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Chaos Follows the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

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The polarization of America has been acerbated by President Trump's handling of race relations and both Democratic and Republican members of the government. After four years of this strife and just Trump's demeanor, style, and character, that few parent's would want their kids to emulate, Americans have had enough from both political sides. They are fed up.

But the election on Nov.3, will not solve it. In fact, odds are things will just get worse in the short term. Both sides have said that if the election is close in key battleground states, they will challenge it. After the election results are in, more will trickle in due to late counts, mail-in ballots, mail delays, voter suppression claims, misplaced or discarded uncounted ballots and of course, claims of voter fraud.

One can even see how if one side disputes the tally of popular or electoral votes, that dispute will be disputed by the other side! As Trump hopes, the case may end in front of the Supreme Court with the newest Trump appointed member. Even if this happens, and it goes in the Republican favor, the chaos will not end. It will be 2016 again on steroids for Democrats. Some analysts think that the real election results will not happen before Nov.20th.

But, if Trump wins a second term, maybe God is allowing it to happen. Many will say that proves that Trump is under the hand of God to make America great again. Others Christians see it as the start of End Times, like Pat Paulson. Just maybe he is right. Just maybe God is allowing it to happen to further punish America for straying so far from God and to diminish America's role in the world through total chaos and divide from within as the Book of Revelations clearly shows. This demise of a once great nation under God that was blessed with prosperity is going to happen. The reelection of Trump would do this. Experts agree that another four years of Trump would rip apart America to a point it cannot be repaired on a variety of social and domestic issues.

You see, in the Revelations, America is barely mentioned but Russia, Iran, Turkey and others are mentioned and now coalesce together to destroy Israel. One can see the early formations now. China is now very involved with Iran and with the arms embargo lifted, Iran is buying long range rocket systems from North Korea and China to enhance their abilities in exchange for oil and gas.

America and NATO are on bad terms thanks to Trump. Many EU countries are creating a EU NATO since America cannot be counted on. This EU NATO will be the opposing force facing Russia et. al. in the Mideast in the near future. America, for its role in the Revelations is very minor. It is no longer the dominant military force because of the domestic chaos at home. It is preoccupied with its own internal situation and security, so much so, its military is idle. Because of all this, America's adversaries take advantage of the situation to challenge America, to weaken it further until it no longer poses much of a threat.

As we already know, it has been happening across the globe thanks to Trump and his isolationist views. China has the South China Sea, Taiwan is coming. Russia and Turkey filled in the holes left by American troops when Trump bailed out of Syria. The current peace deal is temporary because Israel will annex all of the West Bank at some point. When that happens, more Mideast conflict.

In 2021, the decline of America will continue should either Biden or Trump wins, however, the chaos in domestic issues should Trump win, will just really just be paralyzing. It will prompt some to try to assassinate Trump, as Pat Paulson has said. A Biden win will cause the same domestic issues and there is always the possibility that he will die before his first term or become incapacitated allowing Kamala Harris to become the first American woman president. This alone will would not save the decline of American democracy

Just more domestic upheaval and chaos is coming to America as predicted in the Bible's Book of Revelations.


perrya (author) on October 23, 2020:

We have never had a president elect that was a business tycoon for most of his life with business and accounts around the world. Trump refused to completed divest from his empire he built when elected, and what he did was just hand it over to his kids but POTUS still benefits from it. It does impact foreign policy to some extent that cannot be denied. Governments want his business so they make concessions to get it and Trump also is more cooperative in order to get what he wants for his business. it just reeks...

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 22, 2020:

It’s called “foreign entanglements”, and “national security”.....isn’t the latter what I heard for the entire 6 years your people went after Hillary?

And his special treatment is obvious. During HIS impeachment, Bill Clinton was interrogated under oath in front of congress. Trump got to write his answers to the special counsel with his lawyer.

When Bill Clinton was accused of sexual impropriety, he had to submit his dna.

Trump is being sued for slander, and is refusing to submit his dna.

Every Pres before him held daily press briefings at the White House. Trump? Nope....he doesn’t have to answer to us....middle finger salute.

Just as Biden released 21 yrs of tax returns., a gesture of good faith and will, and we are left with “you can’t make me nannee nannee naaa “ from Trump.

You might call it being a maverick, I call it being a d*ck. Sorry if that offends, it’s the only word that fits!

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Sharlee on October 22, 2020:

Leslie, ---To address your comments " If we had seen his tax returns, he’d NEVER have been allowed NEAR the nuclear codes."

Why would Trump's tax returns come into play with his ability to be in control of the nuclear codes? He has never been accused of breaking tax laws. His tax attorneys apparently used our tax loopholes to make sure Trump paid the least in taxes. Do you find this illegal?

"The special treatment given him through-out is a mystery to me. But explains everything."

What special treatment has Trump received, your comment is vague? What special treatment?

"If nothing else comes of this, we need much stronger vetting of presidential candidates"

This may surprise you --- there is no uniform mechanism in the United States to vet candidates for the Presidency; however, the patchwork process works well. Congress ensures that only an eligible president takes office. Not sure what you are referring to, presidential candidates have never been vetted?

Presidential eligibility is rather simple. The Constitution gives only three simple few criteria:

Natural born citizen of the US

At least 35 years old

A resident of the US for at least 14 years

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 22, 2020:

Oh just don’t get it, do you? If trump does business with Chyna, it effects HIS politics. If he owes Russia, same.

WE had the right to know this, before we gave him the keys to our collective car.

Otherwise, why is your guy making such a big deal about Biden and Chyna? If it doesn’t matter?

And btw

...... “How did Trump’s personal lawyer get the FBI to investigate Trump’s opponent? Care to explain?”

Sharlee on October 22, 2020:

In regards to Trump paying taxes in China for a Company bank account. He paid the taxes that China's law demanded. As he did here in America. One must consider in either country he broke any tax laws. Trump did not make the tax laws, that would be Congress. He did follow them no matter how they favored his business. Once again, the liberals are looking at a situation, and being told by media "Bad Man Trump' did something wrong. They run with it. When in fact he did nothing wrong... I must say it's hard to believe so many are willing to blindly stumble along following corrupt politicians and a media that clearly are bias. It works to show little facts are needed to keep some following a flawed ideology. Which is nothing but dog whistles that hope to spread discord --- "hate bad man, don't ask questions just march..."

Perrya -- Why do you find it odd or in some respect distasteful for a business that builds real estate all over the world, and has for decades at this point? I would be interested to know why you feel Trump's bank accounts around the world are a reason he should not be our President?

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 22, 2020:

If we had seen his tax returns, he’d NEVER have been allowed NEAR the nuclear codes.

The special treatment given him through-out is a mystery to me. But explains everything.

If nothing else comes of this, we need much stronger vetting of presidential candidates.

And, those who refuse, get the boot.

perrya (author) on October 22, 2020:

I agree, the chaos is the new norm for sure and will continue and America will continue to be minimized now as we deal with the internal strife Trump has made far worse. Now we find out he paid over $188,000 to china in taxes using a chinese bank account and just $750 to US. After Trump helps ZTE, a chinese telcom, China then grants Ivanka numerous trademarks for her private business! Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is just emails that have little to do with his father.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 21, 2020:

I don’t. I think once Biden is in there, we’ll snap out of this crap, and remember what it is to be caring human beings again. “My 401k, my taxes”......ya can’t take it with ya! THIS is who I want to be president:

And I’m praying it happens. With all my heart.

perrya (author) on October 21, 2020:

Biden sent by God? Sure, anything is possible however, I think a biden win will simply be a temporary break from the Trump nonsense. I feel Biden just may not complete the first term and Kamala will be president and more chaos comes. Again, should Trump win, the ripping apart of the USA will continue on a much elevated scale and for a reason. One can think that End Times or Revelations is just hocus pocus, but the early stages of it are forming as I stated and cannot be refuted. How in the world would a NATO member, Turkey, becomes allied with Russia in Syria, in Libya? Why would Trump pull out of Syria if not to weaken the US position in the Mideast? Trump, by being an isolationist, is doing what the Revelations will come to pass- an America that is no longer the leader or feared by its Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and others, adversaries. Once the election is over, you can bet China and Russia will provoke as America is distracted with domestic issues and chaos.

Sharlee on October 21, 2020:

" Experts agree that another four years of Trump would rip apart America to a point it cannot be repaired on a variety of social and domestic issues"

I can only offer my thoughts on your statement. Not the world but our country was ripped apart under Obama to the extent that many were willing to vote for a man that had no political background whatsoever If Trump supporter have it their way, he will be reelected because they felt he kept many of his promises, and they liked not only his deeds but liked him for what he is.

One way or the other we that noted the huge rip, will not in any respect want to return to the status quo. There will be no coming together to support the status quo. The country will remain divided until it is no longer worth living in.

I have to ask how you could vote for a man that has not shared an agenda, only trashing Trump. Have you not noted that very obvious problem? The country is in trouble if we have citizens the will vote for such a candidate just due to so disliking the present President. A man that never offered the country anything in all the years he has worked in Washington.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 21, 2020:

Did it ever occur to you that God sent Biden to save us?

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