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Highway Robbery

American Scheme

deliberate heist

deliberate heist

Slow Burn

If you look at this graph, does it make you angry?

It does me. And what makes me even angrier is the anger at the president now! From 2000-2008, we have had a steady rise in income at the top levels of our society, while the lowest levels stagnate and the middle falls. It is just incredible that this happened without any of the Tea-Parties or Talking Head degenerates or political operatives who now rail about the deficit and debt!

This tax cut increased our deficit ten-fold. And who did it help? You can see for yourself, it helped the people making over 1 million dollars!

Did it increase jobs?

Did it "stimulate the economy"?

No, it increased the wealth of the wealthiest Americans. This is what we went into debt for.

Whose Fault?

easy come, easy go

easy come, easy go


Maybe we didn't think to be angry about it...we took it in stride. That's life, you know? Cost of living up, quality of life, down. Wages stuck on neutral or pink-slipped into ignominy. Was there something we should have said then? It was too much about the "war" then...too much in shock and stupor to worry about our personal situation.

But now, when I see these over-fed, over-spoiled, over-dramatic people rail about the deficit and the debt, it makes me want to scream.

Did you not care when it happened to the lowlies? Did you not see where that money went? Are you just now waking up to the fact that we got screwed?

For Everyone!.....under $100,000

money talks

money talks

We the People

Now president Obama has come along and done something amazing. He gave me a tax break! Me, a low income earner struggling to make ends meet, saw someone actually care about my situation. Me--the forgotten and ignored American. The American of no value I guess, since for eight years it was all about the Benjamins baby. In fact, president Obama mentioned this in one of his speeches. He called us "the unsung Americans". Yes, the invisible people.

When Obama talks about single moms, or kids in the ghetto, or people with no health insurance, or people who have lost jobs, he is speaking to us: Those of us who weren't included in the prosperity of the last decade.Those of us who have been in a recession, or a depression, for a long time. Was nobody angry then?


minority rule

minority rule

Go Back to the Old South

Well I say you are a day late and a dollar short. And now we have a president that has the heart to gives us the time of day, and you are out to destroy him?

My dear Tea-Bagging are in for a big surprise. If you think we are going to lie down and let you ruin it when we finally have a president who doesn't cow-tow to the millionaire crowd...well, let's just paraphrase Bugs Bunny here; "You don't know us vewwy well."

Time for the Obama supporters to let him know how much we appreciate him and what he is trying to do.

You say you want your country back? I say leave mine alone!

The REAL Problem



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David Stockman, Reagans Budget Director

“The destruction of fiscal rectitude under Ronald Reagan—one reason I resigned as his budget chief in 1985—was the greatest of his many dramatic acts,” Stockman writes. “It created a template for the Republicans’ utter abandonment of the balanced-budget policies of Calvin Coolidge and allowed George W. Bush to dive into the deep end, bankrupting the nation through two misbegotten and unfinanced wars, a giant expansion of Medicare and a tax-cutting spree for the wealthy that turned K Street lobbyists into the de facto office of national tax policy. In effect, the G.O.P. embraced Keynesianism—for the wealthy.”

Conservative Politics Are Destroying America

We've been in the clutches of conservative economic orthodoxy since 1980, and this is the result.

April 1, 2013 |

These were compiled by Dave Johnson at Campaign for America's Future:

In each of the charts below look for the year 1981, when Reagan took office.

Conservative policies transformed the United States from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation in just a few years, and it has only gotten worse since then:

In Parting

The Robber Baron Era is fast returning. And truth be told, America was at it's most prosperous when taxes on the rich were high....

It should be a sign of pride shouldn't it? When one has so much money, even taxes can't dent the wealth? And when one can do so much for the country that provides your platform to excel?

Honestly, I don't know. I'm not in that bracket. But I do know, I feel PROUD when I pay the government. It means I'm helping my fellow Americans out.

E Pluribus Unum

Why Can't We Live Together?

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Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 23, 2021:

From Scotland….

Stu Cameron:

“American capitalism argument - paying employees a living wage will raise prices, but paying CEO’s tens of millions of dollars somehow doesn’t...“


Exactly. Shows how much we’ve been brainwashed. We don’t THINK.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 21, 2021:

"Many of these deaths were preventable," said one Brazilian senator. "I am personally convinced that he is responsible for escalating the slaughter."


He slaughtered the rain forest, too.

Life is precious. These kind of people are monsters.

“Kill the planet, the beautiful planet --

A wasteland of ruin suits them better

Kill the people, the beautiful people --

There is no place for them here“


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 19, 2021:

As we’ve been saying… started with Reagan.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 16, 2021:

“John Deere reported record profits in 2021, with a $4.7bn profit in the first 3/4 of this year.

CEO John May was paid nearly $16 million in 2020, a 160% increase from 2019.

John Deere is offering the workers a $1.84 raise over 5 years.

That’s why 10,000 are on strike.”

It’s obscene.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 12, 2021:

“CBS News poll:

88% of Americans support federal funding for lowering prescription drug prices

84% support federal funding for Medicare coverage for dental/eye/hearing

73% support federal funding for paid family/medical leave

67% support federal funding for universal pre-K”


So, that means all of the republicans, Manchin and Sinema are working against the majority of the American people.

So. Who are they working for?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 10, 2021:

Jared Yates Sexton:

“Austerity in our country and in our workplaces is an artificial choice. We don’t have to live like this. We don’t have to do without and suffer and live shorter, more miserable lives simply because the rich and powerful want to be even more rich and even more powerful.”


Dam straight. And not paying taxes doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a greedy miser.

Mr “I owe 6 billion” Mercer.

Let me guess…’s tied up in court. The rich people’s refuge. I say we start using it,too.

Sue trump for pain and suffering. Sue magaa for endangering your kids.

And don’t let them near our gvt., if you value America.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 25, 2021:

The great heist

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 24, 2021:

“The top 400 richest people in the United States pay 8.2% in taxes.”

This is what maga is fighting for….,in fact, They’d like to make it less, imo.

Take away all of gvt…..all spending on citizens……

Wealthy won’t have to pay any taxes at all!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 18, 2021:

“Democrats' expansion of the Child Tax Credit, which Republicans opposed, has disproportionately benefited states that voted for Trump.

The top 10 states by average monthly payments in August were: UT, ID, SD, AK, NE, WY, ND, IA, KS, MT. All voted Trump.”


If they didn’t hate Biden so much, they’d see how much more the gvt could do for them….and should. We are citizens and deserve better!

Take it back. For 40 years, wealthy have gotten the most. Absurd, it is.

I mean, where is THEIR pride?

Working hard to avoid taxes, as fellow citizens go hungry and cold.

I’d be ashamed.

It doesn’t make you smart, it makes you awful, imo.

You hang tough, Chairman Sanders…..3.5 billion, not a penny less!

Didnt trump just give 2.2 trillion to billionaires?


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 02, 2021:

“Two Florida Counties have shut down their schools due to covid.”

They. Are. Killing. You.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 27, 2021:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 19, 2021:

Just ewwww

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 11, 2021:

“Former longtime federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani told federal agents in 2018 It's okay to "throw a fake" during an election.

“You’re under no obligation to tell the truth,” his lawyer chimed in.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 01, 2021:


“More COVID deaths in Florida today than in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and Canada combined.”


This is unconscionable, when we know how to prevent it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 13, 2021:

Sheldon Whitehouse:

“The Court That Dark Money Built just handed Republican donors a massive win by hollowing out the Voting Rights Act. Now, big-money interests can rig our democracy with even less accountability to the public. Let’s pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to repair SCOTUS’s damage.”


Remember in 2016….. Repubs in congress said they had to pass tax cuts for the rich or their donors would leave them? Remember that? They said it openly.

They work for their donors. Remember how craven they were to get their Supreme Court justices? Denying Obama his pick, then rushing though Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett….

It’s all for the big money donors. And please don’t insult my intelligence if you say they care about America.

They want to live tax free. Pay low wages. Force their religious crap on us all, and take every election.

Too bad capitalism makes people worship money. They forgot what it is to be human.

I experienced humane America…..but it ended a long time ago.

Look what the goons do…..make fun of kindness. Make fun of disabilities. Make fun of anyone that’s not them.

Democrats are the last stand for democracy, and if it goes down, it’s Nazi nation.

“Under Hitler the Nazi Party grew steadily in its home base of Bavaria. It organized strong-arm groups to protect its rallies and meetings. These groups drew their members from war veterans groups and paramilitary organizations and were organized under the name Sturmabteilung (SA). In 1923 Hitler and his followers felt strong enough to stage the Beer Hall Putsch, an unsuccessful attempt to take control of the Bavarian state government in the hope that it would trigger a nationwide insurrection against the Weimar Republic.”

Sound familiar? It should, because it is.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 08, 2021:

Wow, magats really love telling businesses what to do. Just like they do women. Do they know what freedom means?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 09, 2021:

I wonder if you can see what they’ve done.....low wages, middle class pays the taxes for them.....

It’s such theft.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 06, 2021:

Simple, concise, and true!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 29, 2021:

“Joe Biden says a billionaire should pay more in taxes than a working person, and he added that "trickle-down economics has never worked."


Never in my life did I think a president would be so in sync with my own thinking!

I have to pinch this real?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 26, 2021:

This is the truth about “trickle down”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 26, 2021:

“A billionaire complaining about paying an extra $1 million in taxes is equivalent to someone worth $100,000 complaining about paying $100. Think about that. The scale of wealth among the 1% is so vast, it's ridiculous that raising their taxes is somehow considered controversial.”


Exactly! That’s why taxes on them used to be in the 90%. After paying, they were STILL rich! And America grew and prospered. I mean, they always have to have it both ways......they want a system run on money, but then, when money is needed to run it, they don’t want to pay!

Face it, some people want America to be their personal bank. They want to use us, use our cheap labor, we buy their expensive products, they get rich and don’t want to pay taxes.

And Biden wanted taxes on billion dollar corporations to be 28%. Oh no....they cry and cry and cry and republicans and Manchin and Sinema cry and cry oh no oh no.....pooor Billionaires!!!!

So now, it will be 25%.

It was 35% went Trump got in.......he dropped it, and the highway robbery continues.

If you want a system run on up. Dammit.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 24, 2021:

“What can be done to save the American middle class?”

Tax the rich. Stop making the middle and upper lower classes pay the taxes of the rich, who throw their money in off-shore banks or Nebraska.

You can tax the churches while you’re at it, too.

Multi billionaires who live tax free.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 15, 2021:

“And McConnell removed the filibuster for judges.”

Do republicans forget this stufff, or do they truly believe only they have the right to govern? That only when they are in charge, do “elections have consequences”?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 11, 2021:

Good thread:

“Your taxes aren’t high because of schools or healthcare or food stamps. Your taxes are high because of rich people who game the system so they don’t have to pay their fair share.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 08, 2021:

“Obama undone: In first year, Trump unravels predecessor's signature achievements.

Obama has remained relatively silent as Trump dismantled his policies.”


Trump hated Obama.....ask Omarosa and Stone. They both said he decided to run after Obama embarrassed him at the press club.

He undid all the good Obama put in.......and now cries like a stuck pig because Biden is putting it back.

Read the polls......69-74% like what Biden is doing.

We have always been a more fair and decent people than the right want to represent.

And they only maintain power because the system is set up for white men.

Well, Biden is changing that, too. And we wanted it in 2016, as well.

Dont kid yourselves.

The majority are not far right evangelicals. Not by a long shot.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 06, 2021:

What’s this about Bill Gates?

“Since Reagan starting in 1982, the three wealthiest families (Waltons, Mars Candy, and Koch brothers) have seen their net worth grow by 6,000%. The median whole household income of Americans has decreased by 3%.”

Wonder who paid for the insurrection?

Tweren’t Bill Gates or George Soros.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 05, 2021:

“Those who make less than a million a year pay 39% in taxes.While those making over that pay 21%.”

AND hide 20% of it!

Highway robbery!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 05, 2021:

“I don't mind at all having to pay taxes when the poor can't. What really pisses me off is having to pay taxes when the rich won't.”

40 years or trickle up. The buck stops now.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 02, 2021:

“Passport Health offers vaccinations recommended and required for international travel. In fact, we specialize in these hard to find travel vaccines, and our clinicians are highly trained in their proper administration, all at a competitive price.



Hepatitis A

Japanese Encephalitis


Rabies (pre- and post-exposure)


Hepatitis A & B Combination Vaccine

Yellow Fever

Medications and advice are also available for these conditions:

Traveler’s Diarrhea


Dengue Fever

Motion Sickness

Many locations have recommended or required vaccinations, including many on Passport Health’s Top Ten Most Frequently Visited Destinations:



South AfricaChina







And people are against a Covid passport?.......


Cause they want to kill us!


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 30, 2021:

Red states are moocher states. We pay their taxes so they don’t have to.

Take away Uncle Sam.......they fall by the wayside. And they hate Gubmint the most! Though they use it more. What do you call that?


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 28, 2021:

Sheldon Whitehouse:

“Dark economy tax havens support international cartels, kleptocrats, and enemies of our country. This goes beyond just tax collection – it’s about national security.”

It’s trying to take over America.

“Trump and his associates are part of a white supremacist crime syndicate dismantling what’s left of American democracy for parts. He has climbed to the top of the heap using Russian-Israeli mafyia connections and Kremlin ties in a situation where American elite officialdom has become corrupt and compromised and the media has been terrorized or complicit or both. This is not just about Trump, but about modern America, the destruction of world democracy, the collapse of an independent press, and the Trumpian threat to our present and future.”


The thing is, Biden knows all this. And so do a lot of others.

I’m grabbing my popcorn.

And keep an eye on Vladimir. His star power is about to collapse. Imo

Right along with the other trifecta of terrorist.....Netanyahu.


Good riddance.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 02, 2021:

“If your assets are worth less than $50 million, you do not have to worry about Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax.”

Any rightwinger who says, “this is not fair”, keep in mind....

The $35.00 overdraft fee banks charge, never gets levied on millionaires.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 07, 2021:

Oligarchs r us

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 02, 2020:

“Trickle-Down economics means Billionaires get Big Tax Breaks and they trickle some of their Windfall down into the campaigns of Republicans who gave them the Tax Breaks!“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 30, 2020:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 28, 2020:

Trump got a 72 million dollar tax return.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 29, 2020:

“Trump signs executive order that won't allow workers to sue. Their lives & safety mean NOTHING to Trump. Now Gov Reynolds of Iowa says any worker not going back to work, safe or not, when called, loses their unemployment benefits.The US has become one big sweatshop!”

“And trump decimated OSHA. No director. No protection at all. I wouldn't eat ANY meat coming out of that plant bow that trump made the owners the inspectors. SOMEONE need to stand up for these workers. “

“ALL the red state governors are saying that any workers who do not go back to work when called will lose their unemployment benefits. As I have said before, America was built by slaves and continues to require slave labor, except today's are paid a few $$ an hour to shut them up.”


The night Trump was elected, he dined with wealthy patrons at a swanky restaurant. “I just made you a lot of money. Don’t worry, you’ll get your tax cuts”

And Trump stands up there and says blue states are mismanaged and deserve no federal help.

He’s the pied piper of the privileged.

I say blue state’s don’t give feds any money. Let them survive on the taxes from red states. They’d be paupers in a month.

But then, that’s what they want. Pauper gvt, not taxes, free reign for Robber Barons. It’s clear as day.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 29, 2020:


“The U.S. plans to give $500 billion to large companies. It won’t require them to preserve jobs or limit executive pay.

Critics say the program, set up jointly by the Federal Reserve and Department of Treasury, could allow large companies that take the federal help to reward shareholders and executives without saving...”

1:00 PM · Apr 28, 2020


Welfare QUEENS!!!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 27, 2020:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 01, 2020:

Robert Reich


“If America’s household wealth were a pie, here’s how it would be divided up:

9 slices to the wealthy

0.8 of a slice to the upper middle class

0.2 of a slice to the middle class

0.03 of a slice to the lower middle class

And the poor owe pie“


This year, I spent $525.00 on overdraft fees, due to things that happened in my “corporate” job......

It costs a lot to be poor. (Not dirt poor....and in the summer, I’m ok)

George Carlin:

“And now, they’re coming for your social security. And they’ll get it, too! They’ll get it all. Cause they own you.”

And here is why:

Sheldon Adelson got a $70,000,000 tax cut, and gave Repubs $30,000,000. It’s how it works.

Remember how they were saying they had to pass the tax cuts, or their donors would abandon them?

Someone must make up for his tax cuts....Us.

So anyone screaming about Bloomberg......take a seat. He’s a decent guy, with good ideas. Money is the pool we swim in, and dems could use some more.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 30, 2020:

“Several members of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team recently gave money to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's 2020 reelection campaign, a Courier Journal analysis of campaign finance data found.”


Remember when Keith Olberman was suspended for giving money to Grijalva?

Mannn, this gop gets away with everything. Drain the swamp!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 10, 2020:

The beginning of it all.......

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 22, 2019:

Wooooow, what?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 05, 2019:

Yup. The assholes are revealed. And no one is surprised.

Oh suuuuuure, right wing is for working class.

Oh suuuuure, drain the swamp.

Blood is boiling mile a minute.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 06, 2019:

They accomplished their goal.....congrats gop

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 11, 2019:

Come on, this is obscene

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 02, 2019:

Trickle up, baby, trickle up

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 17, 2019:

“Average CEO pay:

1978 $1.7m

2018 $17m (adjusted for inflation)


Average private-sector worker pay:

1978 $50K

2018 $60K


Economic Policy Institute”


Catching on yet?

And whats coming?......another tax cut for the wealthy.

Highway robbery? More like grand theft!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 14, 2019:

Good lord, when the wsj gets it, hallelluyah. Wages stagnate, cost of living goes up: recipe for disaster.

And you have the nerve to tell this generation theyre whiners! YOU had good jobs at good wages and retirement benefits! AND social security! This generation has none of that. None. You took it all and retired to Florida, voting Republican and turning a blind eye to those who come after.....

Who’s to blame for the rising cost of living and the stagnant wages?,

..........don’t think too hard. It’s not the workers....................

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 14, 2019:


“If you haven’t figured out that what Trump is doing with the tariffs and the self manufactured crises is manipulating the stock market and making his friends money with it, then you aren’t paying attention.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 14, 2019:


“i wonder how many rooms iran is gonna have to rent at trump hotels to avoid war”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 14, 2019:

You’re paying for the wall. We are all paying for the wall. That 30% want.

We are borrowing money from China to pay farmers, who lost China as their customer base.....due to trump policies.....

Is this socialism or welfare?

I swear, you rightys cannot say a word about anything anymore. You have dragged the bottom of it all in a couple long years.

Oh, and your head of the judiciary commmitte told jr to ignore a subpoena!

I mean, why have a country?

Just do what you want. If you get caught, tell them “I’m a trump”

You’ll be fine.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 12, 2019:

“After 40 years of capitalism, China’s income is divided almost as unequally as America’s.”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 10, 2019:

“Just about charity programs to take the wealth from one a give it to someone else.“

Exactly.....taking from the poor and middle class and giving it to the billionaires.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 09, 2019:

“It is increasingly clear, as Donald Trump appoints his cabinet of white supremacists and war-mongers, as hate crimes rise,

This is an American authoritarian kleptocracy, backed by millionaire white nationalists both in the United States and abroad, meant to strip our country down for parts, often using ethnic violence to do so.

This is not a win for anyone except them. This is a moral loss and a dangerous threat for everyone in the United States, and by extension, everyone abroad.

I have been studying authoritarian states for over a decade, and I would never exaggerate the severity of this threat. Others who study or have lived in authoritarian states have come to the same conclusion as me.

And the plight is beyond party politics: it is not a matter of having a president-elect whom many dislike, but having a president-elect whose explicit goal is to destroy the nation.“

—Sarah Kendzior, nov 18, 2016


Didn’t start with Dump, he’s just the one to carry it out. And words don’t do for his supporters.....I mean. What can you say? We will be reviled as the German Nazis were. (Same tribe) Drumpf.

But I still have hope. Once his ire turns on his base....and it will, then things will change.

We just have to hang in there and maintain sanity in this crazy Trumpland, where Obama cages babies and Trump frees them. Yeah, ok (kookoo, kookoo)

I see it happening here and there. Tax returns are gone for most....and they owe money. To pay for the give away for the Uber’s. “Hi, you have 25’s 2 billion more.”

And, since Hillary won the under $50,000 and $30,000 voters, AND won 3 million more votes than Plumpy, we won’t be bullied much longer.

Tightys know how to control the narrative, because MSM helps them, but the alternative media has left Trump. Had me worried for a minute, but they’ve come to their senses.

I myself, am practically droooling with anticipation, when the Trumpanistas in my mom’s building lose their Medicare benefits....or at least have to pay a lot more.

Then my mom and her crew can do the “ I told you so dance” over cocktails.

Goes something like this:

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on April 03, 2019:

"The United States is now at one of those historic forks in the road whose outcome will prove as fateful as those of the 1860s, the 1930s, and the 1960s,” writes MacLean. “To value liberty for the wealthy minority above all else and enshrine it in the nation’s governing rules, as Calhoun and Buchanan both called for and the Koch network is achieving, play by play, is to consent to an oligarchy in all but the outer husk of representative form."


Which side do you think trump is on?

We are in trouble.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 29, 2019:

This rivals the Kennedy compound.....however, their religion taught them to CREATE something like the Special Olympics.....What is it about Devos religion that lead her to try and shut it down?????

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 02, 2019:

“When the rich rob the poor it’s called business but when the poor fight back it’s called violence”- Mark Twain

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 27, 2019:

Chris Hayes: "What's your first big domestic legislation?"

Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Anti-corruption...when you've got a government that's working great for the rich and the powerful and not working for anyone else, it's corruption and we need to call it out."


Drain the swamp....for real, not pretend.

Trump has added to it, a thousandfold.

Mr. Gold plaited toilets.

Cut his workers salaries, got 10 mil back from the gubmint.

Elizabeth Warren was a college professor, and you call her elite.


This is the first time i saw her on YouTube....became interested in her after Obama appointed her to start the consumer protection bureau.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 16, 2019:


“America isn’t broke. We’re being robbed. In the 1950’s corporations paid $2-$3 in tax for every $1 paid by a worker. After 50 years of manipulating legislation in DC they pay less than $.25, get $100 billion in taxpayer subsidies and hide trillions”

Then, party all over the world! Global citizens, allegiance to money.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 10, 2019:

Conservatives on hubpages

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 09, 2019:

“I'm a 66 year old man, who's worked some type of job since he was nine years old, served in the peacetime USAF, and as an adult have always been in the middle class - I've just calculated my federal income taxes and I shall owe more taxes in percentage and amount than I ever have.”


The only people who win with Trump are rich. Plain and simple!

But I don’t think those who fight for the poor have mass appeal.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 04, 2019:

I told you in 2017......but I was a liar. From the congressional budget office...the truth about tax cuts

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 01, 2019:

We live in a criminal regime

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 27, 2019:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 22, 2019:

LOL.....look who the "little guys" are supporting!!

"The 70 percent tax rate on earnings above $10 million proposed by freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has the elite financiers attending Davos worried.

"By the time we get to the presidential election, this is going to gain more momentum," says Scott Minerd, global chief investment officer for $265 billion Guggenheim Partners.

"It's not going to happen – trust me," says one billionaire."

Oooooh, noo.

"Ocasio-Cortez addressed this article in a tweet Tuesday. "It's wild that some people are more scared of a marginal tax rate than the fact that 40% of Americans struggle to pay for at least one basic need, like food or rent," she wrote."

My goodness, the elites dont like her!...hint hint.

And its a MARGINAL rate.....after 10 million.

Kind of like Social Security stops at $106,000 or whatever it is now....they could up it, and have no problems with SS.

Real change. You really don't like it much.

pssssst: its not the politicians who are the problem.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 16, 2019:



“The whole idea is to let things fail and then turn them over to corporations. The billionaires who pay them will get to profit off of more and more aspects of our public life.

It's the whole scam. Grand theft of our shared life together. Civic vandalism.

It was always the plan.“

Fantastic thread!!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2019:

I see Ollie North still committing crimes and getting away with it.

He was on Klannity show saying Obama hates America. What nerve.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 11, 2019:


“Nadya Alvarez is another #RGV resident whose home is threatened by construction of the Border Wall. She is a teacher and has refused to sign over access to her property, which was handed down from her grandfather.”

Get ready, magats.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2019:

Behold, the welfare state:

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 14, 2018:

“The U.S. recorded a $100,500,000,000 budget deficit in October, an increase of about 60% from a year earlier, as spending grew twice as fast as revenue.”

Tax cuts for the rich, and corporate world.....permanent!

Good luck America. They swindled you GOOD this time.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 13, 2018:


Lock HIM Up!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 02, 2018:

Dammit! Another thing YOU did and blame dems!

I told u gw Bush was letting in ms 13!

You were like oh no. Only dems do that.....LIE

“The cop-killer featured in Trump's incendiary video blaming Democrats, was actually released by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the man Trump pardoned. He was deported by President Bill Clinton and re-entered the US under President Bush.” (link:

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 25, 2018:

You republicans will NEVER live this down.

Ruining our country for money. Pox on you.

Robert Reich

“Patriotism entails paying taxes in full, promoting civility and decency, guarding our democracy, avoiding racism and misogyny, not using public office for personal gain, preserving the freedom of the press, and respecting political opponents. Mr. President, you are no patriot.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 26, 2018:

Get real and get honest. We are done being bullied to support lies.

This country is dying to appease rich people.....and I mean filthy rich.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on July 10, 2018:

Lol at “Hillary the Wall Street schill”.

Look what you repubs gave us

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 02, 2018:

"25.7% of all eligible voters voted for Trump. The media choose to not talk about the 26.8% who voted for HRC and worse yet, the nearly 50% who didn’t vote at all. Almost all the news is about 25% (or less) of eligible voters."


Worse, we are being RULED by 25%! If we are being honest, we are ruled by less than that.

Rightwing world. Trumpland. New World Order.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 29, 2018:

I have no qualms comparing Trump to Hitler. Watch his Tennessee campaign rally tonite. Then watch a Hitler rally. Dead ringer.

Watch the crowds, too.....incredible.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 24, 2018:

"Last year, as part of the tax law, Congress eliminated the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate penalty. Given the mandate’s important role in encouraging healthier people to enroll in the marketplaces, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that, in 2019, this will increase average premiums in the individual market by 10 percent.

Furthermore, in February 2018, the Trump administration proposed a rule to expand short-term health insurance plans. As indicated by their name, short-term plans are intended as temporary insurance coverage, generally to help people manage transitions between different sources of coverage. Yet the Trump administration’s rule would expand their duration so that they could become a long-term source of coverage. These plans generally do not comply with the ACA’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Along with the repeal of the individual mandate penalty, this expansion of short-term plans will drive up average premiums for ACA-compliant coverage in the individual market. Recent preliminary rate filings in Virginia demonstrate that these actions are contributing to significant premium increases for marketplace coverage in 2019. In fact, some Virginia insurers specifically cited the individual mandate repeal and short-term plan rule as major factors in their rate filings.

Using estimates from the Urban Institute, this column projects average state-by-state premium increases for 2019, in dollars. Estimated premium increases due to these acts of marketplace sabotage average $1,013 nationally for benchmark premiums for a 40 yr individual.


REMEMBER THIS. Cause sure as money is green, Trump and the republicans will try to blame democrats.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on May 20, 2018:

"What the Republicans unveiled in Washington may look like a welcome, long-overdue simplification of the tax code.

But don’t be fooled. It’s actually a Trojan horse. It is designed to give away money to the children of the super rich, to the religious right and the so-called red states that are most loyal to the Republican Party.

And it will do so by punishing those who are disloyal to the “pro-America” party and insist on voting Democrat.

This isn’t tax reform. This is the imposition of tribute on an occupied people."

You can hear it everyday. How much Trump hates democrats.

Good luck running on hate.

It will eat you like its eaten your decency and common sense.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 07, 2018:

Pro fetus, not pro child. This was just talked about on local news today. 6 Massachusetts programs will be cut without federal funding.....but they want more money for military and Trump vacations.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 18, 2017:

Just watched Rattner break down the Republican child tax credit...

people below poverty...$15,000 will get $75.00

people poverty or close $30,000 will get $800.00

people $400,000 and above will get $4,000

SO...all these people who say child tax credit is a know. They always say that when a poor person receives it. That's MY money, they say.

Welp, as a person in the $42,000 taxes will go up, so I can help give people with $4000,000 income $4,000 per child.

This is why it's called Reverse Robin Hood.....or as my hub calls it: HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 03, 2017:

"It’s a bit strange that my parents brought me to the United States so I could have a better life and this morning I am discussing moving out of the US so my daughter can have a better life."


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 21, 2017:

BREAKING: 82 million middle class households with a tax increase in the GOP plan.

Source: Non-Partisan Tax Policy Center.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 19, 2017:

"Trump's tax cuts are the biggest wealth grab in modern history."

Remember George Carlin? "They're coming for your social security"....

That day has arrived.

How's that for "economic anxiety"? And you can pretend you didn't know, but c' daft must anyone be to NOT know that a rich money grubber would not really help you?

But don't worry...they'll criminalize abortion, lock millions up for pot, and stop black people from I geuss you won.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 06, 2017:

Remember. the dossier says trump and page were promised 19% of rosneft if they got sanctions lifted.....

cypress bank hides money for the richistans. Wilbur ross involved in it.

know who else has good greek connects"

George Papadopoulous.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 26, 2017:

"Under trump, made in america is losing out to russian steel"

And dontt forget that ivankas stuff is made in china.

Did u forget? Or does he just get to say anything and you dont care?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 19, 2017:

Oh my. "Trumps benghazi"

Niger was a russian military op

Russia just made deal with niger....

Goodness! Will we have hearings more than 9/11 like hillary????

Repubs in charge....its only wrong if dems do it. Silly

And will you rightwingers be remembering these 4 men forever?

Oh pullleazzze. Different prez in charge....we dont speak of those things anymore

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 01, 2017:

Vp mike pence will be keynote speaker for the koch brothers policy and political stategy retreat.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on September 05, 2017:

Call me middle of the road....i think the worst kind of corruption is taking money from a hostile foreign nation to sell out your country.

This happened. Not just trump, a lot of gop.

McConnell killed the news about putin hacking when he knew way back in summer 16.

Ryan took vlad $$. As did others.

And yet, this truth keeps getting scoffed at, excused, ignored, obfuscated to something about rotten hillary and terrible obama.

I am telling the truth when i say i am flabbergasted.

Stunned by the refusals to see and stunnned even more now for the years of being called an america hater by these same people.

Numb might be a better word. And the daily inhumanity is shocking.

This experiment is being tested. And even though the majority is showing its face, the small extreme keeps ignoring.

This needs to be fixed. What arcane bullsheite allows for the majority of a country to be oppressed?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on August 24, 2017:

"America isnt broke, were being robbed. In 1950, corporations paid $3 in tax for every $1 paid by workers. Now .25 cents."

And guess what? Trump and repubs want to give them more.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on February 22, 2017:

where is trump going to put these people hes locking up until trial?

FEMA camps, or as keith olbermann says, camps with concentration.

keep saying you havent seen this before.

and we'll keep saying, dont ask how it could happen...its here.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 30, 2016:

i guess while people r so busy wanting to drain the gubmint swamp, they ignore the global ocean.

who is it that are the globalists? american workers? uhuh. corporations and big biz are the globalists.

just watched one on tv. head of estee lauder. he said being a global competitor, usa needs to lower corporate tax rates.

this reason companys leave. do cheaper business elsewhere, more profit for them.

how is that care for the american worker?

only if they are shareholders or own stock in company.

so plz tell me who cares for american worker?

heres my idea of good leader: "good jobs at good wages, or we dont need you"

pipe dream.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on June 20, 2016:

Dump Trump is not a liberal movement, but a conservative one.

Funny how Trump supporters always point at liberals.

Bernie Sanders is demanding that dem primaries include indies and non registered.....

No! Work to build up your own dam party instead of trying to hijack the Democratic one!

Tea party dems and tea party Repubs. Just who do you think you are?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 31, 2016:

Wow. The latest "religious freedom" bill says business can refuse to serve you if you've had an extra marital affair.

First of all, how would they know...Scarlet letter?

Second, "First they came for the gays" out.

Fascistas in the midst.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on March 18, 2016:

Btw, I notice a lot of people jumping on that Hillary picture with Bernie in the background on her statement about healthcare reform. Oh yes, you used it to cream her. Well she is right. Sanders did not support her initiative, because he wanted Universal Healthcare. Hillarys proposal didn't go far enough for him. She needed every dem vote to get that passed, and with his no vote, Sanders did help it fail.

So, lets stop the knee-jerk Hillary bashing, look at the truth.

And really, how many of you voted for Nader? I have my integrity credentials. Perhaps i see something in Hillary that you dont. Or perhaps im saying no repub 4 fecta again, evah.

But quit acting like Hillary supporters don't know the deal.

Aren't liberal enough.

Are stupid, brainwashed corporatists....

Anyone alive knows the deal. And as my dad used to say, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 14, 2016:

Interesting...even Has interview w Ron Paul. Says Trump is authoritarian. "Im going to tell you what to do and youll do it"

Your god is like that too, huh?

And you dont think were in phallic age, eh,?

Who in right mind wants to be told what to do?

Also intersting....Cruz went to Harvard, Princeton, wife works for Goldman one asks if he eats arugula.

He plays aw shucks real good.

Just like Trump plays "you matter"real good.

Its all an illusion.

Ask Italy or Germany....dont fall for bravado. It usually means "mommy issues"

Dr lmc knows

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 14, 2015:

The real problem with Cruz is he's not born here! Where the F are the Birthers??? He's 100% ineligible, and why is no one saying it?

Nevermind.....Grayson says if Cruz gets the nomination: he's suing. This is farsical, given Cruz supporters still push the Obama Birther thing. THEIR candidate was born in Canada!

Separate America......the stupid and double standards BURNNNNNN

I want away from these ret&^%ded Goons.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 22, 2015:

Liz Walker speaking on tax code at National Press Club.

What the Republicans in Congress are proposing is "the same rigged game"

Is anyone surprised?

Donald Trump told you that....did you forget? Or did he? "I'm a businessman I look at taxes as an expense. I have lawyers, accountants...and MEMBERS OF GOVERMNET that help me NOT pay!"

So, if biz doesn't pay, who does? You don't know??? Come on. It's not poor people! It's the middle class...just why do you think it has disappeared?

And I have a has a name, but I cant think of it.

Take the good jobs away....make the cost of living high....make people so desperate they will work for nothing just to stay on the sidelines....Now they can offer ANY increase in wage and it will seem like a miracle for those living on the east of eden...."$10.00 an hour, I'll take it! Thank you God!"

Meanwhile, according to Liz Walker, if wages had kept up with cost of living, minimum wage would be $22.oo an hour.

So, you see? They squeezed us so dry, we'll take anything and think it's a blessing.

3 card monty? Dirty pool?

Those Dirty B*st*rds.

Meanwhile----all the Money goes where? To the Tippety Top. Ka Ching!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 01, 2015:

This s what i mean about can get banned for speaking out against Israel, but it's OK if you call for the United States president to be shot....on numerous occasions.

This is why I think it's a hasbara site.

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