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Highway Robbery

American Scheme

deliberate heist

deliberate heist

Slow Burn

If you look at this graph, does it make you angry?

It does me. And what makes me even angrier is the anger at the president now! From 2000-2008, we have had a steady rise in income at the top levels of our society, while the lowest levels stagnate and the middle falls. It is just incredible that this happened without any of the Tea-Parties or Talking Head degenerates or political operatives who now rail about the deficit and debt!

This tax cut increased our deficit ten-fold. And who did it help? You can see for yourself, it helped the people making over 1 million dollars!

Did it increase jobs?

Did it "stimulate the economy"?

No, it increased the wealth of the wealthiest Americans. This is what we went into debt for.

Whose Fault?

easy come, easy go

easy come, easy go


Maybe we didn't think to be angry about it...we took it in stride. That's life, you know? Cost of living up, quality of life, down. Wages stuck on neutral or pink-slipped into ignominy. Was there something we should have said then? It was too much about the "war" then...too much in shock and stupor to worry about our personal situation.

But now, when I see these over-fed, over-spoiled, over-dramatic people rail about the deficit and the debt, it makes me want to scream.

Did you not care when it happened to the lowlies? Did you not see where that money went? Are you just now waking up to the fact that we got screwed?

For Everyone!.....under $100,000

money talks

money talks

We the People

Now president Obama has come along and done something amazing. He gave me a tax break! Me, a low income earner struggling to make ends meet, saw someone actually care about my situation. Me--the forgotten and ignored American. The American of no value I guess, since for eight years it was all about the Benjamins baby. In fact, president Obama mentioned this in one of his speeches. He called us "the unsung Americans". Yes, the invisible people.

When Obama talks about single moms, or kids in the ghetto, or people with no health insurance, or people who have lost jobs, he is speaking to us: Those of us who weren't included in the prosperity of the last decade.Those of us who have been in a recession, or a depression, for a long time. Was nobody angry then?


minority rule

minority rule

Go Back to the Old South

Well I say you are a day late and a dollar short. And now we have a president that has the heart to gives us the time of day, and you are out to destroy him?

My dear Tea-Bagging are in for a big surprise. If you think we are going to lie down and let you ruin it when we finally have a president who doesn't cow-tow to the millionaire crowd...well, let's just paraphrase Bugs Bunny here; "You don't know us vewwy well."

Time for the Obama supporters to let him know how much we appreciate him and what he is trying to do.

You say you want your country back? I say leave mine alone!

The REAL Problem



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