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Capital riots: FBI warns of further violence in support of Trump

The FBI has warned that armed protests could happen across the US within the days before Joe Biden took office.

It is reported that armed groups are getting to meet altogether 50 State Capitols and Washington, DC for the inauguration on January 20th.

Concerns arise because the security plan for the event itself is strengthened.

On Monday, Mr. Biden told reporters that he wasn't afraid to require an oath of office outside the US Capitol.

He and his Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are still sworn out of the building just a fortnight after being the scene of a deadly assault by radical supporters of President Donald Trump who oppose the election results. is predicted.

Security officials are resolute there will be no repeat of the breach seen on 6 January - when thousands of pro-Trump supporters were able to break into the grounds of the complex where members of Congress were voting to certify the election result.

65th that caused confusion within the Capitol

Homeland Security Director Chad Wolf said he had instructed the US United States Secret Service to launch a special operation for Wednesday's inauguration in light of last week's events and therefore the evolving security situation. ".

Authorities say up to fifteen,000 National Guard might be available to reinforce the event.

Later on Monday, Wolff became the third Trump cabinet secretary to resign after the Betsy DeVos and Elaine Chao riots within the Capitol.

Mr. Wolf's departure confused his department, even as he was able to handle Biden's inauguration security. Wolf last week called on Trump to "strongly blame" protesters who attacked Congress.

The retiring secretary said his resignation was prompted by "recent events," including a court ruling that challenged the legal validity of his appointment.

Law enforcement agencies across the country are said to be preparing for further potential violence within the days before Joe Biden's inauguration.

Posts to Trump supporters and therefore the far-right online network involve protests on many dates, including armed demonstrations in cities across the country on January 17, and a march in Washington, DC on the day of the inauguration itself. ..