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Cannabis legalization would bring cultural and economic boom to weary UK


"The UK's police effort to combat this 'drug' have been futile wasting billions of taxpayers money while simultaneously destroying people's lives"

I know much has been said on the subject and it's not surprising given the expanding argument for legalization, but today the UK is looking bleak and stagnated for creativity. Too long people have been thrown into pointless jobs that have no meaning to them or their aspirations.

I understand that meaningless bottom-ranked jobs can be used by students etc. as alternative means of income that to them is just 'a means to the ends' but for some people and it's not a small group, they have to bite through the relentless bullshit that one will have to face.

It's difficult enough when your stuck in a financial rut with no assistance and no sense of direction you know, no hope. Anyone that personally understands this and i know there are many of you out there it's fucking horrible what you have to contend with. Initially it's the chicken-shit pay then it's the people your customers, those horrible, pretentious, arrogant, egotistical people.

Who don't have anything else to do since they are blessed with financial abundance and I'm not, therefor I'am subservient to a fate i didn't choose, a lifestyle where i could only lose, that endless battle to prove to society that I'm worthy of some form of living.

Despite the mainstream misconception that most people share about the this rat-race the problem i think it's not just in that. But in the assumption made about peoples need for material and consumption. It's greed created corporate-culture which has been impressed upon the masses for generations. And now woven into the tapestry of our lives with their design cradled by their hidden hands and so we remain a superstitious collective lost in the truth of our instinctive consciousness and the lies of our reality. This is a global issue but ill start with the UK.

Of course i have no one answer to the problems of today's society, the system as a whole needs adjustment and perhaps complete change to bring our world into a better statistical balance but for now there are many countries worldwide that have already been sitting on a market that has huge potential for not only economic growth but cultural appeasement and perhaps as some may feel the initiation of true liberal transparency, yes the legalization of cannabis.

Despite the UK's efforts to rid cannabis off the streets it has grown into abundance the UK's police effort to combat this 'drug' have been more than futile and have wasted billions of taxpayers money while simultaneously destroying people's lives.

It's true this unregulated illegal market isn't good for the UK but it's the UK that has nurtured this market to it's successful and irreversible existence, by denying the public a demand that was needed. It's self-evident well rehearsed daily or occasional users find themselves at a crossroads with regards to credible law. In other words if i smoke cannabis and i find it to be good and relatively safe in well known terms, how could you tell me it's bad? especially when you allow the consumption of products which are scientifically proven to be bad. It's a contradiction and it's a hypocrisy.

Over the recent years we have seen advocates and overwhelming support for legalization from High-profile world leaders to known billionaires and even Hollywood. With Almost half of the US with medicinal Cannabis and with a handful of states at recreational use, not to mention recreational use still implemented in the Netherlands and recently made legal in Uruguay, and domestic use being allowed and made relaxed in places like Germany, i wonder what of the UK?

Medicinal/recreational use cannabis is now the fastest growing industry in the US with 2.4bn dollars made in 2014 and with projections of 11-12bn by 2019. Also a 14.6% crime drop in Colorado since legalization, which according to some sources has created over ten thousand jobs as of may last year. Taking into account the state of Colorado as of 2014 has a population of 5.3 million with relatively small domestic tourism the level of wealth accumulated is impressive. So you could only imagine the scale of wealth, jobs and crime reduction we would see almost systematically with legalization in the UK.

What are the health Issues?

Governments have done much to tarnish the reputation and idea of cannabis from stories of severe mental illness to death. And i'm not going to say it's 100% safe my personal feelings are that anything in excess is bad for you. And i do believe cannabis is moderately addictive

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In recent years we have had many notable people stand up for cannabis legalization in all fields of profession doctors, actors, scientists. Cannabis oil is now at the forefront of Cancer research due to increasing stories of pain relief and in some cases full treatment of curable and incurable diseases. Watch the video below for some examples of this new found phenomena.

But if cannabis is genuinely harming people and turning people into schizophrenic paranoids In my opinion and personal experience it won't be anything to do with the cannabis itself but with the chemicals used to harness those particular grows, all sorts of stuff has been tried from fiberglass to small traces of heroin (these methods are often to add weight or additives) but these facts are never mentioned or included in articles or any reports from the mainstream media. For example sprayed weed as it's commonly known is something that is most prominent in the UK and only in the UK have you heard stories of people dying.

It's the government to blame by denying people a substance they desire, need, enjoy, want, whatever. They have given nourishment to a competitive and innovative illicit trade that empties consumers out of their funds for unregulated small quantities of who knows what. And again with legalization we have regulation clean, professional and medically contained product for a happier and fulfilled consumer demand and if there are any worries about accessibility culture spiraling out of control just look at other places where cannabis can be obtained on an open market is it out of control there? even so there are reports of up to 7,800 illegal cannabis grows in the UK today, we already have the market we just need to legalize.

And with the whole hype and hysteria the media and government have spun upon it over the years legalization will eventually counter the 'taboo' attitude attained towards cannabis settling down to a stable minority market of happy and satisfied consumers. Of course you still need regulation on advertisement and health warnings and understanding. But like our ancestors who at some point ate the pomegranate or grape they discovered it was something of desire and safe.

With mounting pressure by thousands of Individuals, organizations and groups worldwide and with so many positive uses being displayed daily. How long will the UK continue to demonstrate questionable doubt on legalization and bring some spice and perhaps liberty to the UK economic and cultural landscape.

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