bounds. A Brooklyn Bernie supporter wrote on a Facebook post that large parts of Brooklyn are practically "Millennials City" and "If there were anyplace to strip entire blocks and buildings full of likely Sanders voters from the roles, Brooklyn would be the place to do it."

Such carefully crafted, at first blush innocuous "incompetence" is the hallmark of the Democratic primary season, the word used by oh-so-coy election officials as a figleaf for fraud ("What me cheat?") At other times, a standard bludgeon is required, like that wielded by Nevada party chairman Roberta Lange, who declared the recent state convention adjourned, after ramming through rules on contested voice votes which preserved Clinton's "win" in the caucuses, which was being questioned.

Roberta's Rules are: Sometimes you just do what you gotta do.

In Maryland, the results of the primary in Baltimore have been decertified, after the state election administrator found that in some precincts, the number of ballots cast was higher than the number of check-ins. Maryland is now conducting a precinct by precinct review of the numbers.

In short, no one really knows exactly how many pledged delegates Hillary will walk into the convention with. The only thing clear is that Donald Trump got it close, but not quite, when he announced Hillary's new name would be "Crooked Hillary." The name Clinton deserves, and which should be hung around her consistently throughout the convention, is "Cheating Hillary."

There is no need to guess if it is true. No need to fear it isn't fair. A citizens' audit group in Chicago told the Chicago Board of Elections, in an open meeting and on camera, that they witnessed vote totals being tampered with to benefit Hillary Clinton. To date no federal investigation of what would be criminal violations of federal election law has been announced.

It is not necessary to rehash all of the sordid evidence and all of the open investigations here. Researchers better than I have already done it.'s Claire Bernish does an admirable job in her run-down of 2016 Democratic primary cheating, and the blog Election Fraud 2016 spins out the shenanigans in even greater detail.

In a strong indication that what we have seen may be the tip of the iceberg, math wonks will enjoy Richard Charnin's painstaking analysis of exit polls, which were wrong all the time in a way that suggest that Bernie was robbed, in 24 out of 26 primaries. Even though they were right all the time within a mere point or two on the Republican side. To understand how unlikely that is, unless something else was at work, that is as likely as a coin toss coming up heads 24 out of 26 tosses.

Funny, the new finding that, although exit polls have been accurate enough in elections around the world for the UN to use as flags for fraud, somehow they have a built-in bias against non-establishment candidates in the Democratic Party in the US in 2016. It has been suggested that Hillary's older population which uses early voting explains it. But New York, where the pattern is pronounced, has no early voting.

So pronounced was the pattern suggesting fraud that even non-mathematician actor Tim Robbins felt compelled to say something, despite sure attacks for the apparent Hollywood Liberal Subversive Goddamn Longhair views which drive one to say the emperor has no clothes, and two plus two is four.

Comparison of exit polls and final results in March 1 - 10th Democratic primaries.

Comparison of exit polls and final results in March 1 - 10th Democratic primaries.

And in an excellent piece of investigation, Anonymous has dissected Clinton's Arizona heist, calling it a "masterpiece."

In the Nevada Democratic convention, Sanders supporters were wrongly accused of "throwing chairs," when the only real violence was that done to the rules, and to democracy. In the prior Nevada caucus, Hillary supporters with "I'm with Her" T-shirts can be seen being hustled into the Las Vegas convention hall without registering, meaning they could have been from anywhere.

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There is no need to feel sorry for Hillary for her new name. "Her," she, did it. She stole her way to where she is now.

Berners have every right to challenge the seating of a half-dozen major delegations at the convention, and to bring all the evidence of cheating before the world. Let's get one thing in peoples' heads: Hillary did not "win." She stole.

Trump understands, as a marketing man, the importance of driving home a moniker in branding your product, or in politics, branding your opponent. Hillary, I forever dub you, at the convention, in signs, in Tweets regarding you from now on, #CheatingHillary.

Donald Trump doesn't get to name her. We do. If the world remembers nothing else about the 2016 Democratic Convention, it will remember this.


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Kevin Holmes on June 14, 2016:

I don't think we will ever find out how much the DNC and Mrs. Clinton cheated...If even 1 state flips because of election fraud...It will be a bad day for Clinton.. Election Fraud is a very serious crime and DWS will likely be the fall guy in this... So much of crap gets flung in HRC direction it never sticks to her.. Maybe we should be give her teflon hillary... it seems this Election fraud is showing itself during the California recount... Three counties have already been flipped in the favor of Mr. Sanders... I expect many more will follow and hopefully will trigger recounts in the other suspicious states... I have a good idea that HRC will not get the nod as Democratic candidate for president...

Johnathon on June 10, 2016:

Gotta love those math posts. The math doesn't add up when it's calculated with election fraud.

GilroyKat on June 05, 2016:

Name-calling is counter productive and adolescent . . . period!!

munkle on June 05, 2016:

Not 3 million votes, 3 months of cheating, playing dirty, stealing, then you will turn around and say it is Sanders supporters fault for not uniting behind Cheating Hillary when Trump is elected. Hillary supporters are truly the scum of the earth.Please don't have children and further pollute the species with people with absolutely no sense of right and wrong.

VelvetBlue17 on June 05, 2016:

3,000,000+ more votes, ~300 more pledged delegates, it's math.

TheAmazingJ on May 29, 2016:


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