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Carnage and Invasion At America's Southern Border

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If you watch Fox News, you will often see their alarming broadcasts from the Texas border, showing migrants in large numbers and claiming that Biden's failed immigration policy is the reason when compared to Trump's. They will tell you how it has increased the assaults and how criminals are crossing from gangs. It is alarming and it seems valid. But, the blame on the immigration surge crosses both Republican and Democratic lines, both are to blame over the years of failed policy. Covid-19 made the surge become a trickle according to the stats, as well as, Trump's policies in 2019 and 2020.

But the Border Patrol's own stats on who is coming across and in what numbers tells the real truth, if you want to look and interpret the data. Local Texan newspapers have also taken a look and interviewed local front line law enforcement. While there are many more coming across, most are non-violent. When there are crimes, they are almost universally all trespassing into vacant homes, theft of camping related gear found, food, water. The number of serious crimes often reported simply is not there in the numbers reported. There is no carnage or even a spike in murder or other serious crimes.

The Border Patrol data supports it. So far, in 2021, the total number of reported physical apprehensions is 195, 8 with guns\knives, 65 incidents involving migrants throwing rocks, 35 involving a vehicle. Consider that the average immigration to the U.S. border (CA, AZ, NM, TX) per month since March has been 173,000. In just June, 2021, the Texas border dealt with 5800 families, 4200 single adults, 235 minors alone. So, yeah, there is a border surge that the Biden administration seems to be pretending is not there, which is why Texas will start arresting migrants on trespassing charges. But, that only creates another issue inside the local jails.

Since January, 2021, the tidal wave of migrants (the majority are from Mexico) hitting the southern border (CA, AZ,NM, TX) come to over 700,000 single adults, 250,000 family units, and over 93,000 minors. Texas alone has had over 600,000 migrants cross their four main border crossings with the Rio Grande Valley accounting for 330,000!

As far as Covid-19 cases, the migrants are being offered vaccinations, but it should be mandated. If they want to be in the USA, force the vaccination, as many seem to refuse it. The real danger is with the Border Patrol. Out of 9500 positive cases among the BP staff, 34 have died. When broken down per state, Arizona has 1000 cases, Texas has 3300, and Calif. has 1500. Clearly, the BP staff in Texas is being more infected by the migrant populations arriving at the border and being processed.

Bottom line is that there IS a real border crisis that is being mishandled by Biden but it is not as many outlets report it with regards to gangs and crime rates hitting high levels due to migrants. It seems to be an unsolvable problem at this point. Biden could build more wall in places, halt border crossings, stiffen asylum rules. Even with over 750,000 expulsions so far this year, they keep coming or returning for another try. It IS a revolving door for many migrants who fail the first time.

Trump did have the right call to make all migrants seeking entrance into the USA to wait in Mexico, not it detention camps. That discouraged many from trying or give up, but not all.

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The disaster is no longer coming, it is here.


perrya (author) on August 05, 2021:

Well, that is surely one reason but things can be done to minimize influx

MG Singh from UAE on August 05, 2021:

The classic push and pull theory is working as far as migration is concerned to the United States. I don't think anybody can stop it. It will automatically stop once the American standard of living comes down and that is not going to be in the near future.

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