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Can We Please Get Back to the Basics of What Really Matters and Bury Woke Culture Right Alongside Political Correctness?

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Come on People Now

"Ready to do battle"; that's how the Braves, the Redskins, the Seminoles, the Indians, have often described their team names.

After all, all teams want to be the best; performing at the highest level and being the reason that their competition prepares for the day they'll be facing them, in order to be at their highest level, respecting what they are up against.

Ready to do battle!

Any group of individuals, whether it's the players, the owners, the coaches, the fans, aren't going into battle, with a name to be mocked, a name which causes them to lower their head. It will be with their heads held high and with a name they all take great pride in -

There's a reason for names such as Titans, Jaguars, Cowboys, Redskins {formerly Braves}...they exemplify strength, agility, endurance, etc.

They are worthy opponents!

There's a reason they don't go with names such as Lab Rats or Road Kill and it is beyond ridiculous that a team which has had the name 'Redskins' for so many decades is suddenly so offensive, grounds for dismissal, rejection, belittlement, etc. of anyone who dares utter it!

Football, specifically, the NFL, made the mistake of a lifetime, buying into the lie of a lifetime, the great con which was Colin Kaepernick, which was kneeling during the National anthem, which was Black Lives Matter!

All leading to the outright disrespecting of America, the questioning of the United States of America's right to exist, based on bogus claims and outright lies, alone.

Why it was pushed by the progressive, socialist, Marxist left is understandable; it's life interrupting/life altering. It tainted sports, which has always unified us and brought us, as Americans, together!

By design, the goal was/is, to divide us, leading to the destruction of us, the U.S.A.

Conquer and divide

As for the NFL, they went along with it, because, at the time, it was the p.c.& culturally woke thing to do and, although I wasn't present for meetings, I suspect a ton of pressure and guilt and threats, were placed upon them.

They royally screwed up; football, baseball and other sports, lost many lifelong fans!

As a result of the games which were played, which had nothing to do with sports, many fans, including yours truly, have only recently warmed up to football again, to baseball again, to sports again.

But for many others, it hurt too much, they'll never return, they are now - the forever lost sports fans.

It's sad, but also tragic!

Come On People Now - Get Together

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We, a prideful Nation, this place often described as a "shining city on a hill", referred to as the land of "milk and honey" once upon a time, looked on in horrid our Country was dissed, as Veterans were dissed...all in the name of promoting a big lie, a calculated promotion, the woke agenda!

It started out with one man taking a knee at the thought of honoring America and from there it spread like wildfire, via propaganda.

Speaking of made the founders of Black Lives Matter, very wealthy!

As they pretended to be raising money to invest in minority neighborhoods, to invest in minority children, playing the victims, all the while, investing in themselves!

Pretending to hate the idea of capitalism, these self-proclaimed Marxists, utilized capitalism...the ugly side of it; crony capitalism. Collusion, their tool, their weapon, their ace up the sleeve.

The NFL was hurt, no doubt about it, surviving, only to have this latest...this changing the names of teams, for reasons, which incidentally, don't include, offense taken by the Native American community!

Nevertheless, it too, gets promoted, propagandized, spotlighted by the same cast of characters, the left, the progressives, the Marxists, those who live to destroy everything Americana, all while taking full advantage of all that this great Country has to offer.

Only difference now, more and more people are onto their atrocious antics!

Propagandize, Promote Lies; it's what the Left does

I have talked with so many people that should know better, but unbeknownst to them, they've been victimized by propaganda and actually believe that here in the State of Florida, we have a "Don't Say Gay" law.

Not true, never happened, nothing of the sort.

Our Governor has worked at protecting school children from indoctrination and from things that don't have anything to do with their learning, their education, their ability to go out into the world and compete, perform, succeed.....

He has worked to see that the Parents/Guardians of these school children are involved and up to speed in what is being taught to their children.

While I am on this subject, have you taken note of the number of news stories coming out about how American kids aren't testing very well in Math and Reading, for examples, which has the writer or the news reader wondering {besides the setback from Covid} what's to blame?

What is going on?

What's to blame?

Wondering what do we need to do differently?

Here's some thoughts:

Stop indoctrinating children and educate them instead

Stop working to destroy the family unit

Stop scaring children half to death with bogus claims about climate change and how they and their Parents are responsible for it

Stop attempting to make children feel uncomfortable in the body they were born in; provoked to wonder... if they are a mistake,

left pondering if they are the abuser or the victim, based solely on the color of their skin

It is destructive, divisive, abusive and it must end now!

If the progressive left insists on pursuing such things, they've lost all rights to ask the question, what has happened to our children's ability to learn?

They need only to look in the mirror!

The Parents Rights Bill, which Florida's Governor enacted, has everything to do with keeping sex talks out of the classrooms for grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade and everything to do with Parents knowing what is being taught to their children and nothing, whatsoever, to do with anything else.

Don't take my word for it, read it for yourself (note highlighted HB 1557)

Fade Away.....

My hope is that, like the LSD stage or the KKK stage...this woke, P.C. stage, will fade away and become another part of our past, one which we'd rather not remember!

Whether it comes from a foreign dictator, a conquering cartel or from those attempting to destroy - from within our is as dangerous as the next.

All enemies must be stopped!

God Bless America!

© 2022 Angie B Williams

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