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Can a Majorette's Life Be That Rough?

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Majorettes Must Master Posing For Photos


I Should Have Seen it Coming

way back yonder when my high school building actually had concrete floors. Plus we were so glad that our restrooms were now on the inside instead of a heavily-wooded area. High school and all it's frills. Football games on Friday night. Chowing-down on concession hot dogs (which ours was half-cooked ), sneaking a smoke because our parents said it was wrong. And oh, those cheerleaders. Wow! Yes, these girls were fine looking, but at halftime, "the big guns" rolled out twirling batons with fire on each end, wearing perfect make-up exhibiting perfect hour glass figures, and well, I never got the nerve to ask what it was like for them in high school.

And while these "Angels of The Athletic Arena," carried on with their intricate routines causing our football's team's fans gasp in fear because these good-lookers jumped, rolled-over and built a high pyramid. Still, I wanted to eat a well-done hamburger. I had forgotten that the people who tried to cook the hot dogs, tried to cook the hamburgers. I thought that even I, a sophomore in Hamilton High School, knew how to pile the charcoal, saturate them with fluid, and toss a match into the pile and when the coals grew white, toss on the ground beef and cook until done. I should have paid more attention in this part of my life.

Honestly, I have had the pleasure of knowing four majorettes--Suzy; Tricia; Angelyn and Jackie. All were dolls, both on the field and in the hallways of our school building. Yes, they all had fans galore and when they floated down the hall, all of the guy's eyes were cast in one direction. Mine included along with my two buddies.

Many Times Majorettes Are Rewarded For Their Sacrifice to Their School


My Personal Thoughts and Questions About Majorettes:

⦁ Question: the choosing of majorettes, by some schools, are chosen by sitting judges all from current majorettes who judge the new contestants. Sure, in some areas, choosing majorettes is fixed (no pun intend) by a "who's who" rule. E.G. if only the "it" girls can be majorettes, these same girls look for thosewe who are like them. This can lead to and cause hard feelings and sometimes, harsh language from an equally-talented and pretty girl who did not get chosen.

⦁ Question: majorettes do have activities outside of twirling their batons. They run and associate with their own and that can be misunderstood to be a "better than you" group of gals, which not all of these girls are snooty, but if this cycle can be taken own, a lot of majorettes whose parents do not own a business can have an equal application to the school's majorette club.

⦁ Fact: did you know that millions are spent yearly on make-up, conditioning cream, tanning oil, eye liner and shadow as well as teeth whiter, and I understand this action, because the girl's looks has to be near-perfect. Is this a game of politics? Not necessarily, but this action can go too far and then you have hurt feelings.

⦁ Fact: do majorettes get preferential treatment by their teachers? In some cases. The male teachers love to see gorgeous girls in their class and this is not the fault of the majorettes. Female teachers try their best to not show partiality, but in some isolated cases, female teachers can be tough on these girls possibly an inner-female jealousy that can crop-up now and then.

⦁ Question: do majorettes all sleep-in on Saturday mornings after twirling during their Friday night's football game? Some. Not all. But who could blame them for all of the hard work the girls do and practicing the girls have to have in order to please themselves as well as parents and friends.

Majorettes Lead a Cheer For The Team's Fans


⦁ Question: is it a common thing for majorettes to shun guys who are not from socially-high places to go on a date? No. Sometimes. But in the society of 2021, the old principles are changing every moment. Thank God!

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⦁ Question: (and this is a no-brainer), do majorettes continue to be majorettes in college? Yes. But they have to pass certain area of being a majorette before they can be on the squad.

⦁ Question: do majorettes enjoy a long, happy summer when school is out? No. You, like me, used to think this, but majorettes as well as cheerleaders and their sponsors, attend camps where they can learn various "builds" (a pyramid) and balancing talent. The regular students do enjoy a summer out of school.

⦁ Question: does the above let us know that majorettes and cheerleaders are tough as well as disciplined? You bet, pal. Tough is far from the word. In fact, majorettes and cheerleaders practice as tough or tougher than the football team in their school.

⦁ Question: would I allow my youngest grand daughter, to be a majorette? Sure. If that is her goal. But now she is in the ninth-grade, making great grades and is a part of a dance troupe that dances for football games and these dances are sponsored by two teachers and can be tough when it comes to being slack about their place in the dance troup. Quite frankly, I am most-proud of my baby grand daughter.

That is about it. Sure, I could have went on and on talking about majorettes and yes, the hard-working cheerleaders, but you can sleep well tonight knowing that in my day, I was never invited to be my school's only male cheerleader.
Some males in my school were tough. Need I say more?

March 08, 2021______________________________________________________

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Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on March 08, 2021:

If I remember correctly, you are about 10 years younger than I am, Kenneth. Your majorettes were certainly different from ours. Our majorettes were not a revered protected species in our high school. In fact, they almost became an extinct species. First and foremost, a majorette and the drum major had to play an instrument and learn to march in parades in the marching band. Leave the cheerleading and rah rahs to the cheerleaders. Then the school charged a hefty band fee to be in the band and rent an instrument if your parents didn't buy you one. I took twirling lessons and could have easily made majorette despite my twiggy body, but then my father refused to allow me to be in the band. It nearly broke my heart. Finally several girls who didn't make cheerleader joined the band. They couldn't twirl, so they just marched with the batons. I don't think they ever learned to play those clarinets, either. Anyway, your little history of the Hamilton cheerleaders was most interesting. You have a way with words, my friend.

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