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Changing Scenario With Trump as President ?

A New President

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the USA. In many ways, he will be a unique president as he will be president despite losing the popular vote to Hillary. This is because of the peculiarities of the electoral college. He will also be a president despite98% of the media and press having predicted that he will lose and many opined he was unfit to be president of the USA. In addition, many in his own party led by Mitt Romney opposed him and orchestrated events from his past life to demean him were publicized. There were his old off the cuff remarks on women made public, yet Donald like the boxer pinned to the ring won by a knockout blow.

During his campaign, Donald made many statements. The press dismissed his statements as rantings of a man who did not know his own mind. Yet the facts speak otherwise. All his outlandish statements like Putin being a better president than Obama and his liking for Saddam and Gaddafi were not madness but had a deep purpose behind. The fact is Donald loves authority and that is the cornerstone of the man. He likes strong men and he sees himself in that image. He prides on his going to military school though he avoided the draft. In other words, Donald will be a different kind of President and he may set the history books ablaze with a policy that could take the USA through uncharted waters.


Donald and the Military

A look at the formation of his cabinet and the men and women he is interviewing gives an idea of the mind of the man. Many times he has said that he admires the military and the generals. He wants to make America strong and one can be sure that the military long denied a fair share of power in the USA, may see some of its generals in pivotal positions.

He wants to stop the cutbacks in the army and the Air Force and one can be sure he will be a pro-active military leader. His remark in an address to veterans that he could not imagine Hillary as a C- in- C of the US armed forces again does show a gender bias. But that is the view of many in the world. For history does not record a single woman who was a commander- in- chief and led an entire army. Sporadic cases are there, yes, like Rani of Jhansi, Joan of Arc and a few more, but they also never commanded large armies.


Donald in the World

Donald and Putin are mutual admirers. Both hate Obama and have a common dislike of Muslims. The Russian press has toned down its attack on the US after the victory of Donald and both leaders have spoken to each other. If Donald and Putin could get their act together it could be a formidable changeover, the like that could transform history. It won't be easy as in the mind of the average American's perception Russia is not a friend and not to be trusted. After all the 2 nations had a cold war lasting 5 decades.

Donald has made the ISIS and Muslim extremism his enemy number one and here he will be a winner, but the battle is not easy and his statement that he will make a plan and destroy ISIS is not a cake walk.

It means facing up to Muslim fundamentalism all over the world and one will have to see how much stomach Donald has for that

Last Word

China is the another factor that Donald will have to tackle. Will he succeed? One hopes it does not end like the battle between Athens and Sparta where the Spartans won. It was a victory of authoritative over liberalism and democracy.

At home, Donald will have to face division. His comments against the blacks and Hispanics have not endeared him to them.The white extremist groups are delighted and many white women though unhappy with Donald's' conduct and remarks against women, still voted for him. Did they feel the white race in danger? No wonder the KKK is celebrating.

In short, America is going to have a president who is unlike any other and history will record if he succeeds or fails.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 30, 2016:

Thank you, Lawrence. You are right in so many things., but not by quoting Margret Thatcher. She was not the commander in the real sense unlike the President of the USA.

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Lawrence Hebb on December 29, 2016:


It sure is going to be interesting with 'The Don' as president!

I've been Interested in the debates 'all along the way' as like it or not it's going to affect us all!

One way it already has is the two major trade agreements (TPPA and TAPA) are in shreds.

In both those treaties it was the average working people in the developed world lost out as their jobs disappeared to places where labor cost less, and safety standards weren't quite as strict!

American troops are deployed all over the globe, mostly propping up other governments. Don has said the US troops can stay, provided the host country is willing to pay for their upkeep!

When you think the US spends four times what the next biggest defense spender (China) and is running a $14 trillion deficit maybe its time some of those nations shouldered some of the burden!

It is going to be interesting and challenging, but maybe it's time for a change.

With regard to a 'Female commander in chief' I would have said Margaret Thatcher, she had a hundred ship Armada including two carrier battle groups and two divisions of the Army sent to the Falklands, but we were outnumbered two to one!

Happy new year


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on December 05, 2016:

Most likely he will tone down his rhetoric and get along with Muslim world. There is no choice really .

Ashutosh Joshi from New Delhi, India on December 04, 2016:

It will be interesting to see that with his inherent dislike for Muslims and America's close allies being muslim extremist nations like UAE and even Pakistan, what would his foreign policy look like? Would it be bau or would we see a shift?

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