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Can President Donald J. Trump Still Stop The Steal In 2021?

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At the beginning of this year, the Arizona State Senate was going back and forth with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to get an election-integrity audit going in that same county because of signs of tampering with the 2020 American presidential election in that same county. After a considerable amount of pushback, the Arizona State Senate was finally successful at getting such an audit underway. My article titled "Can An American Presidential Election Be Overturned After Inauguration Day?" provides the details of all the events that led up to that audit.

Meanwhile, an attitude among Democrats that was characterized by resentment and hostility came from all directions against anyone who questioned the November outcome of the 2020 American presidential election. Such an attitude was incomprehensible, because big names in the Democratic Party such as Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren even questioned the integrity of election technology in our nation as recently as 2019. Interestingly enough, Dominion Voting Systems was one of the vendors that they were concerned about in this regard, and this same vendor has been the focus of great controversy surrounding the integrity of the 2020 American presidential election or rather the lack thereof.

Americans Want To Know What Will Happen If The Maricopa County Election-Integrity Audit Proves That Joe Biden Didn't Win Arizona

The mainstream media has been going berserk in falsely reporting that President Donald J. Trump's contention that the 2020 American presidential election was stolen from him is baseless. However, there have been some journalists who have been following the events of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit closely insofar as they have come up with a prediction of what will follow if and when such an audit proves that President Trump won the state of Arizona in the 2020 American presidential election. Dr. Steve Turley provides us with a video that lays out such a scenario in the event that it were to occur.

Dr. Steve Turley Explains What Will Happen If The Maricopa County Audit Proves That President Donald J. Trump Won Arizona

Dr. Turley states in his above video that he was confident that the Maricopa County election-integrity audit would find numerous discrepancies in the ballots, and he was right. Nevertheless, the biggest problem that the Cyber Ninjas encountered during their audit of the Maricopa County ballots was that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refused to turn over election-related hardware to them despite that the Arizona State Senate had executed the proper legal proceedings to compel the release of such evidence to them. My article titled "Could Maricopa County End Joe Biden's Reign Of Terror?" has a 3-plus-hour video embedded in it that shows the presentation of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit results wherein the Cyber Ninjas complain about this same problem.

In his above-described video, Dr. Turley explains that if the Maricopa County election-integrity audit were to uncover that President Trump really won the state of Arizona in the 2020 American presidential election, the following events that I shall now describe herein would take place. There would be an avalanche of similar election-integrity audits throughout our nation. There would be a spike in election-integrity legislation throughout the United States of America. The Biden administration would eventually collapse in one way or another.

One interesting prediction that Dr. Turley made in his above video was that if the Maricopa County audit proved that President Trump won Arizona in our last presidential election, such a revelation would pave his pathway to becoming reelected as our president in 2024. My response to Dr. Turley's statement is that if the avalanche of audits that he describes in his video above were to reinstate President Trump in the Oval Office in either 2021 or 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States ("SCOTUS") could be confronted with the question of whether President Trump could run for a third term in the Oval Office in 2024 in that event inasmuch as he would have been cheated out of a significant amount of time in his second term in office.

To the best of my knowledge, our Federal laws appear to be silent about what could be done to compensate a president for lost time if he were to have been cheated out of any time in his second term in the Oval Office upon being reinstated after the election had been stolen from him. If President Trump gets reinstated for a second term in the Oval Office in 2021 or 2022, it would only seem fair that he should be allowed to run for a third term in the Oval Office because of that loss of time. Otherwise, he should at least be allowed to serve out the entire four years of his second term in the Oval Office even if it means that we have to postpone our next presidential election until 2025 or 2026. How such a situation would be handled remains to be seen. As Dr. Turley stated in his video above, by then we will have sailed into unchartered territory.

The Maricopa County Election-Integrity Audit Was Conducted In A Professional Manner Despite Criticisms

Earlier this year American journalist Simone Gao interviewed Alan Dershowitz to obtain his legal opinion on how all of the legal challenges that President Trump had made of the 2020 American presidential election would play out in the court system. One of the major points that Mr. Dershowitz made to her was that President Trump and his legal team had to show more to the courts than that they were merely dissatisfied with the outcome of the 2020 American presidential election. Mr. Dershowitz appeared to suggest that President Trump and his legal team should avoid turning such a mission into merely an anti-Biden political war. You can get more details about that same interview in my article titled "Joe Biden Should Concede The Presidency To Donald J. Trump!"

In any event, throughout the Maricopa County election-integrity audit, Arizona Senate President, Karen Fann, successfully held herself to that same standard that Mr. Dershowitz set forth in his above-described interview with Ms. Gao. One of the point that Ms. Fann stressed in the September 24, 2021 presentation of the results of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit was that the audit was not about overturning the 2020 American presidential election but rather getting to the bottom of what went wrong in that same election. She added that the decision was being placed in the hands of the Arizona Attorney General on what to do with those same results.

Mainstream news outlets badmouthed this same audit in Maricopa County and misreported the results of it. Luckily, there were journalists who stuck with the truth regarding the outcome of this same audit. Dr. Steve Turley gives his honest take on it in his YouTube video below.

Dr. Steve Turley Is Confident That The Maricopa County Audit Will Change Everything Regarding The 2020 American Presidential Election

As I had observed in the September 24, 2021 presentation of the Maricopa County election-integrity audit results, Dr. Turley brings up in his video above that the auditors found discrepancies and illegalities connected with numerous ballots insofar as they should never have been certified. However, the auditors never revealed whether their findings benefitted Joe Biden or President Trump. Nevertheless, the mainstream media released a myriad of propaganda in an effort to mislead the public that the findings had benefitted Mr. Biden. Fake news is a like a cancer that grows within the mainstream media.

In his video above, Mr. Turley stresses that people are demanding that the 2020 American presidential election be decertified. He also adds that, as he had predicted earlier this year, an avalanche of similar election-integrity audits has been trending throughout the United States of America. He also notes that Biden supporters are beginning to lose faith in Mr. Biden.

There can be no dispute that Mr. Biden has simply not been pulling his weight in the Oval Office. His so-called presidential administration is on the cusp of imploding. Dr. Turley points out in his video below that CNN even admitted that President Trump was running a shadow presidency.

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Dr. Steve Turley Explains That CNN Admitted That President Donald J. Trump Was Running A Shadow Presidency

After watching Dr. Turley's video above, some of you may be asking the million-dollar question. If President Trump is not being paid to serve in the Oval Office, then why would he want to continue with his presidential duties after Mr. Biden has moved into the White House? Well, we have to consider the fact that President Trump did not accept a dime of salary while he was living in the White House. A Forbes journalist named Adam Andrzejewski reported this fact in an online article. Moreover, many Americans, including me, feel that Mr. Biden is not a legitimate president and that he has done virtually nothing for our nation.

Whenever there is a national crisis in our country or our country is involved in an international crisis, Mr. Biden is usually going on vacation to some exotic place instead of addressing the problems confronting our nation. Mr. Biden is one of the major problems confronting our nation.

After watching all the clips in Dr. Turley's video above wherein mobs cursed Mr. Biden out in public and audiences praised President Trump out in public, there was one interesting thought that came to my mind. When President Trump was in New York City to meet with the responders from 9/11, they were all happy to meet him and shake hands with him. New York City is President Trump's hometown. On the other hand, once when Mr. Biden was visiting his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, droves of people were booing and verbally attacking him from the streets.

In his video above, when Dr. Turley spoke of a possible derogatory remark that President Barack Obama may have made about Mr. Biden, it made me realize why President Obama may have initially chosen to endorse Mike Bloomberg instead of Mr. Biden for president back in 2020. I am no fan of Mr. Bloomberg. However, because Mr. Biden served as our nation's vice president for eight years under the Obama administration, President Obama must have some compelling reason not to endorse Mr. Biden for president at the outset of the 2020 American presidential election campaigns.

Joe Biden Has Become A Persona Non Grata In The White House And On Capitol Hill

Congressmen and Congresswomen have complained repeatedly about the shortcomings and derelictions of duties of Mr. Biden in his so-called capacity as the American president. House Representative Chip Roy provided an entire grocery list of such shortcomings and derelictions of duties on the part of Mr. Biden, when he was speaking out to other house delegates on Capitol Hill. Here is a video clip of that same speech below.

United States House Representative Chip Roy Stresses How Joe Biden Has Messed Up Our Nation

One of Mr. Roy's major complaints was that the Biden administration has allowed for the illegal immigration debacle at the American-Mexican border to put Texas into a state of chaos. If the late Barbara Jordan were still alive, she would be agreeing with Mr. Roy despite that she was a strong Democrat. During her time in the Congress, like Mr. Roy, Ms. Jordan took a hard line against illegal immigration. Anyhow, Mr. Roy best described Mr. Biden as a do-nothing president. His opinion of Kamala Harris was about the same.

Mr. Biden does not have the wherewithal to lead the United States of America, and now we are all at a point where such a fact can no longer be denied or overlooked. If he were somehow removed from office, Ms. Harris would be no better in her capacity as his successor.

The bigger elephant in the room is the dreaded possibility that our nation could get stuck with Nancy Pelosi as our president in the event that both Mr. Biden and Mr. Harris were removed from their current respective positions in the White House for whatever reason. United States Representative Matthew Cawthorne is found slamming her in the video below.

United States Representative Matthew Cawthorne Accuses Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi Of Financial Treason

If Mr. Cawthorne's accusations against Ms. Pelosi are true, then it would not be the first time that Ms. Pelosi has engaged in this sort of misconduct. It was not long ago that a 60 Minutes journalist approached her to ask her about the insider trading in which she was illegally involved. Regardless of how much of an avid Democrat you may be, please trust me that Ms. Pelosi would bring disaster to the White House if she were ever to become our president as a result of Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris's sudden removals from office.

Mischelle007 created this image.

Mischelle007 created this image.


Despite that evidence is beginning to surface in audits throughout our nation that the 2020 American presidential election was stolen, there are still people who continue to believe that Mr. Biden is some kind of legendary hero from beyond. It is time that Biden supporters get out of their bubble and realize that Mr. Biden is destroying our nation, and he will continue to do so while he is permitted to remain illegally in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, trying to convince a Biden supporter that Mr. Biden is a liability to our nation in so many ways is about as easy as trying to convince a 15- or 16-year-old girl that her social-degenerate boyfriend is a worthless loser.

President Trump continues to be active in leading our nation to the best of his ability. However, without access to the kind of resources he had at his disposal while he was in the Oval Office from 2017 to 2021, he is limited in what he can do to protect the American people from the type of chaos and disaster that Mr. Biden has brought upon us. We, as Americans, need to stand behind President Trump in his efforts to stop the steal. There are strong indications that he will prevail in his fight to take back the presidency that Mr. Biden snatched from him illegally.

A Poll For Americans Who Want Joe Biden To Be Removed From The Oval Office

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