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Ceaseless Charade of Made Up "Enemies": A Satire

Val finds his fun satirizing the flaws of the political, religious, cultural, and medico-pharmaceutical paradigms.


I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.

-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Is It in Our Brain's Hardware to See Nonexistent Enemies?

It was that brilliant neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert who came up with evidence about the addictive nature of emotions -- those pleasant, and those crappy ones as well.

Hence this crazy collective addiction to constantly have some imaginary "enemies", or even create them with a dark passion just to feed that addiction.

It all traces back to prehistoric times filled with all kinds of four legged predators which found us quite a delicious item on their menu. Our amygdala, that primitive portion of the brain containing our survival instinct, got so trigger-happy over the millennia filled with wars and crime, that it created this addiction to sensing some threats.

It certainly didn't take long for all those manipulative "alphas-in-the-pack" to get creative at how to make use of that collective addiction of the masses -- as they kept making up all kinds of "enemies" in order to have them in a constant fear, and to make them cling to their political and religious leaders for protection.

These days you may add to that elite the medico-pharmaceutical authorities, who are practically banning any mention of natural immunity, but weakening it with a two year long fearmongering, and a mega-push for vaccines, which could have been replaced by ivermectin and some other more effective drugs.

The news have been allowed to come out about this doctor somewhere in Florida who had successfully treated over 3000 patients for Covid-19 with human version ivermectin.

As for vaccines, they are merely another example of an overblown response to a problem -- with the medico-pharmaceutical authorities playing a "savior" for a mega-profit, while the danger could have been greatly minimized with some relatively cheap drugs used on those who needed them, while letting the world have a normal life.

Billions of taxpayers' dollars later, the smart asses got to the point where they are slowly and reluctantly admitting that "the world will simply have to learn to live with the virus".

Bravo, science!

Makes you wonder...

The golden formula for manipulation with masses was not born with the Mafia inventing "dangerous neighborhoods" and coercing small businesses to pay for their "protection". Also long before religions invented evil and sin, offering protection and forgiveness; and politicians invented enemies for some non-defensive wars; and medico-pharmaceutical establishment invented thousands of diseases for their products and services, while brainwashing masses into belief about their "fragile health".

Thus, inventing enemies has its long history, and as anybody of even open-ajar mind could see, in these modern times it's being practiced more than ever before.

People became chronically paranoid with all these constant "dangers" threatening their precious asses. Government's experts for manipulating with masses are doing an extremely good job, because we don't even need any concrete evidence of a danger anymore, it's enough that we are bluntly told that this or that country is our foe.

Media gets lavishly paid to spread all that fearmongering, and no one can tell apart true news from fake ones anymore. From demonized domestic individuals, organizations and parties, to foreign governments "plotting some hostile activities" -- we keep buying every story.

With a dash of dark humor -- Media seems to be capable of making an enemy out of Santa Claus or Mother Theresa, considering their incredibly suggestive, often hypnotic influence on public mood.

Indeed, folks, there would be virtually nothing of what we think-we-know about the political circus without Media serving it to us, and playing on our emotions until we got addicted to listening to their constantly contradictory and confusing narratives.

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Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.

-- Abraham Lincoln

Like from ever -- It's the Big Buck Calling All Shots

So, when your leader says that it's time to bomb the hell out of some people that you maybe never even heard of before -- don't ask any questions; like, if those "commies", or "turbans" are really after grabbing your dear home, raping your daughter and your wife -- if she would still qualify with her looks -- and kill you, "all that only because they hate your freedoms". Yeah, right.

Just trust your leader -- he surely knows what's in your best interests. Don't believe dudes like myself, who might even tell you that crazy story about "big money and spreading global influence is behind every modern war -- with nothing of patriotic variety to justify it".

But then again, maybe I am not really suffering from some political hallucinations when I contend that governments are populated by some big caliber careerists catering to the corporate interests -- while you and your best interests are nowhere in that picture.

Who knows, maybe you might even believe me when I say that "democracy" is merely a strategic tranquilizing overdose making an ordinary Joe believe that he has some say in governmental matters, other than give his vote -- which ultimately doesn't matter anyway, because, whether he votes for Dems or Reps, it won't make him more prosperous than he was before the election.

That famous scholar Noam Chomsky said how there is only one true party in America -- the Business Party -- so what's the difference which "ideological faction" (or call it "fiction") gets elected?

Just for a moment, imagine what would happen if all governments were replaced by groups of non-political personnel -- and you simply can't miss the picture of a sudden disappearance of all global animosity.

No more enemies anywhere to be found.

For, nations don't hate each other, they are all ordinary folks wanting peace -- it takes the Big Buck and their political puppets to instigate hate between nations.

And yes, it takes an awful big mass of brainwashed people to elect them.

Now, let me ask you to imagine another hypothetical situation. Let's say, all those eight billion people -- other than political careerists -- suddenly decide not to vote, until there would be a guarantee of no more enemies.

What would happen? Do you really think that the governments would respect the people's decision and change their foreign policies?

Not so according to my mind -- I think we would be facing an overnight dictatorship to protect the interests of those who are cashing in on global political and economic dirty games and perpetuation of animosity.

Well, the show must go on, meaning one or another "enemy" playing the big role in our private and public life. Seemingly -- anybody will do.


Five enemies of peace inhabit with us -- avarice, ambition, envy, anger, and pride. If these were banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.

-- Petrarch

For an Epilog

Some years back, I had an opportunity to watch on a You tube documentary a heartwarming reunion of a group of American and German WW2 veterans -- who the last time literally viewed each other over the machine-gun barrels.

Apparently, there was a week long fierce battle in a small Italian town, which ended with both sides suffering big losses.

And now, it was truly touchy -- if not also highly educational -- to see these two groups lined in front of each other and pinning a medal for bravery on once-an-enemy's chest.

I admit, I got choked as they were giving each other a long bear hug, with eyes shedding a tear, as if saying: "I am sorry, I never really hated you."

Think for a moment, what kind of thoughts and conclusions had been obsessing their minds through all those years prior to that final motivation to arrange for that reunion under so different circumstances.

It's like a piece of their life was a big lie, which they wanted to turn into a moment of truth, with that eye-to-eye contact with someone they were supposed to kill, someone with families just like their own -- and all that for what?

Really, folks, is the global peace to be viewed as a sort of luxury reserved for some future generations when people will be using heads for more than for wearing hats -- and helmets?

I don't think there is a living veteran from non-defensive modern war, who at one time or another, didn't wonder if they had really been "serving their country" -- or serving a political agenda of an administration in power, not necessarily condoned by the next one.

Those veterans from the above described reunion were the surviving examples of ordinary humans being pushed into hating each other just because they were wearing different uniforms.

Well, needless to say, I am a pacifist -- perfectly aware of the fact that with the popularization of conflicts every pacifist is bound to be called a
"spineless sissy".

I have also been a soldier, actually a drill sergeant, and all along my service I had that despising feeling about the whole idea of killing.

And being an individualist, I also despised that uniform which was depersonalizing me, making me just an insignificant particle of a killing machinery, ready to be unleashed like a dog to attack upon a command.

Labels and slogans and cliches could never turn me into a particle of the human mass. I am I, the only one of the kind in this universe -- and it just feels great!

Who has the monopoly on information? How much do we really "know"?

© 2022 Val Karas

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