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Call For Right to Food Should Be Enshrined in Law.

Foodbanks Are A Common Sight in Tory Britain.


Foodbanks have become a way of helping out those in need. In the 10 years or so of Tory rule, they have become a way of life for many poorer, people. As Tory austerity introduced by Cameron and Osborne, sought to tackle the UK's deficit, it was public services that bore the brunt of these cuts. Also, the benefits system was given an overhaul and all benefits were eventually replaced, by Universal Credit.

Foodbanks run by charities and churches have been a light in the darkness. A light in the darkness to those affected by Tory austerity and Universal Credit. It's not just those on benefits, however, that have come to depend on food banks, even those in work, have been using them.

Foodbanks have been a Godsend in this time of lockdowns and the pandemic. The government has taken measures to help those in food poverty. However, a cross-party group of MPs has told the government that the 'right to food' should be enshrined in law. Also, a 'right to food' minister should be appointed according to this cross-party group.

The help of the government during the pandemic has been invaluable to those suffering from food poverty. The right to food help should be continued for the most vulnerable, beyond the COVID pandemic.

1.7 million children have experienced food poverty in the first 6 months up to this February. Conservative MP, Neil Parish, a member of this cross-party group, said the right to food help during the pandemic has set a precedent. A precedent where if the right to food is made law and there is a minister to oversee this, no poor people should starve.

Mr Parish highlighted the fact of how different government depts came together, to help those suffering from food and other types of poverty. The co-operation between different government depts should continue after the pandemic.

During the time of austerity and the COVID pandemic, schools have become lifelines for many people. When children are turning up in inadequate clothing or holes in their shoes, schools have had to step in and help out.

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Footballer, Marcus Rashford, has campaigned to help those in food poverty. He himself came from such a background and has engaged with the government. Mr Rashford forced the government into a u-turn over school food vouchers. During the holidays, Rashford forced the government to continue food vouchers, when the government was going to scrap them.

We have had 3 Conservative Prime Ministers since 2010, Cowardly Cameron, Mishap May and Boris the Clown. Poverty, homelessness, and inequality have all been hallmarks of this terrible Tory government. Much Tory policy has been allowed to fester and ride roughshod as the Labour party, has not really stepped up to offer, an alternative vision of how the UK could be. While Mr Corbyn did seem to offer an alternative to the Tories, in the end, many were put off, by his far-left policies. Mr Corbyn's successor, Sir Keir Starmer, did get off to a good start, leading Boris in the polls. However, since the successful rollout of the jab, Sir Keir has somewhat faltered.

Next month, will be the May elections, a time for the electorate to deliver their verdict on both the Tories and Labour.

If Mr Starmer wants to succeed where Corbyn failed, (in next months elections and in 2024, general election), he must recapture the trust, people once had in him. Starmer has to present a vision of the UK that many will warm to, especially those less fortunate. Mr Starmer has admitted Labour has a mountain to climb, in order to get to the top and succeed. Whether he will be able to do that, will be clear, in the days, months and years to come.

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